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Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

Posted on: June 4, 2011 12:15 pm
Edited on: June 4, 2011 12:18 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

With every NCAA investigation there are different pivotal steps in the process, one of the most relevant in regards to possible punishments is the notice of allegations. According to a report on, the NCAA has told UNC officials to expect a notice of allegations "on or around June 10" as a result from the investigation into improper benefits and academic misconduct within the football program.

The report cites sources who believe that the notice of allegations will highlight nine different infractions, mostly stemming from previous relationships with assistant coach John Blake, tutor Jennifer Wiley, and former player Chris Hawkins. The loss of scholarships and probation is expected, and some close to the program believe forfeiting wins is a possibility. It is widely assumed at this point that North Carolina will avoid the "lack of institutional control" charge.

Keep it here at the Eye on College Football for more on this story as it develops.

Since: Apr 18, 2011
Posted on: June 5, 2011 5:26 am

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

I believe that you have UNC and USC(S. Carolina) confused.  It was S. carolina that had some of its players living in nice hotel rooms.  That was not the case at UNC.  UNC had over 13 players suspended during 2010, but of those 13, only 3 were ruled permanently ineligible.  If you tally the total benefits received by these 3 players, they don't even equal a fraction of what Reggie Bush received.  Not to mention the fact that UNC has not tried to cover any of this up.  They have cooperated with the NCAA in trying to investigate the incidents.  The academic misconduct has been widely exagerrated.  There were only 1 or 2 guys who had to go before the honor court.  The reason the academic misconduct was blown out of proportion is because the tutor was dating one of the players (which was against UNC rules for tutors) and this relationship lead to an investigation into possible academic fraud.

Since: Sep 7, 2010
Posted on: June 5, 2011 3:25 am

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

please is their anyone that can explain to me howthis is not east coast bias? Usc received it for 1 player. UNC has more than one player accepting benefits. usc did not have academic issues either. UNC did not even know where their players lived. They somehow had nice hotel rooms to live in. So seriously i would like 1 rational person to explain how this is not bias.

Since: Aug 7, 2008
Posted on: June 5, 2011 3:20 am

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

UNC will be found innocent of all charges. They are a college from the East Coast...where the NCAA gives preferential treatment and overlooks their misdeeds. You think I'm wrong? Just refer to the UConn men's basketball coach and the Auburn football team and head coach.

Since: Feb 19, 2008
Posted on: June 4, 2011 11:15 pm

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

Yall kick butt?? have 2 titles.....i wouldnt be bragging too much man, thats um...........not much. Keep dreaming, dont cheat?? Wasnt Pat Dye your coach?? Keep drinking the hateraid, you will never be as good as Bama or that!!

Since: Nov 19, 2006
Posted on: June 4, 2011 4:43 pm

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

To say that Auburn does not cheat is nothing more than the hysterical rantings of an Auburn Homer.  Enjoy your 5th place finish in the SEC West this season.

As far as UNC is concerned, this certainly was to be expected.  The bottom line is that Butch Davis is much like Jim Tressel, only to a lesser extent.  UNC will receive porbation and a reduction of scholarships.  If the NCAA really want to crack the whip, as their President has indicated, they may get more, but in all fairness, that is what they deeserve. 

Since: Mar 19, 2007
Posted on: June 4, 2011 4:37 pm

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

I'd like to live in the dream world the rest of you must live in if you don't think this kind of thing exists at EVERY university.  I played football.  Everybody gets those kinds of offers at every SEC guys think it's not happening at your schools?!?  Go to class with a few of your players and see 1) if they are even there most of the time, and 2) see how much time your "stars" are actually studying.  Playing catch up to the SEC?!?  UNC had 2 shots to beat LSU in their first game last season with ALL of their "questionable" players missing!  Most sports writers agree that had most of those players been allowed to play (or just suspended a few games--see OSU), UNC may have contended for not only the ACC title (I know, who cares), but possibly a BCS bowl and National title.  East Coast bias?!?  That's all you guys on the West Coast want to cry about all the had your shot with Oregon last did that end up?!?  Seriously, wake up, 'tards!!!!  ALL schools do this.  The system is broken because you all continue to support kids like these when they go on to Pro careers instead of shunning any team that they go to.  Even after the story broke about Bush, people were still buying his jersey!!!  How many people are going to boo Pryor when he comes back after his 5 game suspension?!?  Really?!  Look at UNC's history with getting in trouble with the NCAA....go ahead...look it up.  All you sarcastic retards will probably say, "that's because they're good at not getting caught."  Hmmm, well, they've been a basketball powerhouse since the 1920s, so you think this is stereotypical behavior or a sign of the times?!?  Look in the mirror, chumps....

Since: Mar 9, 2009
Posted on: June 4, 2011 3:30 pm

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

Only Alabama and LSU in the SEC cheat. The rest of us, including the NATIONAL CHAMPION AUBURN Tigers do not have to cheat. We just kick butt.

Since: Mar 20, 2007
Posted on: June 4, 2011 3:23 pm

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

The perception is that it is the SEC that cheats because of their on-field dominance.  The reality is that it is the other conferences cheating to try to catch up.

Since: Nov 25, 2009
Posted on: June 4, 2011 3:21 pm

Report: UNC to receive notice of allegations soon

East Coast bias?  Really?  Sorry kid, but Indianapolis, Indiana isn't exactly "east coast".

Since: Dec 22, 2009
Posted on: June 4, 2011 2:53 pm
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