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Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

Posted on: May 7, 2011 1:00 pm
Edited on: May 7, 2011 1:06 pm

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Over the last decade he's gone 106-22 with seven Big Ten titles and a national championship. Against Michigan, he's led his team to a 9-1 record, and has sent countless players from his school on to the NFL. All are wonderful accomplishments that make sure his name belongs beside the great Woody Hayes as one of the best football coaches in Ohio State history.

Unfortunately that name, Jim Tressel, will likely evoke some other images besides on field success years from now. Much like so many people remember Woody Hayes' name for the time he punched a player to put an end to his career, Jim Tressel's legacy could face the same kind of fate.

Now a lot of people will remember Tressel for his seeming lack of control or his flaunting the rules over the last year. First there were the revelations that Tressel's players had been selling and trading merchandise for discounts at a tattoo parlor, which was only made worse when we found out that Tressel knew about it months before Ohio State reported it to the NCAA.

That story, deservingly, put a huge target on Jim Tressel. It was a blatant and unacceptable skirting of the rules by the head coach. One, that if done by any other college football coach in the country without the accomplishments of Tressel, would have resulted in that coach being fired. But not at Ohio State where the school's president, E. Gordon Gee, was too busy making jokes about whether or not Tressel would fire him.

I don't think Gee or many others at Ohio State are still laughing.

Not with the story that broke on Saturday morning involving a couple of Columbus-area car dealerships, one salesman and a lot of Ohio State players and family members buying cars. Now, this isn't a situation that can be placed solely on the shoulders of Jim Tressel, but the entire compliance department of the Ohio State University. I mean, it's possible that the Committee on Infractions could find out that Ohio State players received discounts on numerous cars, and that Ohio State's compliance department approved of the purchases. That is the kind of thing that happens before the NCAA says those words that no school in this country ever wants to hear.

Lack of institutional control.

While it may not be fair to pin the blame for this latest Buckeye mishap squarely on Tressel's sweatervest, the fact is that right now, the best thing for Ohio State to do would be part ways with their head coach. He needs to go, and as I've already said, he already deserves to be fired for the way he handled "Tatgate."

There always has to be a fall guy. In sports, in business, in politics, in just about every walk of life. As the public face of Ohio State football, Tressel is that fall guy. This latest compliance disaster may not be his fault, but by firing Tressel, Ohio State could save itself some larger sanctions from the NCAA.

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Make no mistake, there will be sanctions coming from the NCAA and the COI. If USC could be held responsible for Reggie Bush's car, then you have to think Ohio State will be as well. When the NCAA does get ready to come down on Ohio State, if it sees that Jim Tressel is still the head coach and has survived, it will look like Ohio State is sticking a certain finger in the air at the NCAA, the COI and college football in general.

From outside the NCAA perspective, the longer Tressel sticks in Columbus, the longer the media will continue digging into any other possible transgressions that may have taken place under Tressel's watch. As long as he is there, there will be media scrutiny, and as we've seen in recent months, the media has a tendency to be a better watchdog than the NCAA itself. And who knows what is left to be uncovered? Considering we first began hearing about questionable behavior at Ohio State under Tressel with Maurice Clarett in 2003, you'd be naive to think that these cars and those free tattoos were the only times that Buckeye football players possibly broke NCAA rules over the last eight years.

There are a lot of dark clouds over Columbus right now, and they won't be going anywhere for a while. Still, the sun is going to break through at some point, and the sooner Ohio State says goodbye to Jim Tressel, the sooner the sun will reappear.



Since: Jun 10, 2008
Posted on: May 16, 2011 7:06 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

Mr. Fornelli, I know sportswriters aren't expected to have much mastery of grammar or syntax, but Tressel FLOUTED the rules, he didn't FLAUNT them! Check your dictionary BEFORE hitting the SEND button next time. BTW, Tressel and the whole OSU cesspool are all DIRTBAGS!

Since: Jun 11, 2009
Posted on: May 16, 2011 7:03 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

I love the pathetic defense, "I'm not as guilty as he is."  That tells me about the quality of OSU Law School.  Keep him because he is winning. Al Capone had a hell of a winning streak too.  I call BS on your 90% Graduation rate for football players.  Only Northwestern has a 90% (92% as of 2010).  Does OSU have a Statistics degree available?  OSU was 62%.  Ouch! For the numbers, Michigan was 71%.  Stats are from .

Since: Dec 28, 2006
Posted on: May 16, 2011 7:01 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

Does the sports media have no shame?  Why this witchhunt to get rid of Tressel over one limited offense?  What gives?  One would think the "scandal" was spreading daily with all the stories and reports on CBS.  But there's nothing new.  Same single offense.  Good grief!

Since: Dec 6, 2010
Posted on: May 16, 2011 6:47 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

The penalty for cover-up lies will do great harm to OSU, there are always though those who think the are to big to be brought down, i.e.President Richard Millhouse Nixon and the Ohio State University. Welcome to the land of vacated wins, loss of scholarships and bowl bans your name is Ohio.

Since: Mar 8, 2011
Posted on: May 16, 2011 6:19 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel


Written like a true Michigan fan.  I would be begging for OSU to part ways with Tressel.  The coach owns the deed to the Big House.  I find it sad that the NCAA is wasting time hunting down good men.  You would think they would send the blood hounds into Auburn and find out what the sam hill is going on with offering Heisman Trophy caliber players BIG MONEY to be a Tiger.  Instead, the NCAA picks on a coach the despite his success, still has a 90% graduation rate with his football players.  Tressel will stay, the Buckeyes will prevail.

Since: Apr 12, 2011
Posted on: May 16, 2011 6:09 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

Your US president lies.  You voted for him.  Whaddya think of him?  He lied to a country, his voters....whaddya think.  You lied, right?  At some point.  Whaddya think of you?  I have lied.  I know you don't like me, 'cause I'm calling you out.  Your mom lied...uh, oh, don't go there.  Just sayin'  everyone fucking lies.  Then they ask forgiveness.... do your part, forgive, and quit screaming yourself.... liar.

Since: Jan 5, 2009
Posted on: May 16, 2011 6:09 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

are you people CLOWNS or what? Jim made a mistake, other then that what has he done wrong? No way I would want anyother coach besides the vest.. cares about his kids, always puts a great team on the field, and when he got caught doing something wrong he owned up to it... you have to be foolish to fire Tressel, and if you an OSU fan then why do you care what other people think? he made a mistake, lets not throw stones people.. LONG LIVE COACH TRESSEL, And LONG LIVE THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.

Since: Jan 13, 2007
Posted on: May 16, 2011 6:08 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

rj3sports...I don't blame you one bit for wanting to rid yourself of facing a Tressel coached team,if I were 1 and 9 against him i would dislike him also,as for Pryor ...the way he has manhandled and ran all over your defense for three years the same can be said especially when he turned your program down to go to THE Ohio State University.....maybe Michigan should "man up" and they might have a slim chance of beating the dreaded Tressel coached teams led by Pryor !Cool

Since: Apr 12, 2011
Posted on: May 16, 2011 6:04 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

He did man up.... ask the media to cover something else.  They are throwing the chum into the water.  They know it's a they keep feeding it.  Nothing has changed since this all came out.  Now, you go resign from blogging.

Since: Apr 12, 2011
Posted on: May 16, 2011 6:01 pm

Ohio State needs to part ways with Tressel

Tom Fornelli..... go pick another coach or team to write about.  The media is making this soooo much worse.  Don't think so, huh?  Why the choice of picture for your story?  Obviously during  a game.  A crucial moment.  Something bad has happened in the game.   Nice choice.  It's the first thing readers look at before reading your story.  The sub tones are set.... nice job.  Media blows.  You blow.  So many worse things have happened in the past, before the media and espn changed the world of sports.  Go cover Boise State's 22 infractions.  Go investigate Babe Ruth being a pig.  Wait... oh, I got it...go cover oil companies and their "record" profits.  Then, tie it all to Jim Tressel and how he is the cause of higher gas prices.  This shit is so old.

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