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Michigan looking to work on its tan

Posted on: April 12, 2011 1:11 pm

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Michigan has already scheduled a game against Alabama to be played at Cowboys Stadium in 2012, and now that they've got a date in Texas it seems that the Wolverines are looking to get another neutral site game in another high school football hotbed. According to the Naples News, Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon is in preliminary discussions with Miami Dolphins owner, and Michigan alum, Stephen Ross about playing a game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

“We’ve had some preliminary discussions with Stephen Ross about whether or not it would be possible to come down here and play a game,” Brandon told the paper. “We don’t have anything scheduled, but that’s something we’d consider because this is an important recruiting area for us as well.”

As Brandon said in the quote, there is no word on when Michigan would be playing this game, nor whom Michigan would be playing. All the Wolverines care about at the moment is getting a game in Miami to give the school a bigger presence in the fertile recruiting grounds of southern Florida.

Of course, it's not as though the Wolverines haven't already had success recruiting in Florida. Rich Rodriguez proved to be pretty good at plucking talent from the Sunshine State and bringing them up to Cloudy With A Chance Of Flurries State. You don't have to look past Michigan's starting quarterback, Denard Robinson of Deerfield Beach, to see the kind of talent Michigan has already been able to nab.


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Posted on: April 13, 2011 12:51 pm

Michigan looking to work on its tan

LSUSMC, this is a recruiting tool. This isn't based on weather, it's based on reaching out to different areas to play in front of recruits. It's not that the AD doesn't want to play locally, but it's necessary to showcase your program in certain areas.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 12:34 pm

Michigan looking to work on its tan

Wow, I thought you Big Ten fans would be a bit upset about this.  You get all upset about the best bowl games being in the south, and here you go looking for regular season games in the south.  So, I guess this should mean no more crying from northern teams fans about all the bowl games being down south.  Your own AD does not want to play regular season games there, but fans want bowl games there during the middle of winter there.  I suspect the crying is now officially over. 

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:47 am

Michigan looking to work on its tan


No hard feelings.  I was a tad snide to start with and I appologize.  You do seem reasonable, but spent an hour prior to that post arguing with a couple of tOSU fans about Tressel.  My bad, good luck.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 11:33 am

Michigan looking to work on its tan

first off as i stated i am not a conf homer at all. i root for my Buckeys and thats it. i dont care about the rest of the big ten . i get tired of people going on about ooc games and always point to the weakest and never the good games that are on there. the games are set years ahead of time so teams go through ups and downs. i would more than love for tosu to play boise to be honest. would be much better than a lot of the games we have to suffer through as fans. but to pinpoint tosu when all big schools do it because of the system is a joke and thats what i was pointing out. and i sure that we can field 22 legit kids to play as you put it. just maybe not the 22 that we want.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 10:34 am

Michigan looking to work on its tan

Apparently, from reading other posters, Michigan is only copying other schools. I'm surprised that Michigan didn't try to stage a non conference game against USC. With the type of players they have out there that usually go to USC, and the recent violations to the Trojans, I figured that would be a hotbed for recruiting talent. Talk about Denard being from Florida. The was a QB who was from California that ended up at Michigan. His name was Tom Brady. That should be the marketing tool right there. Come to Michigan. Get a great education. Learn to play at the next level. Then, its all Super Bowls and magazine covers and supermodels throwing themselves at you from there on in.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:19 am

Michigan looking to work on its tan

AND NOW.....Michigan State has setup a game against The U and less than 1 year after announcing it now the talks are Michigan is going to setup a game against the Canes.  What crap.

...???? maybe its just me, but the only mention of Maimi is about the stadium in miami, fl. Not the Hurricaines.
Let me guess, you have a degree from M.S.U (or at least attended a party there, once.)

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:17 am

Michigan looking to work on its tan

Keep bringing the hate GIMP er Wink

But Gimper, trust me on this. Beating you guys because we had the ball last didn't make me party for days Wink

Hurry back and reply Gimper . Michigan haters! LOL,  and Spartan over here also in April.

Bet Gimper is one of thode guys who remembers the four horse men.

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Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:12 am

Michigan looking to work on its tan

1.) Those winged helmets Michigan fans love soo much were thats right ladies and gentleman first worn by MICHIGAN STATE! 

2.) It was never The university of Michigan but Ohio State was original and started calling themselves THE Ohio State University.  SO then bandwagon U decided they would call themselves The university of Michigan. 

3.) Michigan State builds a nice new press box above the second deck at Spartan Stadium and not long after Michigan adds new press boxes to the big toilet.

4.) Michigan State held the outdoor hockey game in Spartan Stadium so bandwagon U had to try and outdo Michigan State.

AND NOW.....Michigan State has setup a game against The U and less than 1 year after announcing it now the talks are Michigan is going to setup a game against the Canes.  What crap.

Michigan and its fan base are the sorriest excuse of crowd following morons.  Smart bandwagon fans jump on the wagon of a winner.  Tell me since 1950 who has more football championships Michigan State or Michigan?  Heres a hint its not the weasels...ooops I mean the Wolverines.  In fact the most overrated program since 1950 is the University of Michigan otherwise known as scUM or dUMb. 

What I find even more hilarious is how 99% of the "fans" arent good enough for the school but they still root for them.  How UNamerican.


Wow, The Spartan trash and ignorance still amazes me.

Winged helmets at Sparty? Please!

No one calls Michigan "THE University of Michigan" you moron, they go by MICHIGAN plain and simple, it's like a brand name, what are you like 12 years old or something?

Press boxes? Those are 3 story LUXURY SUITES and such on both sides of the stadium jerk weed, with an updated press area included on only one of the two structures. Of course a Spartan fan wouldn't know anything about luxury, have you seen the antiquated dung mound that they call a stadium?

Come on man the outdoor hockey venue thing has been a nationwide phenomenon, the NHL has been doing it for a few years now too. No copycatting, just attempting to set a WORLD RECORD for fan attendance at one of those shindigs. Are you still upset that the Spartans lost the game at the Big House?

Nobody said anything about playing the Canes you douche. The article clearly states that Michigan is looking at the option of playing a game at Miami's Joe Robbie Stadium (or whatever they call it now a days) where a Michigan Alum happens to OWN THE LOCAL NFL TEAM! The opponent is not even being considered as of yet, they are simply exploring the option of playing a game in Miami. Like you know, how the are going to be playing Bama in 2012, in Dallas, Texas not Alabama. Sparty fans are so dense sometimes which lead to.....

What is Spartys record against Michigan since 1950? Yeah I thought so little girl!

And then to top it off you admit this in the context of your own post; "99% of the "fans" arent good enough for the school" Thats it in a nutshell my friend, Michigan is by far the better school when compared to State, it's not even debatable and you know it in the bottom of your heart. So why root for a second or third rate loser school like State where just about anybody with a pulse or a pre-existing condition can enroll? My god, have some standards in your life already. Lay off the crack pipe and just let that Sparty fansaty world that you live in go where it belongs, the dumpster out back behind a Taco Bell!


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Posted on: April 13, 2011 9:09 am
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Michigan looking to work on its tan

It's April and a story about Michigan scheduling brings out Buckeyes and Irish tool trolls.

Nice to know a team who hadn't had a winning record in three years owns your minds and thoughts haters.

Except Fight Club, he not a hater but just a big fat JOKE!

Keep posting the hate, after all it pretty pathetic when you let a collection of 18-22 year old to give you credence to chest bump on a sports web site.

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