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Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

Posted on: March 3, 2011 1:11 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

It doesn't really matter which college football conference you consider yourself a fan of, just about every college football fan has one thing in common: they think the officiating in their conference is terrible. Talk to an SEC fan, he'll tell you the SEC has terrible officials. The same for the Big Ten fan in your life, or the Big 12 fan. Still, if I had to crown one conference as the home of the worst officials in college football,based on all the games I've seen -- and I've seen plenty -- I'd have to name the Pac-10 as the worst in the sport. 

It seems the Pac-10, and commissioner Larry Scott in particular, realized this as well, and it's hoping to ditch this reputation as it becomes the Pac-12. It was announced on Wednesday that the conference was replacing 11 officials with 16 new ones for the first season of Pac-12 play.  Mike Pereira, the former head of officiating in the NFL and current on-air rules analyst for the NFL on Fox, was brought on as the conference's interim coordinator of football officiating, and he talked to the Seattle Times about the decision.

"I certainly did not think that for a geographic area like the West Coast that can draw from a lot of officials, I certainly didn't think it was at the level that it could be," said Pereira. "I'm not saying it was horrible, but it was not at the level that it deserved to be and that this conference deserves to have."

"We felt like these 16 were better than the 11 that did not have their contracts renewed."

This brings the Pac-12's number of officials to 49, which will be broken up into seven teams of seven officials for each game. Pereira also said that the conference will be hiring seven supervisors -- six of which come from the NFL -- to oversee each position on the field (one for the Line Judge, the umpire etc) and another for the replay booth.

They'll all be based out of a command center that will be located in Walnut Creek, California which will monitor every Pac-12 game.

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Posted on: March 6, 2011 6:57 pm

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

CORRUPT! Not hard to deduce considering EVERY game changing call in SEC Football games favors the higher ranked BCS team to help ensure the SEC gets their two "best" teams into multi-million dollar BCS games at the conclusion of the season.

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Posted on: March 4, 2011 10:41 am

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

Pereira also said that the conference will be hiring seven supervisors -- six of which come from the NFL -- to oversee each position on the field (one for the Line Judge, the umpire etc) and another for the replay booth.

Goodbye Pac 12.  Looks like what damage Pereira did to the NFL, he is repeating it in the Pac 12.  Wake up - Commissioner - before its too late!!

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Posted on: March 4, 2011 8:54 am

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

It is about time that someone step up to the plate and admit that the offciating has not been as good as it should be.  The other conferences need to take a hard look at what the PAC-10 has done.  Bad calls and missed calls have been a blight on the game for some time.  These calls or lack thereof have affected many a outcome, taking the game out of the players and coaches hands.

When they happen and complaints are made, coaches are rebuked or fined for their comments and fans are taken to task for being unsportsmanlike.  The NCAA and other organizations at all levels make announcements at sporting events pleading for fans to behave and in the court of public opinion, people that vocalize their displeasure with the officitaing during a game are made to be criminals.

All of this has given officials free reign to act boorishly and make poor calls.  Watch closely in college football games after a team scores a TD, many officials will rush over and practically get in the face of the player(s) of the scoring team, just waiting for an action or comment that will give them cause to throw the little yellow hanky.  Same goes for getting in a coaches face after a call has been blown, hoping to throw another flag on the coach.

Also, instant replay has actually made the situation worse.  It has given officials a false sense of security as they think more and more that if they get the call wrong that the replay will catch it.  In some cases this does work, but with the way that the replay rules are written, many times only a portion of a play is truly up for consideration during a replay.

Case in point is the Oklahoma - Oregon game that other posters have referred to.  In the deciding play of that game, the replay offiicials not only compounded the error made by the officials on the field when they did not overturn the play in which Oregon was given the football after they made an onside kick (an Oregon player had clearly touched the ball prior to it going ten yards,) but they could not even consider the part of the replay that clearly showed that an Oklahoma player actually recovered the onside kick!

Much more needs to be done to correct the ills we have allowed to happen in the offciating of all sports at all levels.

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Posted on: March 4, 2011 4:00 am

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

Yeah, the SEC could certainly use an overhaul of its officiating crews.  I've seen plenty of bad balls over the last few seasons, and often as not, they really didn't affect the game's outcome.  Rather they were just bad calls on seemingly routine plays.  And now, of course, with the new subjective penalty for excessive celebration, the one which will take points off the scoreboard, I would hope that game officials across all conferences will be held to higher standards.

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Posted on: March 4, 2011 2:26 am

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

Hey Slive, take notes ... SEC officiating in football & basketball is either incompetent or corrupt.  So which is it?

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 11:32 pm

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

Well since the Pac-10 is changing there name to the Pac -12.
Does that mean that the Big-12 will become the Big-10

Where is there? C,mon goo - you are better than that.... know?

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 11:15 pm

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

CaptSooner..... wahh!!!!!!!!  Let it go.  Oregon at the time was the better team.   They probably not even refering to that game anyway....

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 6:38 pm

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

All I have to say on this matter is THANK GOD!! OU vs Oregon.  The worst call by a set of referees AND replay official that cost a team a victory I've ever seen. 

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Posted on: March 3, 2011 6:16 pm
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Posted on: March 3, 2011 5:47 pm

Pac-12 replacing 11 officials

And when the game start, the first time there is a call against your team, you will be yelling to bring back the old referees.

This is an age ole concern about refs and umps, no matter the situation they will always be wrong if they make a call against your team.

It matters not about the conference, Ref’s and umps are unique people in that they are in a no win situation. If they throw a flag against one team that team’s fan will call him some choice names as well as make comments about his heritage and family tree. The fan will let the entire stadium know that his/her parents were not married when he was born.

I hope the new referees would be a step up and be better than the ones that were let go. When a ref throw a flag the play happened instantly and he made had to make an immediate decision or call.

Now there is little if anytime that the ref might pick up that flag because he thought he saw what he saw. Now the replay screen is going nuts as they are showing reruns over and over and over pointing out the mistake this ref has made.

The team should not allow a call to determine the outcome of a game.


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