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Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

Posted on: September 20, 2011 11:16 pm
Edited on: September 20, 2011 11:17 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

A day after official Board of Regents meetings at Texas and Oklahoma had many believing the Red River rivals would head west, the Pac-12 announced they had other plans regarding membership. The following is the official statement from the Pac-12 regarding conference expansion, in which they state their plans to remain at 12 members.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.-- In light of the widespread speculation about potential scenarios for Conference re-alignment, the Pac-12 Presidents and Chancellors have affirmed their decision to remain a 12-team conference. Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said, “after careful review we have determined that it is in the best interests of our member institutions, student-athletes and fans to remain a 12-team conference. While we have great respect for all of the institutions that have contacted us, and certain expansion proposals were financially attractive, we have a strong conference structure and culture of equality that we are committed to preserve. With new landmark TV agreements and plans to launch our innovative television networks, we are going to focus solely on these great assets, our strong heritage and the bright future in front of us.””

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Since: Aug 26, 2011
Posted on: September 21, 2011 9:13 am

Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

If this stays true, WVU needs to bolt the Big East for the Big12 as does TCU. The Big East with the schools remaining don't deserve their AQ status..... but no other conference left does either. The only school who has won the Big East and hasn't regressed with coaches leaving is WVU. Louisville has had 3 coaches in 5 years, no stability there. USF shows signs of promising but keep blowing it somewhere. Cincy has looked awful since losing their coach to Notre Dame. Our BE champion from last year(who tied for it with WVU and Pitt) has certainly regressed with losing their coach. So what is keeping the Mountaineers there?

Since: Aug 17, 2006
Posted on: September 21, 2011 9:12 am

Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

This is puzzling, they wanted them a year ago,  they do not want them today.  I suspect that means they negotiated and the numbers were not what the PAC 12 wanted to make the move.    Does it come down to the Longhorn netowrk?   Why no take Oklahoma and Ok St and leave Texas?    that would put tham at 14 just like the ACC and probably the SEC?      Interesting.    
;  I bet in 2 years they do expand to 14 or 16.

Since: Sep 30, 2008
Posted on: September 21, 2011 9:10 am

The Big 6???????????

UTs greed is the root cause of this whole mess. The Huskers ended up being the smart ones. Nobody outside of Texas wants anything to do with their network. It'll be interesting to see if the Burned Orange stand by their "man". I'd bet the Mountain west would be all on board with the TLN. Heck--UT might even be able to win that conference--then again.............

Since: Jul 28, 2011
Posted on: September 21, 2011 8:51 am
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Since: Mar 17, 2009
Posted on: September 21, 2011 8:49 am

Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

So this means they will expand next week.You cant believe anything these people say,just about every commissioner has came out and said (We are happy with the 12 teams we have now and are not looking to expand)The next day they add somebody.Its just a cat and mouse game now because nobody wants to tip there hand on what they are going to do because they dont want to get sued by the schools or conference for taking a team away.

Since: Jan 21, 2010
Posted on: September 21, 2011 8:12 am

Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

I'll bet the Pac-12 officials are lying just like the coach who says, "I plan on coaching at X-school for many more years", and then accepts a new job at Y-school.

Since: Oct 13, 2006
Posted on: September 21, 2011 7:47 am

Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

We want them out of the state of TEXAS

We do?  Jcowpoke, who died and left you king?  Seems to me that you are the only one that hates the Aggies.  Even my friends that are teasip fans don't make comments like that.  Frankly, it sounds like jealousy.. the Aggies made a sweet deal with the SEC and Texas can't even leave the Big 12 because the Pac 12 didn't want them.  Learn to loosen your grip on your precious network and maybe the other conferences will pay attention to you.  In the meantime, don't forget to wipe as you swirl round and round in that flushing sound.

TEXAS continues to be the top selling merchandising school in the nation
Now you are a marketing expert?  I would love to see where you got that fact from.  Texas may be a big seller in the state of Texas .. but the nation?  I think more people probably hate them than like them, especially after all of this.  Fans like you don't help their cause much either. I personally want to thank you for making us all look like rednecks.  Thats just the impression I want to have when I travel and tell people where I am from.  Besides, even if it were true, what has that got to do with the subject of Texas being denied entry to the Pac 12? 

well go tell someone who cares and I guess everybody that writes on this page does 
I guess that means you too.  You can't seem to stop.  You spout rants in run on sentences with no regard to what you are saying.  Even the computerized scoring of your post is a measly 19, something to really be proud of.

I for one will miss the rivalries that A&M has built.  Especially the one with the texas longhorns but alas, all good things must come to an end.  Why can't you shake hands and say it was fun while it lasted instead of having hard feelings, and posting your rabid drool?  Even the players shake hands and say "Good Game" when it's over.  But not you.  You are a poor sport.

Since: Oct 2, 2006
Posted on: September 21, 2011 7:45 am

Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

I have a feeling that Texzs IS at fault here. Because of its' Longhorn network. Some of the Pac 12 brass didn't want that interfering with their setup and plans. I may be wrong and I really don't care what happens in the insane BSC(pun intended) world of college football. But I'll bet there are a lot of schools angry at Texas this morning.

Since: Sep 20, 2011
Posted on: September 21, 2011 7:22 am

Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

Don't kid yourself on Ohio State. Pryor showed up for tressel's resignation in a brand new Nissan 379Z convertible. His 8th car in three years with a suspended license. So it is more than selling stuff for walking around money. Remember you can't spell C_CK_ _CKER without OSU.

Since: Oct 12, 2006
Posted on: September 21, 2011 3:54 am

Pac-12 will not expand in conference realignment

Good for them, stop this super confernece nonsense. At the end of the day cfb & cbb have the same programs competing in bowl games for fb & NCAA tournament for bb.

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