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Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

Posted on: March 4, 2011 9:23 am
Edited on: March 4, 2011 9:39 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

In college football, more than any other sport, the stadiums can be just as memorable as the games played within them. So as CBS Sports takes a look at the best stadiums that college football has to offer, the bloggers here at Eye On College Football share their three favorite stadiums in the country.

1. Lane Stadium (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, capacity 66,233)
Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium/Worsham Field may lack some of the size that the other stadiums on Dodd's rankings, but that does not make them any less of a fearful place to play.  In fact Lane Stadium, particularly at night, is one of the toughest places to play in the ACC.  

For every home game, the goal is to set the tone from the opening kick.  Virginia Tech has already beat you to the punch when you play in Lane Stadium, with their now well-known Enter Sandman entrance.  Having seen the Sandman in person, I can attest to the phenomenon that unites the Hokie fans on Saturdays.  Every Virignia Tech fan can be found jumping up and down and screaming when those opening notes ring through the stadium.  No matter the age or gender, if you bleed maroon and orange you go absolutely nuts when you hear this song.  Very cool, and one of the best intimidation factors in college football.  

A particularly good intro from a rainy night game a few years back via YouTube

2. Memorial Stadium (Clemson, Clemson, SC, capacity 80, 301)
Showing up at number 13 on Dodd's list, Death Valley falls in a close second behind Lane for me, but for very similar reasons.  The Tigers' football tradition often goes overlooked by the national audience, but it runs just as deep as most of the other "football giants" of the South.  When Memorial Stadium is filled with 80,000 rabit Tigers fans, opponents have said it feels like everyone is right on top of you.  It is the second largest in the ACC, and one of the only stadiums in the conference to have that "SEC football" feel.

When the Clemson football team prepares take the field, they hop on buses and are escorted to the site of "The Most Exciting 25 seconds in College Football."  The Clemson will rub Howard's Rock, as they have done since 1967, and then prepare to take the field by running down The Hill, located on the East side of the stadium.  It is unique to any other entrance in the south, and holds a special place in the hearts of Tiger fans everywhere.

Again, via YouTube


3. Neyland Stadium (Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, capactiy 102,455)
Finally, I must include the massive Neyland Stadium from the University of Tennessee.  Dodd placed Neyland at 14, but I think some of the obscurity of recent years (cough, Kiffin, cough) have made us forget how great Neyland can be at times.  As Derek Dooley continues to try and build a new era in Knoxville, I suspect we will recognize more and more the advantage that the Volunteers have at home.

Aside from the sheer size of the eighth largest non-racing stadium on Planet Earth, Neyland also carries a deep historical relevance to Tennessee football.  While the size, shape, and many features of the structure have changed, Neyland still stands in the same place it was first opened in March 1921.  Also, unlike many other 100k+ stadiums, Neyland is located right in the middle of campus.  Easy access for students and alum to turn the game into an entire college football experience.  


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Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech is the oldest and winningest stadium in Division 1 Football.

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Posted on: March 6, 2011 1:52 am

Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

i think cav4life was talking about a picture (possibly actual size) of the cup.  we (people who follow the uva-vt series) all know that the last time the actual cup was not in blacksburg was 2003.

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Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

What!?  Are you smoking crack?  When was the last time the Cavaliers beat Tech?
Just sayin'!
Oh....Cav4life, so you are one of those fans who just says stupid things no matter what.  You just refruse to face reality and the fact that UVA hasnt beaten VT for like 8 years.  Just living in Virginia gives me a better perspective of your crappy football team...wake up dumb@ss....resides in if.
And thank God you guys finally fired Groh.  A whole family of losers.  Their kid played for my high school; what a big headed c*ck of a person.  

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Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

My kids love the Hokie Pokie, it's a fun dance.  Just Sayin!  Commonwealth Cup is on permanent residence in Charlottesville, BTW.

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Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

Of course the original Death Valley is in Baton Rouge at Tiger Stadium.

As much as it would be nice if it were, it is not the original Death Valley although it may be the more intimidating one.  It was originally Deaf Valley but the media screwed it up and called it Death Valley and the name stuck.  Of course, they have earned the new name over the years, but, to be accurate, we weren't the first with the name.

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Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

That is quite a remark coming from a cavalier fan.  You are looking at eight straight defeats to the hokies and the scariest part about Scott Stadium is all the Frat boys in ties leaving in the 3rd quarter

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Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

The Hokie Pokie is played between the 3rd & 4th quarters, not before the game. Any one that had attended a game in Lane that could comment on whether or not "enter sandman" was scary or not would know this...oh wait, if you're a "Cav4life" you probably haven't stayed past the first quarter for quite a few seasons now because 1) the rivalry hasn't really been, well, a rivalry since 2003 and 2) UVA can't show up for their home games much less their rivalry away games. Nice try.

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Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

They also play the Hokie Pokie song before games, that is scarier than enter the sandman.

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Patterson's Favorite Stadiums

Of course the original Death Valley is in Baton Rouge at Tiger Stadium.

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