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Breaking: Matt Barkley gets angry

Posted on: April 20, 2011 11:57 am

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Honestly, when I hear the name Matt Barkley, this is the first thing that comes to mind.

This isn't because I harbor any kind of resentment toward the USC quarterback, but only because I find that video infinitely entertaining. Plus, who doesn't want to just rock out to some Ace of Base once in a while? Don't lie to to me. You heard "The Sign," and it opened up your eyes to a beautiful life. 

No doubt it is a beautiful life for Barkley. I mean, he's the starting quarterback at USC, how bad can things truly be? Well, apparently being the quarterback at USC can be a bit frustrating at times as well, which the Los Angeles Times was all too happy to point out on Tuesday.

After four weeks of mild frustration, USC quarterback Matt Barkley apparently could not help himself.

An inexperienced offensive line has been unable to fuel a consistent running attack or stem a pass rush during spring practice. The receiving corps has been thinned on various days by injuries and disciplinary issues.

So on Tuesday, Barkley momentarily steamed.

The junior uncharacteristically barked at a teammate after a walk-on receiver ran the wrong route during a scrimmage drill. Nothing unusual, perhaps, for some quarterbacks, but the perpetually upbeat Barkley has rarely raised his voice in two years as the starter.

Seriously? This is news? A quarterback barked at one of his wide receivers? Stop the presses! Listen, I know that covering spring practices can be a bit boring. Though there isn't much going on, college football fans are hungry for information, and as the major newspaper in the region, it's your job to get it to them.

But to base a whole story on Matt Barkley yelling at a wide receiver for running the wrong route? If you're that desperate for a story, do what anybody covering USC should do when they need a story. Ask Lane Kiffin some questions. Any questions. At some point Kiffin will say something that you can use, like maybe taking a dig at Oregon. It shouldn't be this hard.

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