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Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

Posted on: October 6, 2011 10:19 am
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

According to a report from the Birmingham News, Missouri may not have the support needed to join the SEC after all.

The News's Jon Solomon reported Thursday morning that the "majority" of conference presidents and ADs would support the Tigers' application to become the league's 14th team, but that that majority "falls just short of the nine votes required" to give Missouri final approval.

According to Solomon's sources, those opposed to Missouri's membership have two points of contention. The first is that the SEC can simply "do better" than the Tigers. The other is that adding a team to the SEC West rather than East would disrupt the league's scheduling and rivalries.

The debate has reportedly led to a split between Auburn and Alabama, with the Crimson Tide opposed to Missouri's application and their in-state rivals in favor. Adding Missouri would almost certainly shift Auburn to the East division, restoring the Tigers' traditional annual rivalries with Tennessee and Florida, but potentially scuttling the Tide's yearly "Third Saturday in October" grudge match with the Volunteers. (With only one annual "cross-division" game on the schedule, Alabama couldn't play both Tennessee and Auburn with both in the East, at least not without a nine-game conference schedule.)

As noted by Solomon, Missouri's application won't be helped by an anonymous official telling the Associated Press Wednesday that the SEC would be the Tigers' second choice after the Big Ten. The public admission that Missouri might look elsewhere if the Big Ten asked them to surely won't sit well with a league that -- surely -- can find other partners that would be 100 percent committed.

So a move that looked like all but certain when the Mizzou Board of Curators voted to explore their options Tuesday now has another clear, visible hurdle in front of it. (At minimum, the SEC's plans for a 13-team 2012 season look that much closer to being set in stone.) The guess here remains that in the end, the allure of Missouri's Kansas City/St. Louis television markets will be too much for Mike Slive and the SEC to ignore (especially with the league angling for a new TV contract), and that the SEC's stability and overflowing coffers will be too much for even the Big Ten-focused Missouri officials to turn down.

But at the very least, Mizzou-to-the-SEC appears to be a deal that isn't done just yet.

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Since: Jul 15, 2011
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:37 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

Sorry, I was talking to kj.  Are you suggesting that Mizzou would merely "use" the SEC until the B1G came along and then bolt?

Since: Dec 18, 2006
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:36 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

If it's about money, the Louisville basketball program makes more money than the Missouri football program. Look it up and you see the facts..... I live in Kansas City. Sorry folks. KC is a KU town, then Kstate town, then a MU town. So your not controling any market there. Why does the SEC want to have St. Louis market? If they ever wanted a player from that area, they would get him. They don't want any or need any...... When has MU been to a BCS game? Won a conference title? Never. Louisville has. and please don't disrepect your knowledge by saying MU's basketball program is even NEAR the level as Louisville's. That just makes you look stupid. Louisville's basketball athletic budget and program is FAR superior to MU's. Not a knock against MU, but they are not in the same league. That's a fact. Not a homeristic view. Look it up..... I think part of the MU point of view problem is you think your program has been a great program for years. It's never even been great. It's good program now. But look back 5-7 years ago, you were a laughing stock. So please don't act like MU football is such a superior program. It's not and never will be.

Since: Sep 7, 2011
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:35 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

Figures that MU would open her mouth and shove her foot in it before the dance. Sorry honey we're looking for another girl, , best regards , THE SEC

Since: Sep 28, 2008
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:35 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

I meant new teams you screwtards!

Since: Jul 15, 2011
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:31 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

What you're saying, Sir, is that Missouri can't be trusted?

Since: Jun 22, 2009
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:28 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

Like the Mizzou official, I would prefer the Big 10 over the SEC.  Yet, Mizzou needs to solidify its place in one of the soon-to-be four power conferences before the music stops in this game of musical chairs.  While the Big 12 currently looks attractive, the only reason that OU and OSU are still here is because they were rebuffed by the PAC-12 (? or, whatever the number currently is).  If that invitation eventually came around, they might very well be gone and the Big 12 would again be less than secure.  So, while the Big 10 may be a better fit for Mizzou, the SEC is still a very good option.  It blows my mind that this "official" would speak his mind in that way, even in anonymity, as Mizzou was about to approach the SEC.  He/she must be the lone person at Mizzou not enthusiastic about the SEC, and is perhaps ruining this for Mizzou, if indeed the SEC vote was "close" and a school or two didn't appreciate hearing that.  Idiot.

Since: Sep 4, 2006
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:26 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

This has nothing to do with the SEC being able to do better because they simply can't. If they could, they already would have. This has everything to do with the fact that the SEC doesn't want to be raided by the Big Ten if they choose to expand because Mizzou would jump in a heard beat and everybody knows it once and for all proving who the king is.

Since: Jul 15, 2011
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:21 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

Gotta admit that the Jayhawks, Wildcats, and Cyclones kept their dignity while the Missouri Tigers just lost theirs to some "Southern Gentlemen."

Since: Oct 6, 2011
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:12 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

How does that make any sense when Alabama and Auburn are both from the State of Alabama???

Since: Sep 20, 2006
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:08 pm

Report: Not enough SEC votes to add Missouri yet

Could this be because it was leaked out that the SEC was their 2nd choice????They should stay in the Big 12 with TCU..and Boise State if the Big 12 has a brain in their skulls.

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