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Even NCAA Football 12 hates the Big East

Posted on: May 23, 2011 4:47 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

In anticipation of the July 12th release of NCAA Football 12, EA Sports is putting previews of the game on YouTube, highlighting the new and updated features. The updated collision physics are an absolutely welcome development, as is the improvement in crowd noise and behavior.

But the real superstar of the game, as it is every year, is the Dynasty mode, and this year the game reflects the fluid situation with conference realignment by letting the user do whatever he or she (but probably he) wants with the conferences' alignments. Here, let's let Kirk Herbstreit explain it all. He talks about the coaching carousel feature first, so you can skip forward to 1:08 if your time is important (and let's be honest--it is):

Yyyyyep, Herbstreit did just suggest that a player, and we quote, "strip the Big East of their AQ status." Granted, he also suggested turning the Rose Bowl into a MAC-Sun Belt showdown, but everyone needs to indulge their whimsical side sometimes.

Realistically, the Big East will never lose that coveted AQ status, of course; that's just not the way the BCS operates. But it's interesting to see that EA knows that the typical hardcore college football fan, the one who craves the ability to mold the college football world to his or her (but probably his) liking, is going to kick the Big East out of the BCS with a quickness. It's basically just a basketball conference anyway.

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