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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

Posted on: January 11, 2011 11:24 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

Cecil Newton, the center of Cam Newton's eligibility questions, stayed away from the Heisman Trophy presentation to avoid being a distraction for his son's moment.  Heading into the BCS National Championship Game, Auburn's athletic department insisted that Cam's father would not be in attendance at the title game.

But photographer Vasha Hunt, of the Opelika-Auburn News, photographed Newton when he took off into the stands and embraces a man who looks strikingly similar to his father.  Brett McMurphy of Fanhouse got confirmation from Auburn center Ryan Pugh that the man was Cecil Newton.

"I wish I was up there with Cam and his dad," Pugh said.

Unfortunately this will become a PR nightmare for Auburn, as many will try to analyze this situation as a microcosm for the Newton family hiding information from the university.  If Auburn doesn't make a big deal about Newton NOT being at the game, then it wouldn't be a big deal when he is spotted at the game.

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PHOTO CREDIT:Vasha Hunt | Opelika-Auburn News


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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

Yes poor Cam, I am sure he knew nothing about his father shopping his services around......good thing Alabama Tech wasn't the high bidder...but even if they were he would have just thought "Dad wants what is best for me."  LOL yeah right. 

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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

@wareagle11:  Obviously this comment can only come from an Auburn fan.  Why does it matter?  Maybe because the NCAA banned Cecil Newton from any activities or affiliations with Auburn MORON?  I would think this includes going to any Auburn games.  Even the announcers mentioned it a few times during the broadcast that Cecil Newton was not allowed at the game.  Yeah, you obviously disagree with that ban or don't care but it's still a ban that Cecil blatantly broke.  He (Cecil) didn't care either thinking it's his son's last game so F the NCAA.  What's the NCAA going to do to Cecil now?  Ban him again?  Nope, nothing.  What's the NCAA going to do to Cam?  Nothing.  All Cam needs to do is the same sh** he pulled before which is to claim ignorance and say he didn't know his dad was going to be at the game (even though he went and hugged him after the game).  The NCAA will just say "oh ok, then you're clear.  Enjoy your Heisman and BS championship Cam."

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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

I could not agree more with your post.  It's totally unfair to punish kids who had nothing to do with something that occurred in the past.  If that is to be the case, then the NCAA should make it a rule to allow those kids at the school the opportunity to transfer immediately to the school of their choosing, WITHOUT have to sit out a year.  If they truly cared about those kids, that would be an option.  It's totally like a parent favoring one kid over another with the current system.  They just pick and choose (randomly) how they are going to hand out punishment.  Kids make poor decisions period.  Not just athletes, and if there is going to be punishment, it needs to be consistent.  It just never is, and that is the part that irks me as a fan of college sports.

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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

It took me a lot of thinking, but I decided not to watch the game.  I wasn't going to reward them for allowing Cam's pappy to pimp his son out.  I liked Oregon & it had nothing to do with who I thought was going to win.  See, we can complain about the NCAA & all themoney and stuff, but if we, as fans & more importantly as viewers tune out, they lose.  That's what I did.  I'm getting sick of all the crap in college sports.. that's why I loved the game and didn't like the pro's was because it was supposed to be free of cheating & if you get caught, then you pay the price.. but no price was paid.  And I see the NCAA for what I believe will happen.  Justice will come down the road and be paid by those that had nothing to do with it.  The NCAA in all their "fairness" for allowing those kids who earned a way to play w/ their teammates in OSU said that the kids on the team this year don't deserve punishment.. but the ones coming in do.  How does that work?  Bush didn't get any punishment.. he got all the credit, the high draft pick, all the benefits for cheating & then years later lost it all.. but what did it cost him?  Nothing.  He already reaped the rewards.  However, look who does get punished.. the kids that play there now.. and how is that fair?  That part of thier logic is the part that literally sickens me.

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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

It's not about millions this is about hundreds of millions of dollars and possibly a billion dollars generated by this game.  Had Auburn lost a game down the stretch TCU would have been in the title game and at the time the NCAA feared Boise State would make it to the title game.  Tickets for 35 yard line lower level would have sold for $2000 a pop as opposed to the $7500 that was generated by this game.  Ticket brokers alone made upwards to almost $200,000,000 more from this game and that is a lot of zeros.  The ratings were the at a 16.5 clip which meant substantial dollars from television revenues were brought in probably double or more than what the tickets yielded.  Had either Boise State or TCU made it to the big game a big chunk of television revenues would have been lost from disinterest by the entire southern region.  So now not only is the NCAA very unfair when it comes to top bowl game bids being reserved for the top six conferences but it now has different rules for schools and in this case the SEC conference where massive revenues are generated and only upstaged by the Big Ten Conference in terms of generating revenue.  I have no problem when it comes to how the BCS is set up but an allowance should have been made for the Mountain West Conference to get an automatic bid as Utah had shown they could play with the big boys and TCU was ready for the national stage and with Boise State coming to the conference this would have been a powerful conference had TCU not jumped to the Big East. 

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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

I said it last night while I was watching the post game when sCam Newton was leaning on the stage looking like a kid that stole something. He had a blank look on his face when he should have been the happiest kid on the planet after winning a National Championship. This has got to be one of the most screwed up college football seasons ever! How does Auburn even take this chance? Don't they see what USC is going through. Of course the NCAA is going to let this kid play because they want their money. Then in 2 years when they want to do something about it they will bring down the sanctions and do Auburn exactly the way they did USC. I said it then when they were investigating OJ Mayo and Tim Floyd for basketball violations at USC. Why aren't they talking about Reggie then. That's cause the NCAA drags their feet until they are ready to drop the hammer. I saw TJ Bryant in the Tallahassee Airport today and he is going to be a senior next year at USC at cornerback. I remember when Pete Carrol came to town to recruit TJ from Lincoln wineing and dining him to come to USC. Where is Pete Carrol now and what is TJ to play for his senior season? No bowl game and his team is on probation. It all just sucks for the kids that go to these schools in the next few years cause they are the ones that pay the price while players like Reggie Bush and sCam Newton reap all the benifits. Enjoy while you have it Auburn fans cause the ride doesn't last that long. Again RECRUITS BEWARE OF AUBURN!

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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

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The players get their tickets for free moron.

So no, his dad didn't pay for his own ticket.  Get a clue.  What in the world does it matter that his father was at the game and hugged his son?  It doesn't.

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Cam Newton's father spotted at title game

I know I speak for all sports fans in the US with this statement: We are all shocked that Newton's dad, a proclaimed minister or pastor whom allegedly attempted to sell his son to an SEC football instituiton, was in attendance at the game.  Horrified may be a better word than shocked.

We also couldn't care less as we would expect nothing less from him.  Probably didn't even buy his ticket.

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