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LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

Posted on: January 13, 2011 3:12 pm
Edited on: January 13, 2011 3:24 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

We sit in the era of social media, and while reporters try to be the first to tweet out breaking news - some athletes have become savvy enough to beat the public to the punch.  LSU running back Stevan Ridley has decided to launch his NFL Draft Facebook campaign with a video of his draft declaration.  

Ridley thanked his family, teammates, and the many coaches and administrators at LSU in this video on his Facebook page.  He wished his best to the team in 2011, and let his fans know that they can keep up with Ridley's draft preparation and interact with Stevan on his Facebook page.

For a prospect like Ridley, who is absent from's recent mock drafts and is only ranked #21 of all junior running backs, the social media campaign can be a way to raise your status heading into draft day.  With such a flood of talented players in the game right now, and so many teams using multiple running backs in their rotation, all Ridley needs to do is catch the eye of one team to get his best shot at making an impression in the NFL.  

Players who are able to develop a following through social media may carry more intangible upside than a player who grades better in a few combine drills.  When sometimes all players need is a chance, we are entering an age where you have to work every angle you've got.  In the Not For Long league, that includes building your own fan base.

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Posted on: December 22, 2011 6:52 am

LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

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Posted on: January 19, 2011 2:01 pm

LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

Spencer Ware is overrated...... Better baseball player than football player.....

That was a joke.
Spencer Ware is a beast. He and ford will carry them next year.
Ridley made the move that he thought would help him sooner than later.

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Posted on: January 15, 2011 4:39 pm

LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

Even if there is no cba and there is a lockout there will be a draft. The NFL has already anounced the formula . The  draft would take place as usual. However, any trades which take place could only involve draft picks.  no players could be included in any deals because no one would Know what the free agency rules would be under any pending agreement.
As far as it being a good decision or not look at LSU's backs form 09. Both scott and williams were injured there senior year scott went in the draft late 6th or 7th round and williams was signed as a free agent by washington. Ridley wont improve his draft stock by coming back his senior year and splitting time with ware and ford.

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Posted on: January 15, 2011 12:56 am

LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

LOL at embarrassing way to announce it. Says who? Ryan Shannon... When did you become the expert on announcing how to go professional. When you went pro, how did you announce it?... Also terrible decision? Once again Mel Kiper aka Ryan Shannon, do you have some inside information from the 32 teams on his draft stock? Nope. What a Douche.

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Posted on: January 14, 2011 4:38 pm

Facebook Message

This is a wise decision to announce on Facebook.  He can immediately un-friend anyone who doesn't like his status.  But on a more serious note, I'm not sure he wouldn't be better off with another year of seasoning. Cajun seasoning has proven electrolytes that stimulate  muscle growth and enhance speed.  One more year of Bayou delicasies is all he needs.

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Posted on: January 14, 2011 4:23 pm
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LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

His stock would not rise at all staying this year unless he had a great year and LSU wins the SEC or possible BCS. There ares some clubs that need a power back, he needs to impress in the NFL combine and he will be a 3rd or 4th round pick. In answer to the earlier question once a kid declares for the NFL he has 3 days to withdraw, if he does not he cannot play at the college, draft or no draft.

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Posted on: January 14, 2011 9:49 am

LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

I do not see this as a bad decision at all.  He is about as ready as he is going to be.  He is more of a power back, and it is not like he is going to get more powerful playing at LSU next season.  It would probably benefit him to stay in school and learn to be better at picking up the blitz and catching the ball out of the backfield, but LSU already has guys on the roster that are better than him at those things, so he may as well go.  LSU has a bevy of RB's still there, and we should be just fine.  If Ridley wants to be a 3rd round draft selection, that is up to him.  I appreciate all he did for LSU this season and wish him all the best at the next level.

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Posted on: January 14, 2011 8:50 am

LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

What if there is no draft, the NFL will have a lockout next year...can these guys say, I'll be back!

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Posted on: January 14, 2011 7:21 am

LSU's Ridley declares for draft on Facebook

Completely agree. Terrible decision. Needs another year anyway.

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