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Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

Posted on: October 14, 2011 1:19 pm
Edited on: October 14, 2011 1:20 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

When the Big 12 was looking for a school to replace Texas A&M, the one school that was mentioned frequently was BYU. It made some sense in the fact that since BYU was already an independent in football, it might not have to make a lot of changes to bring its football program to the Big 12. Of course, TCU was then named the newest member of the Big 12, and now you're not hearing all that much about BYU as much as you do schools like West Virginia and Louisville should the Big 12 add more teams.

Why is that? Well, according to a report in the Salt Lake Tribune, the Big 12's television partners put the kibosh on BYU.
Although BYU’s flirtation with the Big 12 may yet be renewed at some point beyond next year, The Salt Lake Tribune has confirmed what the Tulsa World first reported on Oct. 7: Big 12 talks with BYU hit a snag last week and the league, at the behest of its television partners, quickly moved to invite TCU.

“There is some rigidity at BYU in terms of what they will and won’t do,” Tulsa World columnist Dave Sittler wrote, quoting a Big 12 source. “Some of it has to do with [LDS Church] rules, and also the way they engage with media partners.”
It seems both ABC/ESPN and Fox Sports also had problems with BYU's policy of not playing sports on Sundays. Not for football as much as any other sports the networks might want to televise.

In addition the report also says that BYU wanted assurances that an unspecified minimum of the school's games would be televised nationally, and it also wanted the ability to show BYU games that weren't picked up by Fox or ESPN on BYUtv.

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 1:46 am

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

The reason BYU has invested in this broadcast technology is to manage the replay angles that the officials can review. Just ask San Diego State on how the replays go when BYU needs a break. Having their own TV truck is a way to cheat!

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 12:27 am

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU


That was a very long article to say that Deloss Dodds did not want BYU.  Being an independent and existing in the Bevo League is a paradox.  For Dodds to backtrack and kiss up to TCU meant something he did not like at all was happening with BYU.

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Posted on: October 14, 2011 10:53 pm

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

@Bobhenstra: I don't necessarily disagree with anything you just stated, but I feel you're looking at it a bit one-sided. Yeah, BYU pulls in a lot of money on its own and isn't committed to share it with anybody. But BYU misses out on some things when going the independent route. First of all, the biggest issue is not being a member of an AQ BCS league, and don't forget BCS bowl games have large payouts attached. Not to mention being in a top-tier bowl gets you LOTS of exposure. Plus being a member of a conference like the Big12 would allow BYU to pull in money from stadiums that are much larger than BYU's 64K, like Texas's 102K and OU's 82K. A 50% share of ticket sales in Austin or Norman could beat a 100% share of a game in Provo that doesn't sell out. And with no conference to facilitate scheduling BYU may find it necessary to actually PAY FCS schools or less competitive FBS schools to play games to fill the schedule, whereas for members of a conference scheduling is much more straight forward. And yes, BYUtv is available in lots of homes, but that doesn't necessarily equate to exposure. I just learned this week that BYUtv is even available in my area and is part of my included programming. So far I've seen a couple geneology shows, what looked like a mormon version of Sesame Street, and some reruns of old TV drama series in this week's lineup. I won't be tuning in anytime soon. I'm sure veiwership is much higher among mormons, but mormons are probably pretty likely to go to BYU anway, like Catholics are for Notre Dame. The exposure benefits have the biggest positive value when it helps you reach people who otherwise would not pay any attention to your school. BYU may ONLY WANT mormon
s as suggested by their honor code, but that makes exposure much less impactful on recruiting. On the other hand I'll concede that exposure in terms of your fanbase can be important; It's really hard to be a diehard fan if you can't follow your team on TV. And fans and alumni need to be counted on for donations. Only BYU can decide what benefits make conference membership worth the concessions they make to become a member, but it's quite a bit more complicated than your argument makes it seem. I think BYU DOES have a unique ability to remain independent, but so does Notre Dame and they've been paying the price for their current circumstances. Notre Dame has also been discussing lowering academic standards in order to improve recruiting, something BYU seems unwilling to do. If BYU is steadfast about it's standards, it may need to make concessions elsewhere or risk periods of irrelevance like we currently find Notre Dame in (Not to mention BYU does NOT hold the level of prestige that Notre Dame does-Steve Young is no match for the lore of Newt Rockney, the Gipper, and the Four Horsemen. I'm a Texas fan and I'm not pulling for Texas to go independent. I think it's possible, but not the best option.

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Posted on: October 14, 2011 9:16 pm

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

I think the independent thing seems to be working for BYU.  Personally, I think the concern that fans can see the games is valid and it drives me nuts when my school is not on TV.  Most schools just worry about the money. 

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Posted on: October 14, 2011 8:07 pm

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

Note that FOX is using BYU's HD truck and capabilities to broadcast the BYU v. Oregon State football game in Corvallis TOMORROW! There is no other school out there with this kind of operation. They are also allowing BYU to rebroadcast the game on BYUTV and 

Like the service acamedies, BYU has a tremendous number of alumni overseas. BYUTV allows BYU to broadcast its sports to its fans ALL OVER THE WORLD...not just those in Utah and the West Coast (although the ESPN partnership and BYUTV is a gazillion times better than the Mtn. deal).

As for was mentioned in an earlier post, BYU does not compete against Florida, Texas, or USC most of the time. They are seeking football players that desire to live by their honor code and want the faith-based experience...not athletes who can perhaps tolerate the honor code. (except for a few years after Lavell Edwards retired, before Bronco Mendenhall took over the team). 

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Posted on: October 14, 2011 7:09 pm

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

Bigdaddy, and whitehead.  You both are making comments about recruiting like BYU is not a mormon school. 

Have you seen their student code?  Nobody would ever consider going there if they were a thug athlete.  That is why they go to Georgia, so they can rob, steal, drink and have sex.  YOU CANNOT DO THAT AT BYU.  No premarital sex, no drinking, no smoking, plus tons of other rules(See BYU star forward kicked off team for having sex when they were final four contenders last year).

Now im not knocking BYU.  They are a mormon school.  But, they recruit people that WANT TO GO to BYU and are usually of mormon faith.  So you guys saying this will affect their recruiting are just plain stupid. 

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Posted on: October 14, 2011 7:04 pm

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

Actually BYU is the big loser here because their football program is a sham, and will never get any better.  They are an Independent, with a lousy bowl tie in, unless they get a BCS Bowl.  That will never happen.  They will never be able to recruit the top players if these players know that the best they can hope for is the Armed Forces Bowl.  This also kills their other programs because they are now stuck in a terrible "who cares" conference.  BYU has always been a greedy school.  They just destroyed their Football program.  They are NOT Notre Dame, and never will be.  No "sweatheart" deal for BYU. 

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Posted on: October 14, 2011 6:59 pm

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

Sorry BYU.  Only Texas gets the rights to show games on their channel.  They are the bully on the block and dont need another kid in the neighborhood with their own cool TV channel.

I mean if they weren't the only kid with the TV channel, no one would come over and play with them ....

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Posted on: October 14, 2011 6:50 pm

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

I think it's more like BYU didn't want the Big 12 and it's TV partners.  BYU will make more per game with it's own ESPN contract, it's own broadcast and rebroadcast rights than the Big 12 can pay them.  BYUtv is in one hundred million homes internationally.  When Basketball starts there'll be no contest when competing with BYUtv on a national (60 million homes and growing) and international basis (40 million homes and growing), plus on the internet reaching the whole world.

The Big 12 and it's tv partners are the losers here!  Every home game against a Big 12 opponate, no matter the sport, would have been broadcast world wide, hows that for exposure?  Income from just BYUtv will exceed $20 million dollars this sports season, and that's not counting ticket sales in a 64,000 seat stadium and a 23,000 seat BB arena, concessions, donations-- Other than visiting team guarantees--- none of which has to be shared with any other school!

BYU, like Notre Dame, can operate from a position of strength, only Texas in the Big 12, USC in the PAC 12, has that potential! 

Who's losing out here???



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Posted on: October 14, 2011 6:13 pm

Big 12 TV partners didn't want BYU

I can't help but feel the 'no play on Sunday' element of this is all a bit of static to console BYU fans and push some of the blame away from TV issues. If the Sunday play was ever an issue then BYU would never have been a candidate. 
The real issue is that BYU had any demands at all. As a non AQ team, they should have done like TCU and Utah and concede partial membership for four years and just take what is given. With all of the networks involved and with all of the media options for the future the visiblitiy would have been there. This appears to be an issue with Pride.
If the future brings super-conferences and/or 3 teams per BCS conference allowed in the BCS games I foresee a greater divide between AQ and non AQ and BYU fans will look back to this day with remorse.

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