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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE

Posted on: May 27, 2011 1:58 pm
Edited on: May 27, 2011 7:26 pm

Posted by Tom Fornelli

On Thursday former Ohio State wide receiver Ray Small caused quite a stir in the college football world when he told Ohio State's student newspaper The Lantern that "everybody" was selling memorabilia and getting deals on cars while at Ohio State. As you'd expect, this brought a lot of blowback for Small from both current and former Buckeyes along with Ohio State fans.

Well, surprise, surprise, Small is suddenly changing his tune. In an interview with WBNS-10TV in Columbus, Small says that The Lantern "flipped" his words.

"It's hard being an athlete," Small said. "That was basically what I was saying. (The Lantern author) just flipped my words around and make the whole Buckeye Nation hate me."

Small went on to say that The Lantern got the majority of the story wrong.

The Lantern denied Small's allegation, Aker reported.

"We, 100 percent, stand by our story," said Lantern Editor Zach Meisel. "Everything (Small) said was recorded."

Small was quoted in The Lantern article and said that some players "don't even think about NCAA rules."

How convenient for Small. It's somewhat hard to believe that the original story could "flip" the words that Small said. I mean, if all he was trying to say was that it is hard being an athlete then all Small had to say was "it's hard being an athlete." He didn't have to talk about how easy it was to sell memorabilia for some extra cash, or about how getting deals on cars isn't that big of a deal. He also didn't need to say that there was "a lot [of dirt] on everybody." I mean, these are incredibly abstract ways to say "being an athlete is hard" aren't they?

I don't think anybody flipped Small's words at all. I just think that Small didn't think about the type of reaction his words would receive and he now regrets saying anything and is just trying to dig himself out of a hole.

UPDATE: Did The Lantern really "flip" Small's words around? Well, the paper released audio of the interview. You decide. 


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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE

I commend Jim Tressel for resigning instead of dragging the school deeper into the mud. I compared him to Lane Kiffin and Pete Carroll which I now see was wrong. Terrelle Pryor showing up to a team meeting in a late model Nissan 350Z shows what Tressel was dealing with. A self centered, arrogant baby. It is unfortunate he lost his job protecting someone like Terrelle Pryor who has no class and no consideration for his coach and his team. Terrelle was suppose to be the next Peyton Manning instead he will be remembered as the next Art Schlichter.

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 10:26 am

Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE

A very dark day for OSU, but this is the best for the integrity of the University.  Without a doubt, Tressel screwed up.  It has now cost him his job.  To all you haters out got your wish.  Now STFU and go have intercourse with yourselves.  Sphincters.

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 9:43 am

Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE

Guess this is that character that The Ohio State University spoke.

What a joke; maybe now Michigan can take their place in getting its @$$ whooped by the SEC.

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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE


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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE


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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE


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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE

Here is an essay from Ohio State Senior, Tyler Moeller posted May 28, 2011. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Tyler, he is the youngman who was assaulted in Florida while on vacation with his family.  The attack on Tyler caused a serious head injury and his recovery has been nothing short of remarkable.  This will be Tyler's 6th year in the program.  He plays the star position (LB) for the Buckeyes and is a preseason all-american candidate. 

His leadership, courage, and experience give him a unique insight into Jim Tressel's program.  Tyler's comments about the Ohio State program are credible and are the definition of character witness. 

On a side note, his attacker (Ralph Gray Decker) is in jail again (charged with felony assault and others).  This is his 3rd offense since his attack on the OSU player.    

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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE

These arogant buckeyes can shoot there mouths off all they want.......when the gaunlet is raised  your Jim Tressel wont be back for the 2012 season. They did it to USC and they will definitely do it to Ohio State. LOL us Michigan fans are just snickering at you right now. The Un iversity of Michigan is so above you will show you what class is all about come Nov 27.....GO BLUE

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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE

This post is for Ray Small, why did you change your story?  No matter, it will all come out soon. Ohio State much like USC...will face the wrath of the NCAA.  Pete Carrol, Lane Kiffin, Jim Tressel all cut from the same cloth. 

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Ray Small changes his story - UPDATE

What do you expect from the "Student Athletes" in the NCAA?  Most of these student/athletes have spent 99% of thier time playing their sport, not becoming academics.  Do they say and do crazy things?  Sure..... but fans must love them more than the students in the chemisty lab or the literature class because they "PAY" good money to see them perform.  TV pays the university good money to broadcast football games, not classroom activities.  What Small said was probably exactly what happened but the NCAA doesn't want to admit it or act like they are a large part of it.  Quit fooling yourself... College sports has nothing to do with college academics....College sports is a "gold mine" for the schools, the networks, the press, and eventually the athletes! Enjoy it and keep your blood pressure in check.

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