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WSU aims for victory over Tigers, Ducks in 2013

Posted on: January 24, 2011 12:43 pm
Edited on: January 24, 2011 12:50 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

Washington State athletic director Bill Moos has taken a very active approach as he nears one full year on the job at his alma mater.  After Jim Sterk left for San Diego State, Moos was one of the only candidates to seek out employment from the university that has suffered through some historically bad seasons in football in the last couple of years.  

But Moos has been very vocal about his belief in the ability to turn the Cougars' results around on the field, and he has been making efforts to assist with that process off the field.  He has met with the families of recruits and is currently campaigning for a stadium expansion and brand-new football operations facility.  

He has enough faith in the improvements to boldly predict Washington State victories over both Auburn and Oregon in 2013.

"I expect to beat both of them," Moos said about facing the title game's participants at a general staff meeting.  Pretty bold statement for a program that dropped from historic highs in the early 2000's to becoming the butt of most Pac-10/Pac-12 football jokes by the end of the decade.  Moos believes that the key to changing the program will be with recruiting, and shedding the "underdog" culture.  

New facilities and upgrading the stadium is one way to re-energize the fan base and team, but there will have to be on-field results in order to really see any dramatic change in recruiting.  Moos may just be talking boldly to build confidence, or he really could be so blinded by his own optimism he fails to see the gap between Washington State and Auburn/Oregon.  But that kind of blind optimism may be just what the Cougars need to turn things around.  


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Posted on: January 25, 2011 9:28 am

WSU aims for victory over Tigers, Ducks in 2013

I hope that Moos is successful in doing something with that stadium.  It is tiny by comparison to some Pac 12 stadiums, seating only 35,000 fans.  That is the fewest by over 10,000 seats in the Pac 12, and 5 stadiums hold double that capacity.   An improved stadium would help recruiting.  Wazzu is getting closer, but the truth is that they are basically the Vanderbilt, or Duke of the Pac 12 (minus the grades).  It is nice that they scheduled Auburn in 2013 (at Auburn), but reality has to set in if Wazzu wants to make any progress at all.  Playing Auburn, Oregon, Washington, on the road is going to be very difficult.  This season they start out with Idaho State and UNLV at home.  That is the correct way to schedule for a team like Wazzu.  Get a couple of wins under your belt at the beginning of the season and try to build from there.  When your team has only won 5 games in 3 years, you must build a winning attitude.  Starting with a couple of easy games at home is a good way to start off.  Remember, winning breeds successful recruiting, and Wazzu needs to get back on track to have a successful recruiting year in 2012.

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Posted on: January 24, 2011 5:55 pm

WSU aims for victory over Tigers, Ducks in 2013

Classy post nolongerafan, although I've heard Duck fan's are some of the worst in the PAC 10 :p  I am a firm believe in Bill Moos as well; I don't know about being able to beat those teams, but we did make progress this past year.  Hopefully 2011-12 brings geat things for WSU.  GO COUGS! and a small go ducks   

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Posted on: January 24, 2011 12:57 pm

WSU aims for victory over Tigers, Ducks in 2013

Bill Moos is a good guy, and my university showed little class when they basically kicked him out of office here in Eugene.  He is the right guy to rebuild the Cougars in facilities and in the wins catagory.  I hope by 2013 they are good enough to beat the Tigers, and just fall short against my Ducks (hey...why punish a current squad that had nothing to do with this fiasco in the mid-2000s).  Go Cougars, go Ducks. 

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