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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

Posted on: January 8, 2011 10:43 pm
Edited on: January 8, 2011 10:44 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

The Michigan coaching search may still be in its infancy, but already there's a prominent name attached to it: Les Miles. The LSU head coach, fresh off a 41-24 victory over Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl, is reportedly one of Michigan's targets: as Joe Schad reported, Michigan is expected to interview Miles, who is a former Michigan lineman and a 10-year assistant coach with the Wolverines.

This report jibes with earlier reports that a tracked plane that went from Ann Arbor to Baton Rouge was indeed carrying Michigan staffers who were on campus to make contact with Miles.

If this rumor sounds familiar, it should; Les Miles was nearly hired by Michigan three years ago. In a now-infamous incident of administrative blundering, Miles' representation was unable to seal the deal with Michigan because Michigan's then-AD Bill Martin was on vacation sailing. Seriously. Miles got a contract extension from LSU shortly thereafter, and that was that. Could Miles be angling for another extension, or would he really be interested in Michigan as a new destination?


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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

Its not that people in the north think southeners are stupid or rednecks, its the fact that we have overwhelming evidence through the history of this nation to show you are overwhelmingly a group of bacwards nascar loving racists.

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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

Since i was only 6 i couldnt remember Bo's worst season....i thought this was interesting...that was Jim Harbaughs first year starting as a sophomore. They started off by beating the #1 ranked Miami Hurricanes, but lost the next week to 16th ranked Washington. 5 games in Harbaugh broke his arm and missed the rest of the season. They lost in the bowl game to #1 ranked BYU.

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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

You are defending a program with wrong information. Wolverines lost 6 games in 1984. Other notes of mention should be No National Championships   5-12 bowl record and 2-8 Rose Bowl record   this is Bo schembechler the legend was never legendary when it mattered most
No national championships? 1997 made #11. And yes i missed 1984 so correction..the only 6 loss season since 84 before that the 60's.  And Bo Schembechler was legend.... 13 conference titles and 16 top tens in 20 years.  " Those who stay will be champions" was Bo's mantra now check out this stat. Bo coached for 20 seasons and every player who played the full 4 years under Bo won a Big Ten Championship. How many coaches can say that?  

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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

If Lloyd Carr is not a legend by your standards LSU77 then their are ZERO legends at LSU.

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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

Les Miles had 3 of his own recruiting classes in the National Championship game.  Do some research before you make stupid comments.  But I forgot, you're form Arkansas.

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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

Michigan practiced their players too much under Rich Rod. Yes, this is an NCAA violation and Michigan is currently on probation for the first time ever in school history because of RR. However, Michigan runs a clean program and does not have nearly as many student-athlete problems that many other schools have. I don't know about you but I'd much rather have my school penalized for practicing too much than because of student-athletes being paid, stealing laptops, swindling tattoo shops, selling drugs, or stabbing people. 

Allegations that Michigan’s football players were devoting far more time to practice and training in 2008 and 2009 than the 20 hours allowed per week attracted widespread attention when they first surfaced. The infractions committee noted that much of the additional time came from summer workouts that went beyond the prescribed limits of weight training, conditioning, or review of game film, and from strength and conditioning activities that coaching staff used as disciplinary measures for athletes who missed class.

The committee noted, however, that while the program’s violation of rules governing practice time were serious, they were far less extensive than originally reported. - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Nothing Bear Bryant didn't do for 25 years at Alabama..but still doesn't make it right. 


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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles

As a Razorback fan, I really hope Miles stays at LSU.  He's not even close to a top five coach in the SEC.  Nick Saban's recruiting won him the national title.  His game and clock management are always good for a laugh. 

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Report: Michigan to interview Les Miles


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