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WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

Posted on: June 7, 2011 11:58 am
Edited on: June 7, 2011 11:59 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

The publicity mess at West Virginia accelerated this week when Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Collin Dunlap told 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh that head coach Bill Stewart asked local media to "dig up dirt" on coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen.

Athletic director Oliver Luck joined the morning show on that same station on Tuesday. Initially planning to discuss the recent approval of beer sales at athletic events, Luck ended up opening by offering a few comments on the Stewart/Holgorsen soap opera.

"It's difficult to know what's fact and what's not," Luck said in response to the various reports. "Before I make any comments I need to figure out what the facts are, it's as simple as that. I think that's the only fair way to go about this."

Much of this began with a string of reports on Holgorsen's off-field behavior. More than a handful of incidents regarding gambling and/or alcohol have been mentioned in recent weeks, causing the university to take action. After finding certain flaws in the reporting, the school has begun an investigation into possible leaks from the football program. Leaks which many believe will lead back to Stewart.

"The investigation that I undertook to look into a lot of these allegations left me with a high level of confidence that, as the university put it, there were a number of 'blatant inaccuracies' in these allegations and I did not find any substantiation."

"I've got a high level of confidence in Dana, and his persona and his discipline," Luck continued. "I, again, have 100 percent confidence that he'll do the right thing. But unfortunately, some of the reports and some of the allegations are 'blatantly inaccurate,' and beyond that I can't say very much."

Luck went on to admit that while the "coach-in-waiting" scenario seemed like a good idea at the time, he was not sure if he would repeat the process again. The purpose of bringing in Holgorsen would give the young coach an opportunity to teach his offense for a season before taking over the reigns as head coach. Now depending on what the university decides in their internal investigation, Luck may have some tough decision-making ahead.

Hearing the vote of confidence from Luck makes me think that Holgorsen will not find himself a victim of anything more than the bad publicity. If the internal investigation reveals that Stewart played any part in the "blatant inaccuracies," he will likely be fired or forced to resign. However, if Stewart denies Dunlap's recollection of the "dig up dirt" phone call then the university will have to figure out a way to rebuild some torched bridges. The plan was for 2011 to be Stewart's last season, which is making it awfully hard for West Virginia fans to take his side considering the current reports.

But as we saw in the beer sales debate, Luck will not be swayed by the fans' will. He has no worries about the Mountaineers in 2011 on the field, and if he thinks that Stewart and Holgorsen can co-exist for that one season then that may happen. But judging by mud that has already been slung, I find it hard to see the two co-existing for much longer.

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Posted on: June 10, 2011 6:54 am

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

AD luck is a better quarterbcak then a AD. Hey, all you 'cajun" folks who are slamming WV remember this, the ONLY times that LSU team won a national championship in football the coach has been from Ohio or West Virginia!

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 3:17 pm

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

"Here is the difference, Your coach in waiting has a reputation as a partier, and has actually been escorted out of places.  The same stories were also coming out of Stillwater while your coach in waiting was there.  There has never been such a report about Miles.  If you think things are the same, then I cannot help you. "

Holgorsen was never escorted out of anywhere.  When the police arrived at the Casino (which has the reputation of calling police unnecessarily), Holgorsen had already left the casino on his own and was outside waiting for a Taxi.  The story was blown way, way, way out of proportion by the media and blown even more out of proportion when Chuck Landon, a writer who supports Marshall and always takes the opportunity to bash WVU wrote an article full of lies.   

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Posted on: June 9, 2011 9:09 am

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

Is this West Virginia's version of a Soap Opera.  First, we have a current head coach who is waiting for the door to slam in his face, either by being forced out after this year, or by the NCAA for "Major Violations".   Next we havre a "Head Coach in Waiting" who may, or may not have a slight problem with alcohol and/or gaming.  The backdrop for all of this is a campus who'se fans burn couches, and have been described as "raunchy" by some because of their drunken behavior.  In order to control the inebriation of these fans, the school decides to sell beer at athletic events.  This seems to be a perfect match to me.  An alcoholic Head Football Coach for a University that has about as much class as a Red Neck Hillbilly, and is known for it's rowdy behavior and alcoholic consumption.  If the shoe fits....

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Posted on: June 8, 2011 1:31 pm

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

I undestand that OSU needs a head coach. You hire Rich Rod. He has an axe to grind against Michigan!

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Posted on: June 8, 2011 11:15 am

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen


Better to be covered in coal dirt than  the stench of the "Looziana" swamps..Just another example of the ignorance of those in the deep south...

Unbelievable.  Your idea of a response to a narrow minded, bigoted comment from some a..wipe justafart, is an equally narrow minded, bigoted comment of your own.  Brilliant.  "Just another example of the ignorance of those in the deep south..."  You hate what he had to say, but you are just as bad.  "Justafart" and "Justasbad".  Are you two related? 

Unfortunately, every program has it's own group of obnoxious "too" posters.  Too much time... too much mouth... with too little brain to realize their comments are a reflection on their avatar.  Nice job representin' the Saints and the Mountaineers you two.        

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Posted on: June 8, 2011 10:16 am

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

Is there any coach at WVU that doesn't have a drinking problem? Holgorsen, Huggins .... Schools a joke and always will be. All you need to know is that they had to make-up a major, Sports Athletic Coaching (something to that effect) because phys ed. was too hard for their athletes.

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Posted on: June 8, 2011 8:27 am

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

Sure likes to party?  Stew, is that you?  Give me a break.. the guy had a few drinks at a casino.  This is complete and utter nonsense to try and make a case to discredit Holgorsen.

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Posted on: June 8, 2011 12:07 am

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

They will both be let go, opening the door for...


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Posted on: June 7, 2011 5:56 pm

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

Better to be covered in coal dirt than  the stench of the "Looziana" swamps..Just another example of the ignorance of those in the deep south...

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 2:33 pm

WVU AD has '100 percent confidence' in Holgorsen

Why can't you wrap you pea head around the fact that Holgerson needs to resign.  If Luck continues this charade, he will be out of luck and shovelling coal along with the rest of the dirty hillpeople.
Justafart,  You clearly have no idea what West Virginia or it's 'hillpeople' or all about. Why don't you come on up from the land of corruption  with your Tigers and witness the spectacle for yourself. Seems as if you could use a little schooling.

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