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Clemson season ticket sales still on the decline

Posted on: May 17, 2011 3:19 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

How much do college football fans really care about recruiting?

The answer is supposed to be "a freaking ton," but the evidence at Clemson suggests it's still a much bigger deal for a team's diehards than their rank-and-file supporters. Dabo Swinney's Tigers pulled in one of the nation's best and most surprising classes this past Signing Day, but per the Charleston Post and Courier that excitement has yet to transfer to the box office:
Football season ticket sales are down six percent from this point last year at Clemson, according to associate athletic director Katie Hill.

The decline is traced to a number of factors including effects from the recession, the slow economic recovery and perhaps fans' dissatisfaction following the program's first losing season in 12 years.

Of the season tickets Clemson has already sold, Hill estimates the number is down 10-15 percent from 2007-08 levels.

"I still think the economy has got us," Hill said. "It's probably a variety of things, depending on the ticket buyer. … It can be dissatisfaction, it can be any of those reasons.

"But it's not over."
A point for the "economy" argument over the "losing season" argument, the Post and Courier notes, is that Virginia Tech has seen a similar decline this offseason despite having won the ACC championship last season.

But unlike the Tigers, the Hokies are losing several stars from that title team and had their usual good-but-not-eye-popping recruiting class. And the economy has done little to dent ticket sales at Clemson's rivals in the SEC. Down the road in Athens, for instance, it's been years since season tickets failed to sell out, and a smattering of single-game tickets for the Bulldogs' season opener against Boise State sold out quickly despite Georgia's disastrous 6-7 finish a year ago.

In short, no, the economy isn't helping. But we have to think that after 2010's 6-7 debacle, the bigger problem is an understandable lack of faith from Tiger fans in the direction of Swinney's program--faith that may take more than one excellent recruiting class to restore.


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Posted on: May 31, 2011 3:18 pm

Clemson season ticket sales still on the decline

Part of the problem at Clemson - not mentioned in this article - is the administrations total lack of fan friendly qualities.  We have become just a source of revenue, and nothing more.  This is Clemson.  It is a cow college, and there is nothing wrong or insulting about that.  It is a small close-knit community.  We love our Tigers.  But the University Administration hates all those things.  They want to be a "Top Ten School", which to  them means that tuition needs to be raised, sports need to be cut down, and people need to shut-up, give over their money, and go away.  They try and guilt fans into supporting their team, but why won't Clemson support its fans?
This whole thing with paying extra money to have the right to buy tickets is a joke.  Ticket sales dropped as soon as that policy was introduced, but the university could care less because they still made extra money.  To Hell with the fans, just send them your money.

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Posted on: May 18, 2011 1:03 pm

Clemson season ticket sales still on the decline

cool blog jerry you could write this about a lot of teams....

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