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SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

Posted on: April 27, 2011 12:07 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Aside from possibly Cam Newton (in locales outside of East Central Alabama, anyway), there's nothing college football fans despise more than an unnecessary unsportsmanlike conduct penalty with the game on the line. There's not a fan alive who wouldn't prefer officials keep their flags in their pocket whenever possible, and given the emotion, competitiveness and spectacle of a big college football game, it's almost always possible to let a touchdown celebration to go unpunished.

Which is why the NCAA's decision to potentially make those penalties even more damaging in 2011 -- by making them a live ball foul when committed before the whistle, thus able to take an otherwise legitimate touchdown off the board -- has already become the most criticized, most hated rules change in recent memory.

But one SEC official says the furor is going to be much ado about nothing. Speaking to the Knoxville News-Sentinel, the SEC's John Wright assures fans the zebras aren't going to deploy the nuclear unsportsmanlike option unless they have to (emphasis added):
Wright ... says conference officials won’t be “nitpicky.”

“If somebody turns a flip or flips a bird at somebody, a team should be penalized,” he said. “But if somebody does something borderline, we will not call it. Everybody in the stadium will know (that it was an unsportsmanlike act) if we call it.

“The way we have been told (by the SEC), these things have to jump out at you. If a guy stands over somebody and beats his chest, we know that’s a foul.”
SEC supervisor of officials Steve Shaw echoed Wright's statements, saying the league has made those calls a point of offseason emphasis and that "we don't want to be too technical" when applying the rule.

But we already knew the SEC doesn't like overzealous unsportsmanlike flags. Remember A.J. Green getting penalized for this in the dying minutes against LSU?

The league subsequently admitted the call had been blown, but by then the Bulldogs had already lost. And even if the SEC is doing its best to prevent needless unsportsmanlike calls, what about the leagues whose officials have been responsible for this ...

... or this* ...

If there's any silver lining to this collection of horrors, it's that even in 2011, none of these flags would have negated the touchdowns in question. But that lining doesn't remove the giant black cloud that suggests that given the power to unnecessarily alter the score over perceived unsportsmanlike conduct, some official somewhere will.

So we appreciate Wright's reassurances. But until/unless we actually reach the end of the 2011 season without some new outrage perpetrated by this rule, we're going to continue believing this to be a terrible, terrible idea.

*Incidentally, this was the officiating decision which Lou Holtz would later decry as a "shavesty of justice." Just so you know.

HT: DocSat.


Since: Apr 25, 2011
Posted on: April 28, 2011 5:03 pm

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

cassie, no one swallows your SEC crap anymore.

Get a new act

Nice try, but you got the name wrond its Bo. Not sure who this Cassie person is you arfe referring to, but he aint me.

And I still make the assumption you just spout hate and know nothing about the game of football. You might be a research hound but I would venture to say you have never suited up and got punched in the mouth playing smash mouth football. Those who can do, those who cant research.

Since: May 5, 2008
Posted on: April 28, 2011 10:50 am

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

a couple of facts you might want to consider

1-  with all the belly aching about what schools are in the top 100 or ever top 150  your argument is weak.  Maybe because there are 120 Div 1 football schools you equal a few SEC schools not in top 150 as an issue.  FACT all 12 SEC schools are in the top 10% of US colleges and Universities.  Being a top 10 academic school with 120 schools is something, but it really is not significant when there are 1000's of schools...

2-  what does last years KICKoff stats have to do with the outcome of the LSU Ga game in 2007.  FACT LSU averaged 45 yards per return in the Ga game that year.  Assuming an average return, does it matter that LSU started 15 yards ahead of where they could have started.  Assuming the play that LSU scored on was still called does it matter that he ran UNTOUCHED for the TD.  Ga fans can bemoan the call all they want.  What you are really pissst about is after LSU scored, your team got the same BS call and your team DID NOTHING!

3-  NCAA rules are the rules.  SEC officials have said they do not plan to be nitpicky, how is that playing by SEC rules?  FACT the fans what a fair game.  I watched 100's of games last year.  SEC refs botched a few calls.  so did Pac 10, Big Ten, Big 12, Acc, Big East and many others groups.  My personal opinion the WORST were Big Ten refs.


what I want

a national officiating pool.  all refs are in 1 pool.  same training, same emphasis on rules, same mindset of interprtation.

maybe have 8 regional sub pools  NE, SE, NC, SC, NMW, SMW, NW and SW

each region can call games in that region for any game played regardless of conf

so 1 week a crew out of Atlanta might SEC, or ACC, or Sunbelt etc and the next week a totally different conf

the issues occur when a crew calls 1 conf all year and then calls a game with differnt style of ball.

EXAMPLE:  A ref calling Big Ten all year might have issues when calling a Pac 10, Big 12 or SEC game in a bowl.

now before all the BIG Ten teams fans scream let me explain

Joe Pa, Tress, whoever work officials 1 way, a Saban or Miles or Brown might be totally different

and if you dont think that effects officiating you dont know much

Since: Jan 21, 2010
Posted on: April 28, 2011 9:05 am

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

We will continue to ignore infractions, assist the SEC in their clownish antics, and support the cheating that insures an SEC team makes it to the championship game
Oh look cassie is back whining about the SEC again.  You and triamax cry like little girls about anything related to the SEC.  You gonna get on your suck-i-ace name so you can defend yourself? friggin tool; it's bad enough you use multiple names on here but to add to it, you are always whining about the SEC.

Since: May 13, 2009
Posted on: April 28, 2011 8:59 am

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

I hope the officials will use common sense when officiating this season. Especially the SEC. As big and powerful and wealthty as the conference is you would think that they could pay top dollar for great officials.

Since: Apr 14, 2011
Posted on: April 28, 2011 8:54 am

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

So based on this, Arkansas did in fact beat Florida in 2009, correct?  SEC has the worst offials in the nation.  For more proof, check out the Arkansas/Auburn game last season.

Since: Sep 18, 2007
Posted on: April 28, 2011 8:21 am

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

@diffendale, you come off like a crybaby because nothing you say is valid.  Since the NCAA has began tracking major infraction cases in 1953, the SEC institutions have been penalized 48 times, an average of sanctions every 13½ months.  That's in line with other Conferences.  
Using current Conference alignments, the Big 12 leads BCS affiliates with 55 infractions cases, followed by the SEC (both members have 12 members), the Pac 10 with 42 and the Big 10 with 40 (w/Ohio St in dire trouble, right now).  One other fact that can't be ignored, Conference Jim Delaney (Big 10) is the most powerful man in CFB and has received favorable rulings from the NCAA before (i.e. think Ohio St. being allowed to participate in the Sugar Bowl).  This was done because Ohio St, the Big 10 standard-bearer, was 0-9 against the SEC in Bowl games, before their "win" against Arkansas.
Truth is that nothing that you say is accurate and you are just tired of being dominated by the SEC, sorry.  The Stats & Facts all favor the SEC, sorry.

Since: Sep 5, 2010
Posted on: April 28, 2011 8:09 am

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

Btw, the fact that some SEC fans/coaches would want to decry the rule because their players can't show discipline even at the most tenuous times, speaks volumes as to why the fanbase, conference and its credentials aren't respected by anyone else in the country.

Since: Sep 5, 2010
Posted on: April 28, 2011 8:04 am

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

@diffendale. I won't speak to the validity of the other guy but you are either horribly uneducated regarding academic rankings of universities in general or you are simply nuts.  Vanderbilt is the only "Top 50" school in the entire SEC while the Big Ten, ACC and Pac 10 all have between 5 and 7 - EACH.  The Big Ten doesn't even have a school not ranked in the top 80 while seven of the 12 schools in the SEC can't even break into the top 100.

And NO, the admissions process is not even remotely the same for each school and for the SEC that is particularly true with JC transfers as well.  Yes, everyone must follow the NCAA minimums but many of the schools/conferences enforce a more strict or superior standard. 

Regarding your "probation" comment, you are again either sorely confused or just a liar - and don't tell me to "just google it" - you find it for me.  Otherwise I will spend the rest of my life searching for your warped little holy grail because it doesn't exist - and that is a GUARANTEE.

Finally, most people don't "envy" cheaters - some, decent people - actually just truly dislike them for doing bad (and being a cheater).  Based on your analogy, I "dislike" or just "envy" Ted Bundy and Bernie Madoff ONLY BECAUSE they are much better at murdering people and/or stealing their money.

Since: Jan 2, 2010
Posted on: April 28, 2011 6:54 am
This comment has been removed.

Post Deleted by Administrator

Since: Apr 25, 2011
Posted on: April 28, 2011 6:46 am

SEC ref: no 'borderline' unsportsmanlike flags

lack of academics

Sorry but that does not compute, the schools offer the same courses other colleges offer. McElroy was a rhodes scholar cadidate, how did he graduate in three years and then go for that honor if there is no academics. You get what you put into it, some kids want the football experience.

and the admission of any moron so games can be won

The same kids are recruited by most top schools, so how do they magically get dumber once they sign with an SEC school. That dog wont hunt either.

The SEC brings only shame to the game

Because so many other conferences are winning the Title every year, yeah thats a good argument to. The big 10 has actually had more schools placed on probation since 1998 than the SEC, Look it up, its there ofr anypone to find.

The SEC is a disgrace

Hater envy rhetoric coming from what appears to be the king of hater envy rhetoric. Can you have a logical discussion about the sport , or just spout hate and falsehoods?

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