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Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

Posted on: April 1, 2011 12:57 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

While Notre Dame began its spring practices already, the biggest question surrounding the team these days has nothing to do with what has been happening on the practice field. Heck, the questions aren't even about a player that is on the practice field. What everybody wants to know is what will happen to wide receiver Michael Floyd

Floyd was suspended indefinitely following his second alcohol-related arrest since coming to Notre Dame, and since then the Irish have tried to do their best to pretend he doesn't exist. Still, even Brian Kelly knows that Floyd's availability for 2011 will have a large impact on the Notre Dame offense. So, much like Notre Dame fans, he's hoping to find out what will happen to his receiver as soon as possible, and from the sounds of it, Kelly will find out soon.

"What I heard was that he would be meeting with Residential Life this week," Kelly told the Chicago Tribune. "And that some kind of decision relative to that meeting would be very soon after.

"They have not told me directly nor have I called to ask. I'm getting my information secondhand. I know that Michael is scheduled to meet with them and they have informed him that a decision would be made quickly."

Kelly also made sure to subtly suggest that he doesn't think a semester suspension would be the right thing for Floyd. After all, that would mean Floyd would miss out on the football season.

"Look, I'm a teacher and an educator. From my perspective, I'm always thinking about educational opportunities, so I always think in those terms. My first reaction is always about how can we learn. But that's me. I'm not in that there office."

Yes, Kelly wouldn't want Floyd to miss out on any "classes."

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Posted on: April 4, 2011 9:18 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

If you want to be a criminal make sure you join the NFL or get paid by agents like Reggie Bush so you can afford it at least. If they happened anywhere else it should be a slap on the wrist. But ND is lying to themselves if they don't suspend him or kick him off the team. If your going to promote yourself as a highly religous school then football players should be no example.

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Posted on: April 4, 2011 4:30 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

surely your must be a drunken irish diehard! whats 21 got to do with anything,,,,,,, well its the law moron!!!!!!

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Posted on: April 4, 2011 12:34 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

Why are we crucifying a 21 year old kid? His first charge was for minor in possesion of alcohol. How many of us waited until we were 21 until we drank? The second charge is for a dui which they are saying is more than twice the legal limit. There is no excuse for that. At the very least I think he needs to undergo an evulation for alcohol and get a four game suspension. But with Notre Dame's standards an expulsion might be the only thing that happends. And an expulsion in this case could save a life.

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Posted on: April 3, 2011 1:22 am

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

It's your typical attempt to deflect criticism by focusing on something totally irrelevant to the conversation...who cares what happened in Florida three years ago? If you know a domer, you know their inability to debate. They will never respond to the accusations or criticisms because they can't.

I mean, how do you really defend the negligence leading to Declan Sullivan's death? Or the "gold standard" hypocrisy with their string of arrests and alcohol issues last year? The sexual battery allegations/victim suicide after threats from ND football/ensuing Federal investigation? And now Michael Floyd? You can't. It's pathetic and embarassing. So what do you do? One of three things:

1) Try to reframe the issue by making fun of a poster's favorite teams, because it's relevant if the person making logical points is a fan of a team with less championships than you (note sarcasm)

2) Just call them a "hater". Of course, this assumes ND is immune from legitimate criticism and that anything negative about them could only possibly be due to the person's jealousy
a) Hilarious sidenote: Most people posting weren't alive the last time there was anything to be jealous about Notre Dame

3) Start talking about other schools that you would normally never compare yourself to as a Domer years back (Miami, Florida, etc.) when it came to standards of integrity and mention other schools that had athletes mess up (because if you hold yourself out to be a Catholic Saint, but end up molesting's okay because other people have molested too...figured I'd use an analogy that can be related to over in South Bend)

We know where Floyd would be at BYU. At ND, they are going to try very hard to balance their need for their stud WR and their ever-worsening public image. Should be quite a balancing act...

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Posted on: April 2, 2011 9:43 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

Excellent post sentiments exactly. Enough with the hashing and rehashing; now it is really about their dislike of Notre Dame period...I am ambivalent about Michael Floyd's fate and from what I hear from the students there and past experience with decisions from Res Life leads me to believe they are going to throw the proverbial book at Michael Floyd; specifically, kick him out of school. Actually I am as worried about his fate with the court system more. Once you violate probation the judge usually takes the gloves off. At least that's how it is in Tennessee where I live. I do agree Notre Dame needs to set a standard of conduct no matter who it is. I am sure it is really tempting to give him a pass(no pun intended) because of his value to the football team but in the long run how will they help him and at the end of the day it is about him not his athletic ability. If he needs help he should get it; it shouldnt be just about punishment. Since I drank too much in college I am hardly in a position to make a judgement call. The one thing he did that I didnt do though was drink and drive. I know he is the one responsible for his own actions but I have to wonder dont kids take keys from their friends anymore? My youngest son had a friend who got a DUI and everyone at the party knew he had had too much to drink. Granted they arent his babysitters but my son has taken the keys from his friends on more than one occasion. I shudder to think what could have happened to that young man. Killed himself or someone else...cant be worth it. The decision on Michael is supposed to come this week. I hope whatever it is it is something that will in the long run help him.

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Posted on: April 2, 2011 3:31 am

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

There was 23 coaching changes for this coming 2011 season in NCAA D1A college football, everyone of these new coaches left a team to join the new one
Im not going to bother looking this up but of those 23 coaching changes, how many were fired?? How many left on thier own after 3 seasons?? How many left before the biggest bowl game in the schools history?? Im sure that the number will get smaller and smaller as you answer those questions.

As for Kelly having "no control" over the suspension...this also is not entirely true. He could say RIGHT NOW, Michael Floyd is no longer a member of the ND football team, he will remain on scholarship to afford him the opportunity to continue his education but will not practice or play for ND again

As for the death of Declan...i agree that Brian Kelly shouldnt have this placed at his feet. Terrible tragedy and one im surprised has never hapened beofre

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Posted on: April 1, 2011 4:21 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

You can not compare what Notre Dame does to what any other school around the country does.  If Notre Dame is going to put itself out there as the gold standard of what college athletics should be about (placing a high priority on academics) then you can not worry about what other institutions are doing.  Worrying about how Florida handled a situation is immaterial.  Notre Dame needs to worry about Notre Dame.  If it is determined that Michael Floyd should sit a semester then he should sit that semester.  The administration, staff and student body can not expect that Floyd would be treated any different than any other student of the university (although, I am not naive enough to believe that doesn't happen.) 

As for the criticisms of Kelly.... Leaving Cincinati was nothing different than what many other coaches have done in th epast and will do in the future.  Anyone who criticises him for that has a separate agenda.  The incident with Sullivan is a tragic accident, and bringing that up in this conversation is also evidence of a separate agenda.

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Posted on: April 1, 2011 3:14 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

For the record i'm not trying to protect Michael Floyd, what he did was completely idotic and he deserves to be punished.   I'm fine with whatever happens to him because i don't want Notre Dame to be like some other schools that have a different set of rules for it's stars.   I expect a minimum of 4-games, possible 6-game or even season long suspension and whatever happens i'm fine with it.   Kelly has absolutely no control over whether Michael Floyd comes back to the team...  Residence Life or the dreaded "ResLife" as the ND student's call it has complete in this situation.  In 2008 a Florida player Ronnie Wilson fired an AK-47 after a night club fight and wasn't even suspended, he even pointed it at someone to threaten them, i'm not making this up.   Do a web search and you will find hundreds of violations/crimes by big time college athletes where they received little or no suspension. 

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Posted on: April 1, 2011 2:52 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

Hey AES, research before you post bro...  There was 23 coaching changes for this coming 2011 season in NCAA D1A college football, everyone of these new coaches left a team to join the new one.  Do you consider all of those coaches quiters too for leaving their previous team?  If so that's 1/5 of all teams, and over a four year period over 90% of all programs will hire a new coach away from another program, are 90% of all coaches quiters? Kelly achieved the ultimate bringing Cincy to a BCS game and was looking for a new challenge and like everyone more money;  I haven't meant anyone in any job who wouldn't leave their current employer for another who offered a significant raise, these coaches are no different

Kelly and his coaches made a terrible decision to have practice outdoors and for not recognizing the potential danger of using the lifts.  Before Declan's death Kelly had become friends with him and he and players spoke at Declan's funeral.  I don't think Kelly would have intentionally endangered a friend, although it was a huge mistake by him and the University not to properly identify the risk of using this equipment. 

I've read multiple newspaper articles about how Declan's family has praised Notre Dame for admitting it's faults and for their efforts to make sure a tragedy like this never happens again through their investigation and by installing remote control cameras instead of placing people on dangerous lifts.   If anyone has the right to assign blame in this case it would be the family. 

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Posted on: April 1, 2011 2:20 pm

Brian Kelly expects a decision on Floyd soon

I'm a huge ND fan. However, I have to agree with AES. I like Brian Kelly but Floyd should sit the semester at a minimum. He also bears a significant amount of responsibility in the death of Declan Sullivan. He's not the worst guy out there, but he has some chinks in his armor.

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