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High school LB killed in shooting

Posted on: June 24, 2011 1:24 pm
Edited on: June 24, 2011 4:19 pm

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Darrell Turner, a linebacker about to begin his senior season at Gateway High School (one of the top high school programs in Pennsylvania), was shot and killed in North Carolina on Thursday night. Turner's teammate, junior Thomas Woodson, was also shot in the leg, but will survive the shooting. The duo had been at a shopping center in Durham when they got into an altercation with Gabriel Gamez who then shot them both.

Gateway spokeswoman Cara Zanella confirmed that senior linebacker Darrell Turner was killed and junior quarterback Thomas Woodson was injured in the 10 p.m. shooting in Durham.

"We feel terrible about this situation and our hearts go out to the families involved with this," Zanella said.

Durham police charged Gabriel James Gamez, 22, of San Antonio with murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Police arrested Gamez at a room in a Springhill Suites shortly after 2 a.m. and placed him in Durham County Jail where he is being held without bond.

Police said Woodson was shot in the leg. His injury was not life-threatening, police said. He was transported to Duke University Hospital for treatment.

According to Turner's father, also named Darrell Turner, his son was in North Carolina with Woodson as the teammates were making their way down to Bradenton, Fla., for the IMG Madden 7-on-7 Championships, which begin on Saturday.

Photo courtesy of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 


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Posted on: June 27, 2011 10:51 am

High school LB killed in shooting

They weren't alone. They were traveling with their team, 2 coaches, and 6 chaperones. They were on their way to Florida for a camp and had informal meeting set up with Duke.

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Posted on: June 25, 2011 10:59 pm

High school LB killed in shooting

come on raider . just because you live in a crime riden community dont act like their are notlots of responsible people in this country who feel the need to own the gun legaly. maybe you should move to a more peaceful area

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Posted on: June 25, 2011 2:29 pm

High school LB killed in shooting

I feel responsible and safe ownership of guns is not only a good thing , it needs to be MANDATORY( The reponsible and safe part). Heres where it gets tricky though. As soon as you say gun control, or licensing requirements, or background checks or waiting periods, the Pro Gun lobby screams , they are trying to take your guns away!!, only the criminals will have weapons!!, theyll come for your kids in the night!!AGAIN, this is done intentionally to appeal to peoples inheirent proclivity, to choose sides, and refuse to have logically, intelligent discussions about the true issues. They do it not because they just really really care about your rights, they do it to protect their financial portfolios which include the winchesters and remingtons of the world.If a law abiding citizen (such as yourself) wants to own a weapon, then they should have to 1. under go a background and personality assessment test.... most employers force all job applicants to take both of these, does it make sense that walmart protects there paper towels to that extent, but its unreasonable to ask a gun purchaser to?2. take a gun safety and responsibility course, we force 16 year old to take drivers ed. in HS, and then pass a series of test to be licensed for Driving, why not for gun owners? 3. Be insured and acountabile, when gun owners neglect to follow established protocols for the safe storage and control of their weapons, it should not be a "oh how sad, Oh well" situation, they must be held accountable, just as a drunk, who unintentionally kills somebody is.Look, those of you who say everyone shoud be armed , basically are saying that by doing so you even the playing field back to the same standard it would be IF No ONE HAD GUNS, one scenario cant be correct without the other being equally correct. So the ISSUE IS CONTROL. do you really believe, we are incapable of keeping guns away from criminals?THEY HAVE GUNS FOR THE SAME REASON THAT CIGARETTES ARE STILL LEGAL ALTHOUGH WE KNOW THEY COST US BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN HEALTHCARE LIABILITY THROUGH OUR SOCIALIZED MEDICAL PROGRAMS....PEOPLE MAKE MONEY FROM THEM. EVERYTHING IN LFE IS ABOUT BALANCE, for anyone who works in computing one of the most important parts of software writing is the QA process, they meticulously go through every possible combination of keystrokes or commands one might intentionally or unintentionally make, before they certify the "product " for market. This is in essence a system of checks and balances just like our govt. was modeled after, without which NO LAW. OR RIGHT, OR PRIVELEGE can function successfully because there will always be individuals who abuse  them. Our punishment after the fact, system does nothing to allieviate, address, or curtail the behaviors of those that refuse to obey the guidlines, we must seperate ourselves from the contrived, left vs right, talking points and standard arguments and reach the best consensus we can to solve any problem we face as a nation.I share my views only in hopes that it might spur those on both sides of the issue to realize that moderation is the only true answer, neither side is 100% right, and never will be, yin and yang my young padawans, find the balance.

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Posted on: June 25, 2011 12:26 pm

High school LB killed in shooting

Ok, we need to look at this for what it is. A death that did not need to happen. Gun control is not the answer. Incase nobody realizes, people who commit the crimes do not go down the gun shop to get their guns. The obtain their guns illegally. I know that not every case is like this and that some people actually purchase guns who do crimes, but over 95% of those who use them to commit crimes have obtained their guns off the streets. Gun control will not solve that issue. Just as was mention before, if someone wants to kill someone, they will find a way, knives, guns, bats, crow bar, etc. The right to bare arms is in the constitution and we don't need to start taking away our rights. Everyone has their opinion and mine is everyone that has not committed a crime should have a gun. If the criminals knew everyone had a gun, they would be a little more reluctant to commit a crime against them. Since they know they have the upper hand 95% of the time, they will continue to do it. I feel sorry for the one who tries to commit a crime on me. Unlike most of them, I am a marksman and can actually shoot mine.

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High school LB killed in shooting


I would agree with you on the semi-automatics and machine gun type weapons.  Those I believe should be only in the hands of the military.  I just don't see how responsible and safe ownership of a handgun for personal and familial protection is a bad thing.  Also, I agree with you on the effects of the hip-hop culture.  However, that to me is barking up the same tree as the different states arguement.  Remove the number of kids who kill each other from that culture and the number of unwarranted gun deaths in this country drops dramatically.  So, should we all be punished/effected by what some would go as far as to say is Darwinism at it's finest?  I think it's sad anytime a kid is killed but better parenting and better decision making skills should be the solution, not nationwide constitutional reform.

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Posted on: June 25, 2011 11:50 am

High school LB killed in shooting

Tiger fan 23, I thank you for the link , and read the paper in its entirety. Two things you should note, these papers are usually "commishoned" meaning the authors are being Paid to develop an argument that supports a perspective from the outset. I can provide you several reports which draw the opposite conclusion. Secondly, taking the information at face value, the basic premise is that when some one REALLY WANTS TO KILL SOMEONE, they will figure out a way to do it be it firearm or paper clips. True, but we are not talking about 1st degree murder and the compiling of these stats, is again comprimised by people with the intent to paint a picture that does not support reality, how many "Accidental " deaths are not accounted for in the study,ALLOF THEM! the study only lists LEGAL GUN OWNERSHIP, how obviously biased is that?How many Manslaughters are not counted as murders in this country and take place with a firearms and finally, the AUTHORS THEMSELVES IN THEIR CONCLUSION ADMIT THE LACK OF EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THEIR"FINDING" INSISTING IT IS THE GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES WHO HOLD THE BURDEN OF PROOF!!How absolutely transparent!!Until, a crime can be classified, as Intentional, although a homicide, it is not a murder, and not subject to the scrutiny, it deserves. Yes, federal crime statistics show that violent crime is perpetrated somewhere around 80% of the time by a Known assaliant(bill, it almost NEVERIs the random break in, or car jacking, or kidnapping, we see on TV, or in the movies)So Its ALWAYS, the ex- boyfriend, the fired employee,the nutty uncle, and yes you are not going to stop them by taking guns away, Im just talking about our children bro as in I dont need a study or a report to know that too often young people do stupid things because there Manhood is challenged, or some such juviniel thing, and when weve made it so damn easy for them to get their hands on guns, the outcome will continue to be the same as the tragedy in  N carolina.

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Posted on: June 25, 2011 10:19 am

High school LB killed in shooting

My first question would be why were 2 highschool students one 18 and the other 15 traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida by themselves? Then its says that they were supposed to visit Duke?? Why was no parent escorting these kids??? Thats the question I want to know!

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High school LB killed in shooting

BTW, killme bill, your point is well taken regarding the break in scenario, but it can be reversed in asking how many, Gun advocates remain so after, the gun they owned was used by their children, on their siblings or a neihbors child, it happens FAR more often then the defensive scenario which you advocate

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Posted on: June 25, 2011 4:09 am

High school LB killed in shooting

My comparitive analysis was WORLD WIDE, not state by state, look for homicide rates  per capita by country to establish the facts behind my statements. When you as Gun Advocates support the laws you Like your takling about states like Wyoming and Montana... NO ONE LIVES THERE.People as perscribed by the constitution, should maintain arms as a balance against teranny.  multiple round semi and fully automatic weapons serve no purpose other than to kill PEOPLE. You dont need them to hunt, you dont need them for defense, they are weapons of war and attempted Murder nothing less. Comparing pools and cars to guns is ludicrous.We need cars to make our society function, many people are electricuted each year as well, but a comparison cannot be drawn between guns and power. They are Unneccessary. the individual who used the exact same phrase I used as a example of the stupidty in our society, is exactly whats wrong with the entire debate, they hear some one else say it and boy does it sound catchy! but its plain stupid. if I point my finger at somebody and cock my thumb back nothing happens , the gun needs to be in the hand for deadly effect, does it really require explaining.I do not self Identify as Republican or Democrat, and as such am not A conservative or liberal, just as in my previous argument, those terms are thrown about by an aristocrasy in this country to divide the populace along defined lines so as to create conflict for the purpose of keeping us arguing over nonsense while they embezzle our taxes dollars, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY THE SAME, ONCE GIVEN POLITICAL POWER, THEY FILL THE POCKETS OF THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES AT THE EXPENSE OF THE REST OF US.I am proficent in the use of several weapons and as every Guards men must Qualify annually in their use.Living In So CAl, maybe Im Isolated from what other states experience , but I can tell you here, there are hundreds of CHILDREN each year, murdered, from emulating the hip-hop culture where nothing is cooler than hangin on the corner packing, and smoking any fools who dont come correct
Your solution of having EVERYONE  carry would in fact lower robberies, and the sensational news stories of violence you see on TV, but that is not where the majority of these incidents are taking place. LIKE in the article, these often are stupid, pointless argument that without the presence of firearms, would have resulted in a bloody nose and a lesson learned.If you are proponents of Firearms at least be intelligent about , regulating , licensing, controlling there availability, instead of pawns of Orginizations like the NRA that only care about Money, and sell you a bill of goods to support an agenda that causes so much pain, and death.


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High school LB killed in shooting

Wow Socal.  First off, thank you for your service. Secondly, that was one of the more arrogant posts I think I have ever read.  You assume that I am unaware of political agendas.  I could care less about politicians.  Then you go as far as to assume I "play with guns" or live in some "fantasy land". It may be hard for you to comprehend, but there are some people outside of the military who actually can responsibly own and carry a firearm.  I think it sucks that kids get killed accidently by guns, but guess s what?  Plenty of kids drown in pools ever year, should we outlaw pools?  Cars?  Teenagers making bad decisions?  These things kill more kids every year than guns.  Sorry dude, as I said I respect you for your service(it is very hard to say that to a Raiders fan ha ha)but you are wrong on this one.

 I am curious(and I am not being sarcastic, I would love for you or someone else to answer this), if someone were to break into the home of an unarmed family(don't give me this nonsense about how that never happens.  I bet breakins while residents are at home are much more common than the child gun deaths you cite)what would you as the father do?  Call the police?  Sure, same here, but average response time is at least 7-10 minutes minimum.  Politely ask them to leave?  Okay maybe if it is some spooked kid looking for drug money, but what about a hardend criminal or a guy on his last mental marble?  Watch him kill or harm your family?  Try to fend him off with your karate skills?  What if he does not believe in gun laws and is carrying a weapon?  I realize that this scenario, although possible, is thank God, highly unlikely. But if it or something like it ever happens to my family, I can take my families security in my own hands.  Thank God for that and for the freedoms in our country. 

Finally, I really hope this never happens, but I have always been slightly curious as to what an anti-gun person would have to say if they had to see one of their loved ones killed in front of them that they maybe could have prevented if they had taken advantage of our consitutional right.   

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