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Ex-Wolverines not mourning OSU downfall

Posted on: June 9, 2011 11:18 am
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The headline to this Detroit News piece is "Buckeyes scandals cause little stir among ex-Wolverines," and in the cases of some former Michigan players interviewed, that's true.

But it doesn't sound like the swirling improper benefits allegations and resignation of Jim Tressel represent only a "little stir" in the life of former Wolverine tight end (and current Ohio resident) Aaron Shea:
The headline in the Cleveland Plain Dealer read "Black Eye Nation," accompanied by a photo of Tressel, who resigned after university officials encouraged him to quit amid the turmoil for failing to report NCAA violations.

"I'm framing that," Shea said, animatedly. "We have no red in this house, but I'm framing it, and I'm putting it in the bathroom … above the toilet" ...

"I am," Shea said when asked if he's enjoying it. "I know what I've gone through the last 10 years, hearing all this stuff from Ohio State fans."
But if Shea is relishing what must seem like his first chance for schadenfreude at the Buckeyes' expense since Tressel arrived on the scene, at least he didn't stereotype the entire Ohio State fanbase as willing enablers in their team's flagrant violations of NCAA rules.

Take it away, former Michigan quarterback John Navarre (emphasis added):
"It's sad for the Big Ten," former Michigan quarterback John Navarre said. "I feel for the kid who went to Ohio State for the right reasons. I feel for the families involved. "But at the same time, I don't like Ohio State, and those people who are still showing support for Tressel are basically saying we don't care about the rules, we want to win at any cost. That just shows what kind of fans and what kind of place that is. I'm not right there living there, but my experiences I've had (in Columbus) have all been negative. Nobody likes them. I don't like them. For me, it's like, 'See, I knew it, I told you so.' I'm not relishing in it, but I'm not shocked."
You can admit it, John: you're relishing in it a little bit, aren't you?

Which, frankly, we can't blame him for. While we certainly repsect the more measured ex-Wolverine responses in the article (like those form former running back Mike Hart and tight end Bennie Joppru), this is Michigan-Ohio State; it's supposed to be respectful, but it's about also hating each other's guts to the point where the head coaches won't even call the opposing school by its proper name.

If, as Shea reportedly did, we'd had our front yard rolled in scarlet-and-gray TP -- no, not Pryor, the other TP -- we don't think we'd be expressing a lot of sympathy, either. So please, ex-Wolverines: carry on.

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