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QUICK HITS: Oklahoma 47 Kansas 17

Posted on: October 16, 2011 1:12 am
Edited on: October 16, 2011 1:13 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

OKLAHOMA WON. Though the Sooners didn't have as easy a time as it might look if you're just looking at the final score. For the first thirty minutes of this contest Oklahoma looked like a team that thought it would just be able to show up in Lawrence on Saturday night and beat Kansas. Which is why the Sooners only had a 27-17 lead at the break.

Oklahoma would pull away in the fourth quarter, as Ryan Broyles finished the night with 13 catches for 215 yards and two touchdowns. Broyles also became the NCAA's all-time leader in receptions when he scored on a 57-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

WHY OKLAHOMA WON. The talent gap between these two teams is just so large that barring numerous mistakes by the Sooners, Kansas just didn't have much of a chance. Yes, the Sooners slept through the first half, but even then they had a 10-point lead. After they were no doubt laid into by the coaching staff during halftime, the Oklahoma defense came out and smothered the Jayhawks offense, allowing only one Kansas first down in the final 30 minutes.

WHEN OKLAHOMA WON. Even after the Oklahoma defense came out in the second half and stopped the Kansas offense cold, the Sooners had trouble taking full advantage. A couple of long drives stalled in the red zone, and Oklahoma had only a 33-17 lead with 14:18 left. Then four minutes later Landry Jones hit Ryan Broyles for their second touchdown connection of the game to make it 40-17, whatever chance Kansas may have had was gone.

WHAT OKLAHOMA WON. I'm not sure it won much of anything, to be honest. Yes, it won the game, but it didn't look nearly as impressive as it should have. Especially if you compare the Sooners performance to the one Oklahoma State had against Kansas last week. I don't think anybody who actually watched this game could justify putting Oklahoma ahead of either LSU or Alabama in the polls on Sunday, and with the BCS rankings coming out tomorrow, the Sooners won't be any higher than third.

WHAT KANSAS LOST. Nothing. I think this is one of those cases where Kansas actually earned some respect in defeat. Sure, the offense did nothing in the second half, but even though it gave up 47 points, this was a much better performance by the Jayhawks defense than any of us have seen this year. Oklahoma had four drives reach the red zone that resulted in field goals after the Kansas defense tightened up, and the Jayhawks also forced 3 turnovers.

THAT WAS CRAZY. Nothing truly insane happened in this game, but the fact that the score was tied 10-10 nearly halfway throught he second quarter probably caught plenty of people by surprise.

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Posted on: October 18, 2011 1:20 am

QUICK HITS: Oklahoma 47 Kansas 17

I totally agree with the article that the Sooners, in spite of themselves, came out sleepwalking in the first half.  However, that said, although not totally insane, the OU running back dropped a sure touchdown inside the ten yard line w/o a KS player near him.  The tight end tripped over either his own feet or the tape decorating the end zone while wide open as the pass went by and, after at least a two minute delay, the call on the field that Ryan Broyles was down on the one yard line as, comming down on the ground, he stretched out trying to put the ball over the goal and he ball was knocked out of his hand by the ground and  went out of the the endzone awarding KS  a touchback. Not insane but rather uncharacteristic and certainly supporting the contention that OU felt it could win by just showing up.  OU gained a win and kept on its path toward a B-12 showdown at Bedlam...but also further perpetuated the bad habit of not playing well after a big win.  This game was most likely the last "gimme" and another game like this might derail their BCS championship hopes. OBTW...much was  made of how badly OSU beat KS the week before AT OSU but the pokes had a similar experience playing TX,  AT  TX...seems that home field also makes a difference.

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