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FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:12 am
Edited on: January 11, 2011 12:28 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

It was not the game we expected, mostly.  We figured it would be a classic, and we knew that it would be the ultimate test for two very well-coached teams.  But we did not figure to see the kinds of defensive performances that we saw out of Oregon and Auburn on Monday evening in Glendale.  Both defensive units came out well-prepared and charged up to make a statement, after hearing more than a month of hype for the opposing offenses.  But when two teams are as good as Auburn and Oregon, you knew there were going to be big plays.

In the end, the most significant plays were made by true freshman Michael Dyer, who converted two game-clinching runs with the game tied at 19 with less than three minutes remaining.  First there was the 37 yard scramble, where Dyer rolled over the defender without letting his knee touch the ground.  When Dyer stood up and saw his teammates screaming at him to run, he took off down the field to put the Tigers in field goal range.  Just when you began trying to center the ball for kicker Wes Byrum, Dyer broke loose again for 16 yards to move the ball to the 1 yard line.  Byrum, Auburn's career scoring leader, finished his career by nailing the chip shot to give Auburn the 22-19 win the BCS National Championship.

Auburn become the fifth straight National Champion from the SEC, and amongst a season of off-field turmoil, no team has overcome more across the entire season than the Tigers.  Auburn started the season ranked outside the Top 20 in the polls, and Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton was able to do what eight other Heisman winners weren't able to do - win in the BCS National Championship Game.

In the end Oregon will look back at this game and have a lot of regrets.  Turning the ball over on downs at the goal line, six costly penalties, and simply being unable to impose their will against Auburn's defense will haunt Ducks fans when they remember this night against the Tigers.  The Oregon defense did their part, holding Cam Newton in check as much as they could.  But Auburn, as a team, was too good on this particular night.  When Newton couldn't impose his will, Dyer did.  When Auburn's offense couldn't score, the Tigers defense stepped up and kept Oregon from doing so as well.  The focus may have been on a few players, but we were reminded on the biggest stage what kind of team effort it takes to win a National Championship.   

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Posted on: December 22, 2011 8:02 am

FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 6:02 pm

FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

Understood.  However, in real time, that ball was hiked a full second after the clock hit zero.  As you know, ESPN posted 2 play clocks during the game.  One on the field of play and the other in the score box.  The officals simply blew the call and it was at a critical moment in the game......a very critical moment.  I actually caught it with the naked eye and immediately thought to myself, "that's a delay of game!".  That's when I rewound the TV to check to see if I was just seeing something not really there.  I'm sure they're plenty of others that saw this live and said the same thing to their buddies or to themselves.  Yes, these things can tend to not get called sometimes.  However, in the biggest game of the year, those officals are expected to be perfect, or at least able to determine a clear delay of game penalty, which they all blew it.  If that call gets made correctly, the whole game may have turned completely and everyone knows it.  We will never know now.  Just another reason to have a playoff.

Just look at Cam Newton and many of the others on both sides of the field after the game winning FG.  It looked as though Auburn knew there was some level of illegitimacy about the win and at the same time the Oregon players looked as if they really didn't lose the game, like they had not really been beaten even though technically they were.  It was a very weird reaction from both sides.  I don't think it was a reaction of relief or being exhausted, rather, it had a sureal feel about how the win shaped-up and was actually concluded.  Anybody else get this feeling too?

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 5:04 pm

FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

It is shame the Ducks couldn't figure out what to do once they got within 5 yards of the goal line. That to me was the difference. I am amazed they could come up with something to work for the 2 pt conversion. It has to be disheartening for those kids to work your tail off to get to sniff the end zone and come up with nothing. The offensive line for the Ducks  just got killed when it mattered. Hats off to both defenses for keeping some very potent scoring schools in check....

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FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

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FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

"Kentucky cannot hold their own in either basketball or football"

Wow putz. You nailed it. With your nick I mean, that other stuff made me laugh. UK has been to 5 bowls in a row and is 3-2, not awesome, but a great improvement over the past. And 'holding our own' in the SEC ain't easy, e.g. the last 5 BCS champions. As for the part about UK basketball, I guess you can be happy knowing you're as right about that as anything else you said. Cool

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FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

The wrist being down is the rule in college and pros. He was down it was a total blown call or rigged to let the play stand either one. No question that the wrist was down on that play. They would have kicked a field goal anyway just a little farther is all. So who cares except that is was another blown call at a big moment of a game. By people who get paid to get it right. Oh well what else is new.

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FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

Lets face it this game was a total let down. If Oregon had not scored at the very end of the game to tie it up it would have been a total disaster of a game. This is a great time to look into the joke of waiting 36 days for a game like this. Both of these team were rusty and this was not a true example of what either one of them could do. Anyway Oregon did not play well enough to win and they have no excuse. This was a dream of a year for Auburn and it continued in this final game. Too bad they had to wait 36 days and taint the whole mess.

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:36 pm

FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

What??????  Were we watching the same game?  It was very exciting with two Great Teams going at it.   It was refreshing to see that when it all counted, the teams showed they can play defense.   I guess what you are really saying is the team you were pulling for lost.  As a Tide fan, I found this game very exciting and I enjoyed pulling for Auburn, the State of Alabama and the SEC.   Wow, what a Conference the SEC is, full of great coaches, great players and the highest passion among fans.  The State of Alabama has two of the finest football programs in College Sports.   I really believe if Boise ST, TCU, Ohio State, Stanford, etc played the same schedule played by the SEC teams, they all would have more than one loss.  Bama is the best 3 loss team I have ever seen.  Anyway, Congratulations Auburn and Roll Tide!

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:26 pm

FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

Despite the score, a real bore of a game, and I would take TCU or Boise over those two teams. TCU held the best (with Oregon) rushing team in the nation down and their offense is highly underrated. We will never know unless there is a 16 team playoff put into effect.  The BCS recently handed out flyers to say why the BCS is working. Really, I don't recall March Madness ever having to do this.  The fact that the BCS has to hand out flyers to say it's working tells me it's not working at all, which is why they did it.  Why do they have to explain themselves?  I still don't understand how TCU could be ranked higher than either Oregon or Auburn to start the season, then go undefeated, and somehow not play in the championship game.  And if someone could explain to me why an undefeated 2010 Auburn team has a shot at a national championship and a 2004 undefeated Auburn team doesn't, I would love to hear it.............

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Posted on: January 11, 2011 12:17 pm

FINAL: Auburn 22, Oregon 19

Like many high-profile extravaganzas, this fell short. It would be nice if Oregon showed up once in a while when it's in the national spotlight. The Ducks choked last year in the Rose Bowl and choked again in the title game. Everyone -- coaches, players, offiense, defense, special teams -- mailed it in. They looked like a middle-of-the-road team, not the offensive juggernaut they were all season. The Ducks got whipped on both sides of the line. The defense couldn't get to Newton and the offensive line couldn't protect. I had such hoped for a great game. This wasn't it.

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