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Baylor to the Big East?

Posted on: September 8, 2011 12:44 pm
Edited on: September 8, 2011 12:45 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Baylor has been one of the most vocal members of the Big 12 in recent days as the school does everything it can to keep the Big 12 together. It's a move that isn't difficult to understand because in all of the conference realignment talk, when it comes to the Big 12, Baylor is one of the few schools whom you don't hear mentioned as possibilities for other BCS conferences.

After all, in the Pac-16 scenario that keeps coming up, while Texas would want to bring Texas Tech west with them, you don't hear anything about the Longhorns being all that concerned about the Bears. As it turns out, however, Baylor may actually have a BCS contingency plan. According to a report by Yahoo's Jason King, Baylor is rather confident that if the Big 12 does dissolve, the school will find a home in the Big East.

“There haven’t been any guarantees,” a source with knowledge of the situation told King. “But [Baylor] feels strongly that that’s what would happen.” 

Which is rather interesting to hear if it's indeed true. Like I said, I understand why Baylor wants to keep the Big 12 together, but their method in trying to do so seemed like a bit much. Instead of just stating the obvious, Baylor has been using a lot of rhetoric about preserving the sanctity of college football and the integrity. It's also talked about the best interest of the fans, and worrying about the effects that realignment can have on the states of the schools involved.

Which seems a bit funny to me because I seem to remember Baylor being one of four Texas schools that left SMU, TCU, Houston and Rice behind when they left the now-defunct SWC for the Big 12 when it formed in 1996. I guess it was okay back then.

Now this report about Baylor and the Big East?

Again, I don't begrudge Baylor for finding a safety net. It's what any institution in the Big 12 should be doing right now just in case. But don't try to pretend you're worried about the sanctity of college football and preserving tradition when your actions show that just like everyone else, the thing you're really worried about is yourself.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 4:25 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

Ok, let me re-state the comment that Texas was honest with their network.  I don't know all the inter-workings but everyone knew that they were shopping their school.

You are correct that Dallas (NFL) is in the east but please don't think it is the same as college sports.  When the NFL season is over, it is over.  In college you have several other sports that cost a boatload of money to fly to the east coast.

I didn't think the Big East would die.  They are the one conference that can survive without a great football program because of their rich basketball and LARGE tv markets.  If they did expand, it would make sense to pickup a few former Big XII teams for travel reasons.  It does seem strange, however, thinking about K-State playing Georgetown in the same conference.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 4:23 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

Have fun traveling each week. That is about as dumb as having the Cowboys in the NFC East.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 4:20 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

OK, this is getting just a little ridiculous.  Pretty soon Boston College will be joining the PAC 24.  C'mon people, time to let conventional wisdom prevail...SCRAP IT ALL!  There is NO way all 100+ teams are getting invited to this party, period.  No one is going to cry if the MAC or the Big West don't make the cut, it's just not realistic.  You might say, "Well Boise St. wasn't a top program 15 years ago." and I would concur, but we are talking about this right now, and right now they make the cut.  Realign in geographic divisions, set criteria to qualify for the new Big Boy Championship Series (BBCS), and move on.  Make changes based on new schools petitioning to join and old schools no longer making the cut every 5 years or so, kind of like realignment of districts within the house of representatives.  The original # stays the same but as populations change, district borders are adjusted. It will create competetive balance (teams could rotate regional schedules), solve travel issues, and preserve traditional rivalries.  Oh yeah, and to make it all worthwhile, do it seperate from the National Collegiate Antiquated Association, set up practical modern day rules and regulations with very little lenience...somebody bends the rules too much or too often, the penalty...they lose their spot to a new, qualified suitor. This proposal may seem a bit brash, but no more so than BAYLOR moving to the BIG EAST?!

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 4:11 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

NCsteel, I agree with most of your post.  But one thing is for certain.  If the SEC takes a 13th team, they will take a 14th.  Otherwise, you will have uneven divisions, with uneven numbers of conference games.  Six in one division and seven in the other.  How will you split up the non-divisional games? It won't work.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 4:07 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

You jokers!  I have been telling ya right along the Big East is going to grow.  All you all saying the big east is toast is reading yesterday's puke.  The Big East will be glad to have Baylor, KU and K-State.  All three schools are a great fit in football and the bball will be unbelievable.  Welcome my brothers....keep battling to stay alive. 

catchupfools  The Big East is about to get bigger. 

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 4:02 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

Amen to that!

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 3:58 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

So Baylor, the "holier than thou" Institution that is threatening to sue the SEC if A&M joins the conference, is now thinking about jumping to the Big East, withtheir buddy TCU?  What a bunch of two faced hypocrits.  They shold be banned from all sports.  All that whining and they had been making plans to bail out all along.  It is time that the Big 12 stop this charade, and just disband.  Enough is enough.  The Big 12 is now totally worthless.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 3:40 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

Just what the Big Least needs is another mediocre team.

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 3:40 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

Well, in the NFL, Dallas plays in the East-- so why not Baylor and TCU?  I notice I haven't heard anyone complaining about the geographical nightmare of OU and OSU and maybe Texas in the Pacific-12.  Exactly how "Pacific" are Texas and Oklahoma?  About as Pacific as Colorado?  Imagine Texas in the Pac-12.  The Longhorns would have to travel much further to play in Washington state than TCU will have to travel to play UConn.  Check your map.

And the Big East might be the third preference for KU and KSU, but who else will take them?  They are insisting as going as a package to maintain their rivalry.  The Big 10 has already said no to Kansas and wouldn't touch KSU.  The SEC won't take them.  And with Texas, Texas Tech, OU and OSU on the table, the Pac 10 won't do much more than sniff reluctantly.  The only conferences willing to take the Kansas duo will be the Big East and the Mountain West.  And as much as it might seem fashionable to bust on the BE, the BE is the better choice: it's no worse geographically (even though it's not great), the conference is already an AQ, there is much more TV exposure which means a much higher revenue, and it's a better option in non-football sports.  (Can you imagine Kansas basketball in the Big East?).

As a Big East fan (I admit my bias), if we do indeed absorb some Big XII teams, I would prefer the threesome of KU, KSU and Mizzou.  There are some great rivalries there-- the St. Louis market would be a nice pick up-- Louisville could make a nice rival to Mizzou with a shared state border.  But frankly, if the Big East picks up a Texas team, I'd rather grab U of Houston than Baylor.  Houston gives a much bigger TV market.  With TCU and Houston, the two biggest Texas TV markets are open.

But, as much fun as it is to speculate on possibilities-- and we all love to speculate, it is extremely possible that none of this happens.  TAMU leaves the Big XII and no one else moves.  Maybe the Big XII replaces A&M with SMU or Houston-- and that's it...  (It is much more likely the if the Big XII does grab a team that it comes from a non-AQ.  All of the AQ conferences currently have a gentleman's agreement.  Even the SEC won't take A&M without "permission."  It's just easier to take a non-AQ and develop the team.)

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Posted on: September 8, 2011 3:39 pm

Baylor to the Big East?

Right now we can all can speculate as to which team goes where and to what conference but it seems that the linchpin at present is Oklahoma. Since it appears as to some publications that 7 more Big 12 schools have joined Baylor in putting their fingers in the dike of the New Big 12,  it now all depends on what Oklahoma decides in the next few weeks. Go to the Pac 12 and you might as well put on your water wings. Stay in the Big 12 and all is well, although I believe A&M will negotiate a release and eventually land in the SEC. Even if OK stays I still think the Big 12 days are numbered unless there are some drastic changes to the LHN - name, money distribution etc. If not, we will all be back here speculating again and then Texas probably will become an idependent and they can see how that works for them.

We all got excited last year when Larry Scott was getting his frequent flyer miles but cooler heads prevailed. I think the mega conferences look appealing right now but may eventually tarnish the competition we all love between many rivalries. Whatever the decision of Oklahoma's is, let's hope it's the right one for them and all of college sports.

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