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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

Posted on: January 9, 2011 12:46 am
Edited on: January 9, 2011 12:58 am
Posted by Adam Jacobi

After losing Jim Harbaugh to the NFL on Friday, Stanford has the enviable task of finding a new head coach. It's enviable because for the first time in almost 40 years,* an open Stanford head coaching position is actually desirable on account of the team coming off a major bowl victory. Buoyed with this success, Stanford is able to reach out to big names early in the process, and as Yahoo! Sports reports, Stanford has contacted Boise State head coach Chris Petersen.

Now, hiring a Boise State head coach isn't necessarily a guarantor of future success; look at what happened to Dan Hawkins down at Colorado , after all. Nonetheless, this report would seem to indicate that Chris Petersen is Stanford's first choice, and there's nothing athletic directors like to do more at hiring announcements than stand up there and proclaim that they "got their guy."

Of course, it also helps that Andrew Luck is returning for his junior season, which should definitely ease the new coach's transition to Palo Alto. One could argue that this decision by Luck will be a bigger factor than the head coaching hire for Stanford's short-term success, in fact.

Now, if Stanford can't bring in Petersen or any other "big" name for whatever reason, fans shouldn't be quick to be disappointed. As the San Francisco Chronicle reminds, Stanford AD Bob Bowlsby has made two football hires at the I-A level: Kirk Ferentz at Iowa after the 1998 season, and Harbaugh at Stanford in late 2006. Neither coach had any I-A head coaching experience; Ferentz was 12-21 in three years with the Maine Black Bears, while Harbaugh was 29-6 at San Diego (a school in the non-scholarship I-AA Pioneer League). Both hires have, to say the least, succeeded.

*In 1971, John Ralston led Stanford to its second consecutive Rose Bowl (a 13-12 win over then-undefeated Michigan , incidentally), then jumped to the NFL to coach the Denver Broncos. His successor -- Jack Christiansen -- didn't fare exceptionally well, going 30-22 in five seasons and never reaching a bowl before being fired, but he at least had a winning record in every season and paved the way for legendary coach Bill Walsh to take over. So if history repeats itself, it's not as if disaster lurks for the Cardinal in the coming years. Disappointment, yes, but not disaster.


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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

Trust me if the fat lady is getting tuned up its in the halls of the PAC 10. If anyone is returning home to their place in the kingdom of mediocracy it will be Stanford and Oregon all though the Oregon team will fall harder while the Stanford success is a mere blip a hic up if you will. As far as BSU is concerned next year they open with a SEC team in Georgia so people should get the excuse train primed up as to how a mid level team like Boise could win against the Bulldogs trying to make out to be David vs. Goliath.

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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

Sorry folks!  Ain't going to happen!  Harsin would never have gone to Texas as a co-coordinator of the offense if he thought Peterson would consider leaving.  Harsin was obvious heir apparent as BSU head coach.

What makes you think that Stanford would be a bigger challenge than making the ultimate accomplishment at BSU.  Many think 2010 was a unique opportunity for the Broncos.  Wait till next year and they reload with redshirt offensive players and Kellen Moore teams with his wide-receiver brother Kirby as the best brother pitch and catch combo in the country.

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 11:23 am

Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

Country49 do you eat with that mouth? Why don't you take your childish act out to the sand box and let the adults have the room. You truly are an anal retentive reprobate without doubt!

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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

Tis is getting pretty good.  A Cal fan commenting about a potential coaching hiring.  A Cal fan.  Ted Tedford is by far the wrost coacn in the Pac 12 and a Cal fan puts his twocents in.  Cal, the biggest disappointment in Pac 12 football.  Cal, the team that has NOT been to the Rose Bowl since 1950.  Cal, the team that managed to lose three straight home games and not gain Bowl eligability this past season.  Any Cal fan talking about head coaches only need to look in their own backyard to find the biggest joke in head coaching in the Pac 12.

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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

Hey Gator - I loved your post. It just proved that SEC fans are a half step above illiterate, seeing your misspells, fractured grammar, and flawed logic. Wink

You should be posting in another less-intellectual forum. Commenting on schools that actually require good grades to enter them is way beyond your abilities. REIN in YOUR expectations! LOL

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Posted on: January 10, 2011 8:16 am

Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

You're a dickweed, lumpie. Wow, you failed... ummm, TOOK... a science class with David Shaw. Gee, that certainly gives you a unique insight on what David Shaw is like as a coach. Laughing

And you laugh at hiring Tedford... last I checked, Tedford is 7-2 over your mud-hut dilitante 'furddies. Not like anyone in Palo Alto would notice; they are too busy sipping chardonnay and discussing Decartes to care. They surely aren't showing up at the stadium to watch. I'm guessing you probably never even went to college - that's OK, though, us Cal alums need lackies like you to work for us. And Snodfart grads too, of course!  LOL

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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

You can have "Mooch". His resume of mediocrity includes a 6-6 season at Cal, with a loss to a middling Navy squad in a bowl game, then ran off to complete failure with the Niners.

Face facts - the Snodfart job is anything but desirable. Harbaugh did two things right - got lucky in recruiting a stud QB who developed way beyond his wildest dreams in a short time, and allowed Vic Fangio to do his thing on defense (Fangio will head to the Niners as well, so wave him goodbye). This team is surely NOT young and rising. Six starters are gone on offense, including both wideouts & three of five linemen, as well as four on defense, including both-way throwback Marecic. Add to that the kicker, punt and kick returner, and both long snappers, and it's not going to be plug-and-play like SEC teams. Stunfurd has never had, nor ever will, have the depth that other programs have, so finding replacements is not a guarantee. And just because Luck said he's coming back doesn't mean he won't change his mind. He can get his degree with the millions of bucks he's gonna earn in the NFL.

And the rest of the conference is waiting for the chance for some payback for Harbaugh's mouth. Add to that the deck of Cards could never fill their building even after cutting capacity in half, unless the opposition bought more than half the ducats themselves... adios, Stanturd. Enjoy your run while you can, because it soon will be a distant memory.


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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

We don't need country49's type of comment.  

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Stanford reaches out to Chris Petersen

He;ll go up your ass you bitter fuck

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