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VIDEO: Purdue kicker nails 67-yard field goal

Posted on: April 11, 2011 10:01 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

For some sports fans the most important sporting events of the weekend were not occuring in Augusta, but in half-filled college football stadiums.  Several of 2011's most noteworthy teams held their annual Spring Game on Saturday, and so did Purdue.  But while many of us admittedly were not tuned in to the Boilermakers' Black/Gold scrimmage, the diehard Purdue fans got to see something truly remarkable.

Kicker Carson Wiggs lined up for a 67-yard field goal just before halftime, and absoutely crushed it.  As Matt Hinton points out, the kick would have been a Division I record in a game (set in 1978 by Witchita State's Joe Williams).  Granted, he had no defensive rushers and we stories of lengthy kicks in practice are not unusual.  But still a great treat for the fans in attendance, as well as a nice confidence booster for Wiggs.

(Props: Dr. Saturday

Apologies on the video quality, you take what you can get with Spring Game highlights

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 11:03 pm

VIDEO: Purdue kicker nails 67-yard field goal

Sorry for the delay response, but your post was straight on. The SWC had the best kickers for years. Tony Franklin and his bear foot at Philly was a thing of beauty.

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Posted on: April 11, 2011 2:42 pm

VIDEO: Purdue kicker nails 67-yard field goal

The kickers in the 1970s used a square rubber tee on field goal and extra point tries. There is no comparison to a kick made with no tee (much harder to get the lift and distance). In addition, a kick without rushers means very little in the real world. Take it for what it is: a cool accomplishment in a spring game with little value outside Purdue. Congrats!

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Posted on: April 11, 2011 1:25 pm

VIDEO: Purdue kicker nails 67-yard field goal

hogfan77 is correct.  The Wichita State kicker was only the third person to tie Erxleben's record.

From, three people have kicked a 67-yard FG:
  • Russell Erxleben, Texas vs. Rice, Oct. 1, 1977
  • Steve Little, Arkansas vs. Texas, Oct. 15, 1977
  • Joe Williams, Wichita State vs. Southern Ill., Oct. 21, 1978

There was some crazy-good kicking in the Southwest Conference in 1977--(a record-setting & a record-tieing kick 2 weeks apart). 
Tony Franklin of Texas A&M that same year almost joined the 67-yard club, but I guess his consolation was making the most money off of his foot even without the record.  Franklin had the best pro career of the 3 (Little, Erxleben, & Franklin).  I'm pretty sure those 3 guys were why the NCAA changed the rule on missed field goals to turn the ball over at the line of scrimmage (how it is now) vs. the 1970's rule of placing the ball at the 20 yard line (how it was then) after a missed field goal attempt.
I have fond memories of watching Steve Little put kickoffs through the uprights and about 7 or 8 rows up into the stands at games.

Having said all that, Carson Wiggs is one heck of a kicker with a great leg and cool head to go with it. 

He may just be the one to go after that old 1977 record.
Should be fun to watch and see!

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Posted on: April 11, 2011 1:11 pm

VIDEO: Purdue kicker nails 67-yard field goal

In 77' Steve Little of Arkansas hit a 67 yarder against Texas on National TV. They still lost the game 13-9, the only loss of the season on the way to an Orange Bowl victory over Oklahoma and a #3 ranking. Texas kick Russell Erxleben had already kicked a 67 yarder two weeks earlier at Rice.

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