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Fornelli's Favorite Stadiums

Posted on: March 3, 2011 6:08 pm
Edited on: March 3, 2011 8:32 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

In college football, more than any other sport, the stadiums can be just as memorable as the games played within them. So as CBS Sports takes a look at the best stadiums that college football has to offer, the bloggers here at Eye On College Football share their three favorite stadiums in the country.

1. Notre Dame Stadium (University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN., capacity 80,795) Though Notre Dame hasn't had a lot of national success over the last twenty years, it's impossible to discuss the history of college football without talking about the impact Notre Dame has had on the sport. And that impact, by and large, has taken place inside Notre Dame Stadium. Knute Rockne himself had a hand in building the place, ensuring that the distance between the field and the fans in the seats was kept at a minimum. Which to this day gives fans in attendance the feeling that they're right on top of the action.

Combine that with the tradition of the school itself, the Golden Dome of the main building shining in the sun, and Touchdown Jesus himself looking down upon the stadium, and you can literally feel the history of the place while in your seat. There aren't many better places to spend a Saturday afternoon in the fall than at Notre Dame Stadium.

2. Darrell K. Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium (University of Texas, Austin, TX., capacity 100,119) Since being constructed in 1924, the stadium referred to simply as DKR as gone through many changes. Additions have been made and the name has been changed, but the thing that has remained constant throughout is that there aren't many better places to watch a college football game. In the state of Texas, football is king, and no school in the state holds the prestige as the one referred to simply as UT.

Over 100,000 people visit DKR on Saturdays to live and die with the Longhorns, and over the years they've seen four national champions. Soon DKR will be able to say it's the largest stadium in the country, as expansion in the south end zone will bring its capacity somewhere between 115,000 and 120,000. Which would make you think that there might be a few bad seats inside the stadium, but don't worry, that's what the 134-foot wide high-def screen known as Godzillatron is for. 

3. Camp Randall Stadium (University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI., capacity 80,321) The state of Wisconsin doesn't experience many earthquakes, but about six Saturdays a year, between the third and fourth quarters of a Wisconsin football game, Camp Randall Stadium shakes. This is what happens when over 80,000 people begin jumping up and down to the tune of House of Pain's "Jump Around." When the stadium isn't shaking from the crowd jumping, it feels like it is from the screams of those in attendance. Camp Randall may not be the biggest stadium in college football, but it is one of the loudest.

It's also one of the more enjoyable experiences in the sport, as the fans and students of the school love their Badgers football. So much so, in fact, that four quarters of action just isn't enough and the students partake in a "Fifth Quarter" after every home game. Those in attendance also realize how boring a regular wave is, which is why they try so many different kinds. There's the counter-clockwise, traditional wave. Then there's the slow-motion wave, the double-speed wave, the reversed wave and the two counter-rotational waves in which the entire stadium splits. It takes some practice to pull all of this off, though, which is why fans generally aren't successful until later in the season.
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Fornelli's Favorite Stadiums

0.484 <--- Brady Hoke's winning percentage. 

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Fornelli's Favorite Stadiums

The Big House is better than Notre Dame Stadium...for that matter our tradition is better too!
  • In 1888, the Michigan football team took a train to South Bend to teach Notre Dame how to play football.
  • Notre Dame's fight song (The Notre Dame Victory March) was written after a loss to Michigan. The Notre Dame fans had to listen to "The Victors" being played all day, so, after the loss to Michigan, two Notre Dame students wrote a fight song for their team. 
  • Even though Notre Dame has an exclusive home contract with NBC, and just about all of their away games are televised, it is Michigan that is the most televised team in the history of college football.
  • Notre Dame Stadium was modeled after Michigan Stadium. When comparing the stadiums, ND stadium is a smaller version of the Big House.
So what does this all mean?
Why settle for a small carbon copy when you can go to the BIG HOUSE and enjoy the Masterpiece?!?  Laughing 
(Oh and I live in South Bend and my father-in-law has season tickets at Notre Dame.  However, I'll gladly pass up a Notre Dame game for a Michigan game any day!)

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Fornelli's Favorite Stadiums

These are the writer's FAVORITES.  Not what they think is the best.  Believe it or not there is a difference.

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