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Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

Posted on: October 26, 2011 12:06 pm
Edited on: October 26, 2011 3:17 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

On Tuesday's Brett McMurphy reported that the Big 12 had invited West Virginia to join the conference in the event that Missouri left for the SEC, and that West Virginia had accepted the invitation. A report that was confirmed by multiple outlets throughout the day.

Well, this is the world of conference realigment, and in the world of conference realignment things happen and then don't happen before happening again or not. Then you wake up in an alley somewhere with no recollection of how you got there or why you're suddenly missing a kidney.

So of course there was a report on Wednesday from the West Virginia Metro News saying that the done deal may not be a done deal after all, and that Louisvillecould be replacing Missouri in the Big 12.
As of late yesterday afternoon, WVU had received a verbal invitation to the Big 12 and had accepted. Plans were in the works for a news conference Wednesday to make the announcement.

But sources say the process hit a “bump in the road” last night.  WVU was apparently notified by the Big 12 that it needed “more information” from WVU and that there would be a vote by the Big 12 Board, perhaps on Monday.

There is speculation that the “bump” was a push by Louisville.
So what's the problem? Well, it's not so much that Louisville made some kind of last minute presentation to the Big 12 or anything as much as it's the fact that the schools aren't all in agreement that West Virginia is the better choice, as Brett McMurphy documented on Wednesday.

You may remember that on Monday, while one Big 12 administrator was talking about how much better West Virginia would be for the Big 12 than Missouri, another conference administrator was of the belief that Louisville was the better choice.

I know, the fact that the members of the Big 12 don't all agree on something shocks me too.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 12:18 pm

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

Does anyone else think it is absurdly hilarious that two WV senators call out as "unethical" a KY senator for (allegedly) making a private phone call to an old colleague to put a plug in for a school in his state, when the same WV senators are publicly ratcheting up the pressure to add their school instead, even trying to coerce he Big 12 with threats of a senate hearing?!? We have entered into the realm of the surreal. Tongue out

P.S. I agree. Add them both, then add a twelfth member. Just do it quickly and take us all out of our misery!

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 12:15 pm

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

and lousier football.  big 12 needs byu, houston and smu.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 11:54 am

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

Why not just pick up WVU and Louisville and maybe BYU or somebody else and then it will actually be the Big XII again???????

Agree 100%... Add WVU, Louisville and Cincinnati... nice geographical mix there and rivalries already from the Big East... you could certainly go with western teams like BYU or Boise for football only if you wanted to go that route but I think the eastern teams bring bigger markets and better recruiting bases.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 11:47 am

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

Regarding Virginia Tech not playing West Virginia in football since moving to the ACC in 2004.  This was never Frank Beamer's decision not to play WVU anytime soon.  The decision came from the VT Athletic Director's office and the President's office after an outpouring of VT fans complained about the very poor visitor security conditions at Mountaineer field over an extended number of years. In the ACC, the visiting fan treatment from the home conference teams are much more inviting and admirable then playing WVU at Mountaineer Field.  Granted, All schools have some problems with out-of-line fans.  However, as a rule and perception the poor conditions of mistreating visiting fans at WVU games, is the worst of any BCS school on the East Coast area or maybe in the country. I don't know if this a cultural thing for WVU fans to perform like this or not, but it is a reputation that WVU needs to clean up  There are many nice people that support WVU football and hats off to them.  But time and time again, visiting team Mothers and Dads and their children, are bullied by out-of-line WVU fans.  This is why your fine AD, Oliver Luck and your football coach is trying to correct, and fill your stadium for evey game, be civilized and total support for your team, rather than use the energy to bash your visitors.   

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 11:45 am

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

Why not just pick up WVU and Louisville and maybe BYU or somebody else and then it will actually be the Big XII again???????

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 11:11 am

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

So the Big XII changed their minds?  Or was it that changed it for them?  This is getting ridiculous!

Missouri - see what you started?  Colorado and Nebraska bailed when they had the chance.  A&M is out the door as well.  And where's Missouri?  Still stuck in the burnt orange quagmire that is the Big XII.

Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State are going to be the ones paying for Missouri's infidelity.  Where are they going to end up?  Conference USA?  Pathetic and sad.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 10:46 am

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

"the toughest kid in the room (TEXAS)...needs a new bully to enter the block (Notre Dame)."

While I agree, Texas is the ring-leader of the Big 12, Texas already has 2 bullies beating them up now in OU and OKST.  In the Big 12, I see ND as a middle of the road team.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 10:44 am

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

 I guess having Alabama or Auburn as a Pimp is better?
If you wish to display frustration and suggest they are pimping, fine; at least they share equally among everyone.   It is free to leave the SEC, no delay required, why is that? 

Texas is who they are, the #1 money making school and they wish to keep it that way. They cannot do that in PAC 12 or SEC or BIG.  They will continue to poach off the backs of other good schools to which to me borderlines illegal.  Kansas, KSU, ISU, TCU, TECH & OSU are some great schools and serves better.  IO wishj the academic crap would go awat and someone just stand up to OU ? Texas.  If I were other schools I would threated to form another conference leaving Texas & OU add SMU & Houston.  That will put them on their needs. 

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 10:33 am

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

It might or might not strengthen the Big XII but it doesn't matter because the Big XII is done. Dan Beebe was a sleep at the wheel when he should have been securing the future of the Big XII. It is a done deal that in the next few years there will be four super conferences; ACC, BIG, SEC and Pac. These Conferences will play for the National Champion. The other Conferences will go to Bowl games but will not have a chance to be the National Champ. The Big XII had an equal chance but Dan Beebe did not make any attempt to keep the Big XII relavant. 

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 9:53 am

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

Not so fast on West Virginia to the Big 12

Wow, now the BIG12 can't decide on a network?  They can't decide on who to invite?  Louisville or West Virginia??   This conference is going to blow up everybody...TCU is about to play in its 5th conference in the last 15 years :) 

I thought that Beebe was the reason for the BIG12's instability????   

Its always been Texas....always will.... and when the LONGHORN NETWORK fails...which it will..... Texas will look to move to the PAC12 for more money, leaving with OU, OkState, and Texas Tech.    These other schools are going to be left standing in the wind.

Texas looked at leaving in 2009, 2010, and 2011.....won't stop them in the near future!    When SEC and ACC get to 16 teams...which they will....BIG12 will get poached again by PAC12 and BIG10. 


Notre Dame is the only chance at offering stability to this league

We know they'll NEVER join the BIG10....too much hatred towards Michigan blackballing them 40 years ago.   Notre Dame has too much pride as a University...the BIG12 has the best chance at landing them as a conference member.    Get the Irish...end all of this Texas talk....the toughest kid in the room (TEXAS)...needs a new bully to enter the block (Notre Dame).

M-I-Z......   S-E-C

You are so out to lunch! Notre Lame will never join the Big 12 unless it's in all sports except football. College football really is pathetic. The sport is crumbling before our very eyes. The SEC doesn't care as long as they continue to have a team playing in the  National Championship. Texas IS the Big 12's main problme. They will never be settled unitl Texas gives us their lust for money. Right now OK is trying to do the same thing. My prediction is that eventually Texas and OK will leave the Big 12--THEN it will stabilize.

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