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Ok St. loses assistant Brewer to Ole Miss

Posted on: January 19, 2011 12:55 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

A major part of Oklahoma State's rampant offensive success the past several seasons has been head coach Mike Gundy's keen eye for spotting offensive-minded coaching talent. But after losing yet another offensive assistant to another program, it might be time to ask: has Gundy's eye been too keen for the Cowboys' own good?

Former Poke play-caller Larry Fedora was hired as Southern Miss's head coach. Fedora's one-time co-offensive coordinator Trooper Taylor just won a national title as Auburn's receivers coach. Dana Holgorsen spent just one brilliant season in Stillwater before agreeing to become West Virginia's head coach after a one-year apprenticeship. And as of today, Gundy's most recent receivers coach (and his 2008-2009 co-coordinator), Gunter Brewer, has also flown the coop; he's following his father's footsteps to Ole Miss.

As Kyle Veazey of the Clarion-Ledger reports, it sounds like Brewer was just waiting for the right time to come back to same school where his father, Billy Brewer, once served as head coach:

“It’s good to always be coming home,” Brewer said. “So I’m looking forward to the journey. Done some outstanding things at Oklahoma State, and I hope to carry that over to Ole Miss and just expand on that.”

Brewer said he always tried to stay in touch with Ole Miss over the years to see if the timing would be right for an opportunity to join the Rebel staff. “When the opportunity arose, (Houston Nutt ) asked if I might be interested,” Brewer said. “And he was wanting to look at some things offensively that we’ve had success here at Oklahoma State and other places."

In this particular case, it's not that that success was what yanked Brewer out of Stillwater; without his family ties to Oxford, it seems clear he'd still be on Gundy's staff. Then again, it's also clear that if he hadn't put together the kind of resume under Gundy he did -- Brewer was the position coach for All-Americans like Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon -- Nutt wouldn't have bothere reciprocating Brewer's interest in the first place.

At some point, the Cowboys have to wonder just what it takes to keep their offensive staff intact for more than a year. (With T. Boone Pickens footing the bill, you wouldn't think salaries would be an issue.) The price of success is always high, but for whatever reason, it's seemed particularly steep at Oklahoma State.

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Ok St. loses assistant Brewer to Ole Miss

Favre might appear to be although as if almost no with regards to such fable. They are lodging considering that unclear anytime you perhaps even could possibly ( space let's leave this one points far removed from baseball!

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Ok St. loses assistant Brewer to Ole Miss

Almost forgot...just because YOU have convinced yourselves in A$$ Payne County that your "good", don't make it so. Let's remember, OSU HAS NEVER WON A CONFERENCE TITLE OUTRIGHT IN FOOSEBALL....EVER!!! Your biggest post season accomplishments...two trips to the Cotton Bowl, resulted in losses to Ole Piss!!!! Okie St, fans ought to buy land in San Antonio because Slow-As-Poo geauxs to the Alamo Bowl almost as often as my Tigers go to the College World Series. The only difference, LSU has won more CWS's than OS-who has won Car Rental Bowls!!! Speaking of college baseball, you guys still have team? I notice you haven't even been to the Big XII Tournament the last two years. I know the Men of Poke were never a real threat to win the CWS, but you use to geaux occasionally. I recall OU winning...imagine that...the CWS back in the '90s...aren't you guys SUPPOSE to be the baseball kings of the Sooner State? My bad, you are now the "Golf School", since you made the golf coach the AD?!?!?! What's his name, Mike "I'll Holder why you pee, Mr. Pickens". I guess that explains why in last year’s 29-0 pasting "Oklahoma-the greater" put on the men of Halloween, your QB Zee-Ro couldn't throw a lick, but he had a mean short game!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...I got to geaux...HAHAHAHAHA...I'm killing myself....HAHAHHA.


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Ok St. loses assistant Brewer to Ole Miss

Obviously, with a name like a BOB IS STOOPID, I know were your loyalties lie...still not over to LOSING to Oklahoma...AGAIN!!! Fear not, fan of "Oklahoma-the-lesser", your rant is being taking with a grain of salt. Your frustration with not beating the ONLY two quality opponents on your schedule, an 85% full T-Bone stadium and all around university ineptness is understandable. As far as Baton Rouge, granted there are some rough spots, mostly north side by the refineries, but I'll compare the best parts of Stoolwater and the best parts of BR and you lose...big time.  As far as Red Stick being way...just on Saturday night, in Death Valley, when pretenders dressed up for Halloween are offered as a sacrafice. As a matter of fact, why don't you talk to "I am man" and see if we can make that happen, love to show you around...btw, no need to bring your pistols, they won't be firing!!!  hahahaha....lOSUr.

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Ok St. loses assistant Brewer to Ole Miss

LSU paid enough $$ to Saban and Miles to teach those dumb swamp rat cajans to play foozball and win d-champinships.  Yes, I have been to Stillwater, nice clean college town.  I have also been to Baton Rouge, which is several steps below the Stillwater sewer system, or any other sewer system for that matter.  The Mississippi needs to go about 30 feet over flood stage and do the US a favor and wash Baton Rouge away.  Nasty place. 

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Ok St. loses assistant Brewer to Ole Miss

I have to give OSU and Boone Pickens credit - they are doing their best to buy a program.  Problem is stability can never be had with money from one donor.  All the money and donations that have been made don't fill the stands.  The primary question on whether this experiment will work is whether or not they can buy the fan base.  Until the stadium is filled and merchandise is sold, this will be an exercise in failure.  The sheer number of OSU fans calling into local sports radio complaining about ticket prices to the games is a sign they aren't there yet as a program.  The calls should be about stadium expansion and how to get in line for season tickets.  That's fine with me, but my brother (house divided family) is still holding out hope with them turning a corner here.  Gundy is a great head coach and the RIGHT coach for OSU long term.  If they keep him, they keep the momentum up while they work to grow a 'tradition' there.

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Posted on: January 19, 2011 2:30 pm

Ok St. loses assistant Brewer to Ole Miss

"The price of success is always high, but for whatever reason, it's seemed particularly steep at Oklahoma State"

Two reasons, (1) money can't buy you Championships, except in MLB, and (2) have you ever been to Stillwater???

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