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MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

Posted on: July 27, 2011 10:53 am
Edited on: August 4, 2011 12:18 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

When San Diego State head coach Rocky Long called the combination of Boise State's home Smurf Turf and their all-blue uniforms "unfair" this past April, we applauded his candor but also assumed he was giving voice to run-of-the-mill behind-the-scenes sour grapes. If Boise hadn't been so good, and their opponents on the blue turf hadn't lost so many times, no one would care about the color of the field or uniforms, right?

Maybe not. But as it turns out, Long is far from the only coach to believe the Broncos' home color-coordination gives them an unfair advantage. In fact, so many of the coaches in Boise's new Mountain West Conference home complained that the league prohibited the Broncos from wearing all-blue uniforms in their conference home games as a prerequisite for their entry into the league.

While the Bronco administration had little choice but to sign off on the agreement (what, they were going to stay in the WAC over their uniforms?), you couldn't have expected the MWC's plan to go over well in Boise. And it hasn't, with even usually soft-spoken head coach Chris Petersen railing against the decision at MWC Media Days Tuesday:
“I thought it was ridiculous,” Petersen said of his reaction. “… That’s our colors. That’s who we are. That’s who our fans have wanted us to be since I’ve been at Boise State. That’s what it’s been through and through.”

The MWC's explanation?

Said commissioner Craig Thompson: “What we had heard from our coaches is ‘a competitive advantage.’ It’s as simple as that.”
Again: color us skeptical the Broncos' "competitive advantage" in Boise has anywhere near as much to do with the field or the uniforms as the long travel, players like Kellen Moore, and coaches like Petersen. And we're particularly skeptical the coaches' gripes are based in legitimate competition issues -- rather than a conference-wide sort of rookie hazing -- when we read the following:
One complaint from coaches is that it’s difficult to watch video of the Broncos’ home games. Petersen said that’s true, but shouldn’t be an issue as schools switch to high definition.
It's a little more difficult to watch film of their games, so you're going to tell the Broncos what uniforms they can and can't wear at their own stadium? Really?

Really. As a neutral viewer, we shouldn't complain; the all-blue look on the blue turf does take a few series' of visual adjustment (even in HD), and monochrome uniforms in bright colors aren't exactly the height of football fashion no matter the color of the field. But quirky home-field advantages have always been a part of college football, and this one seems even more quirky and innocuous than most.

So: we anxiously await confirmation from the MWC that as part of their invitations to join, Hawaii will be playing their home games in California, Nevada will be playing theirs at sea level (and only in September and October, what with those chilly November/December temperatures in Reno), and at theirs Fresno State will force Pat Hill to coach clean-shaven.


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Posted on: July 28, 2011 2:35 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

At first I want to say much to do about nothing. But to Boise it is a big deal because the blue field is what has given them national attention. The blue on blue is distracting to someone not used to it (opponents). Some reference the crowd colors in the NBA and perhaps that is a point but crowd in any arena are the determinants - the paying customers. Baseball prohibits any color behind the picture looking from the batter's boxes so that the stadium does not become an unfair advantage so there might be so precedent.

What I still chuckle about is the opinions from around the country. This is between Boise State and the MWC. Not me. Not you, unless you represent one of those schools. I don't feel it is my place to weigh in on an internal dispute. Anyway the dispute is settled (and apparently was settled before Boise State jumped for the bigger bucks of a new league.

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 2:07 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

Your joking right? Yes the eagles and jets have different shades of green than that of their grass... I highly doubt the powers at be for the 2 franchises (4 if you want to throw the Packers and Jags in as potential "grass matchers" with their "greenness") sat down and said let's make our team colors that of our field... The eagles haven't even always been the same shade of green throughought history so your point is void. Boise St officials absolutely saw the idea as an innovative way to garner attention to their program and provide some added fan excitement by the sheer boldness of the gameday environment. I can all but guarantee that blurrier even cost them extra. Kudos to them for doing what they did... And your INT ratio comment is just as preposterous. Bright orange or white jerseys should be much easier for the QB to target on the blue turf rather than these supposed camoflague unis they currently wear... The biggest complaint of the turf/unis matching should come from their own QB if it is such a big deal. You all are just a bunch of cry babies who have to give some sort of excuse for a loss to a "small/non bcs school" such as Boise St. Well now their in the MWC and will demolish the conference regardless of their uniform colors...

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 2:01 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

Doesn't that defeat the purpose of "homefield advantage". Most stadium has green grass or green astroturf, how come no one complaint that teams that has green uniforms can't wear them? This is so stupid. If it was a bigger well known football schools, they wouldn't have said a word but sincve it's Boise State, they think they can bully them already.

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 1:29 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

Who cares about their uniform colors.... keep the F-ing field GREEN

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 1:13 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

LMAO.....having stood on many a Wolf Pack sideline.....Blue on Blue is all in your heads...we never use that as an excuse when we play there.  I guess Eastern Washington will have to change their uniforms so they don't match their new "inferno" red field.....

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 12:58 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

What's your favorite team? I feel bad for you, knowing that they don't have any home field advantage... I know I will personally be pissed if the Big 12 came an told Mizzou we could no longer promote the "Black Out" or "Gold Rush" every year when all the fans dress in black or gold on the given even respectively... That is just to much fan loyalty or I guess "home field competetive advantage". Heck did you no watch the NBA playoffs this year. The OKC Thunder are notorious for it with their fans albeit not successful, plenty of opposing players voiced their frustration with the bright blue but in the end mentioned how cool it was o see such an intense fan base"... Just ask Dirk.

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 12:53 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

So your favorite team doesent have any home field advantage? I sure hope not, because that is "BLATANT CHEATING"!

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 12:49 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

I could give a sh**t less about Boise St. As a Mizzou fan. But this is clearly unacceptable for a Conference to force a team to do anything to their attire or facilities unless there are safety concerns or they are breaking the rules. The Broncos have every right to wear whatever color jersey they want. Where in the rules does it say they can't have blue turf or their jerseys can'tatch the color of the turf? ESPECIALLY in college football, when did home field advantage become a violation? The home team is supposed to do everything they can to "gain a competetive advantage" at home. What's next? Are Leagues/Conferences going to ban teams/schools from displaying messages to provoke fans to "stomp your feet", chant "D-Fence", "Charge", etc? How about iconic players such as in STL after every #80 touchdown the Edward Jones Dome erupted "BRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUCCCEEE!!!". Those are all home field advantages that should apparently be banned... Poor Boise St. Getting stuck in another joke of a conference. I hope they do come out in bright orange. Can't wait to see them punish the MWC. then what will their excuses be? And by the way, wouldn't it be just as jar if not harder on the Broncos themselves on offense. If "it's so difficult" to see the players how is THEIR QB hitting his WR's in stride? He must be wearing some ultra special vision glasses right? WHAT A JOKE!!!

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 12:28 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

Furthermore, the only person who would even have a remote reason to complain would be....the QB for Boise St!!!  Even he wouldn't be looking down on the field, but at least his job is to throw to those wearing a blue jersey that camoflouges with the field.  Why would Boise do this if they would even remotely be risking their QB not seeing their players.  Seriously.

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Posted on: July 28, 2011 12:26 am

MWC forbids Boise from all-blue look at home

It's a competitive advantage, pure and simple. 

The blue of the unis is the exact color of the turf.

Do the eagles or Jets have exact matches to their fields? No. Their colors are much darker.

Why did they choose the all blue home unis? Because of the homefield advantage.

Make them wear some effing orange and white.  

I'd be willing to wager significantly more interceptions occur in Boise State home games than away games. 
How is it a competitive advantage?  You sound like a parrot with the rest of the uninformed with an opinion.  Explain to me please, how having a blue jersey on an UPRIGHT player becomes an advantage because the turf is the same color?

No one is arguing that watching on TV is difficult, but you are watching from ABOVE the damn field.  Why would the players be looking down at the field?  You don't have an argument, you just keep repeating the same nonsensical phrase like the rest of the baboons.

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