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Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

Posted on: May 30, 2011 1:54 am
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

College football's quarterback carousel just keeps on spinning.

This time, the team going for a ride is the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Multiple outlets have reported that Huskers backup Cody Green has requested his scholarship release from the Nebraska coaches and will be transferring soon.

Unlike many backup quarterbacks who head elsewhere to find playing time, Green will arrive at his new school with quality experience in big-time football. A class of 2009 four-star recruit out of Dayton, Texas, Green nearly won the starting job as a true freshman and would eventually start the Huskers' road game at Baylor. Though he lost out on the 2010 starting position to Taylor Martinez, as a sophomore Green started a pair of wins against Iowa State and Colorado as Martinez sat out with an ankle injury. For his career, Green has completed 66-of-162 passes for five touchdowns with three interceptions.

So Green should be a big addition to whatever program might add him to the roster. (One local columnist has already speculated Green could be interested in replacing Kellen Moore at Boise State.) But as for how big a blow his departure will be for the Huskers, it largely depends on how well Martinez responds to his ongoing ankle issues and an awkward spring, one capped by an iffy 4-for-13 performance in the Nebraska spring game. Green's decision leaves the Huskers with just two scholarship quarterbacks, Martinez and redshirt freshman Brion Carnes. (Blue-chip recruit Bubba Starling could be a third, but he's expected to forgo college football in favor of pro baseball.) If Martinez is hurt again or struggles to the point of a benching, Bo Pelini will have no one else available who's ever thrown a college pass.

Then again, if Martinez returns to his 2010 form, adjusts to new coordinator Tim Beck's offense and stays healthy, the backup will be an afterthought--which is likely why Green has asked for his release in the first place. And experience or no experience, Carnes may not be all that bad an option off the bench anyway; he connected on 11-of-15 passes in the spring game and averaged better than 10 yards an attempt.

So the Huskers should be able to weather Green's departure. But the emphasis there is on "should"; if Green's absence leads to trouble at the quarterback spot, the inaugural Big Ten "Legends" division race--one in which the Huskers are likely the tentative favorite--will be thrown wide open.


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Posted on: June 11, 2011 10:48 am

Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

Well, explained why I wasn't sold on Martinez.   Yes, he lit OSU up because OSU had almost no defense and against balanced teams we lost.   OU had a pretty good defense and dynamic offense, Nebraska had a great defense and a mediocre offense; the extra score was the difference in the Nebraska game due to the defense, not the great offense.    OSU against teams with poor defenses played ball possession and killed the clock so that the defense wasn't exposed or made the opponent offense one dimensional.  When they didn't succeed and got into a shoot-out, they when 1-2 (beat A&M due to turnover; lost to OU and Nebraska because had a better offense than opponents but didn't have any where near a comprable defense).     Nebraska had an overwhelming defense which gave the offense more chances but Nebraska did not blow anyone away last year outside Kansas St due to their offense, in fact, the OSU game was probably their best offensive performance.  The rest of the games were due to x number of chances and short field which the defense consistently gave them but by the middle of the year, most of the Big12 offenses outside Colorado found cracks to exploit.   IMHO

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Posted on: May 31, 2011 11:12 am

Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

pokes 21 how are you not sold on taylor martinez after he lite up your defense for 300 plus yards and still rushed near a 100.... yea hes very still raw but our old oc ran him into the ground. not many teams in the big10 will put up pts like how every team in the big12 did.

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 9:43 pm

Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

Man, can Martinez run. He's fast! I wonder if the new coordinator ever got a chance to talk with Green. Anybody know?

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 9:33 pm

Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

Not great news as I believe you have to have two solid QB's in the stable for the CFB season.   I'm not sold on Martinez as he doesn't have great targets and Texas showed that if you pop in the mouth, he doesn't have enough savvy to hit the receivers with the right touch; they were either adjusting to fast-balls or off-the-back foot soft touches that stole their stride.    Martinez recovered enough for the Oklahoma State game but Nebraska needs more as Martinez can't carry the team; but being in a depleted Big 10 this year they may have enough defense to get them through dependent on how Wisconsin (with a possible NC State QB?) rebuilds and probably the front runner as Penn St, Iowa St, and Mich St lost a bunch.   I don't really see any other team competing and think Ohio State about to go off the deep end and maybe the Fab 5 are thinking of walking onto pro rosters or going supplemental as they will probably loose more than 5 games once it's all said and done so better to go pro (if there will be NFL football next year).   Maybe CFL for a year or two?

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 7:54 pm

Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

Great! Now the snap will not be fumbled on his every play!
Boise? i don't think so. They don't like to fumble snaps there, either.
Obviously, Green drove me nuts every time he entered the game. He needs to go down a division where he can be confident. Go home and be a star at Texas State...and I don't mean that as an insult. He wasn't ever going to be a pro, so go enjoy college football.
Also, that Burkhead as backup idea isn't bad, and I'm sure the Husker staff knows it. 

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 10:51 am

Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

Best of luck to Cody Green.

Among the remaining candidates, the job may go to whom ever can complete a pass. The passing game was not not pretty at the spring game. The faithful generally held their breath every time someone dropped back to pass.

Carnes can be an exciting player. Starling more than likely will be playing professional baseball.

Had Green decided not to leave I would have moved him to tight end, Martinez to flanker and make Rex Burkhead the quarterback - the dude can do it all!

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 10:09 am

Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

Green's talent never came through.  He seemed like a good prospect, but he just couldn't get over the hump.  And Nebraska gave him plenty of chances - he couldn't capitalize.

Martinez, Carnes - and hopefully Bubba, will be the nucleus of a goodQB corps.

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 9:19 am

Huskers' QB Green set to transfer

Green was an intriguing prospect who had plenty of chances to nail down the starting job for himself permanently. He failed, however, to live up to all the hype that came with him when he was recruited.

The cupboard is not as bare as it might seem at QB, though. The coaches also like walk-on Ron Kellogg and Jamal Turner could be switched back from receiver in a pinch. Starling is a longshot to ever play at Nebraska, though.

Prediction: Brion Carnes is the starter for good by Halloween.

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