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Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

Posted on: October 31, 2011 11:40 am
Edited on: October 31, 2011 10:46 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

UPDATE: The Pac-12 announced an official reprimand, and $10,000 fine for Lane Kiffin in response to his comments. 

“The Pac-12 has specific rules that prohibit our coaches from making public comments about officiating, and this prohibition specifically includes comments that create doubts about the credibility of the Conference’s officiating program,” stated Scott. “The Conference expects each Pac-12 coach to adhere to our standards of conduct and to conduct himself or herself in a manner which will reflect credit on the institution and the Conference.”

's 56-48 loss in triple-overtime against Stanford on Saturday night might just be the best loss in the school's recent history. The sense I've gotten from USC fans since is that even though the Trojans lost, they're incredibly happy with the way the team played and more optimistic about the program than they have been in years.

Lane Kiffin, on the other hand, isn't nearly as pleased about the game. While I'm sure he's proud of his team for being the first squad to even take a lead against Stanford this season, let alone force overtime, he's still a bit perturbed with the officiating on Saturday night. In fact, on Sunday Kiffin said that he had already contacted Pac-12 Conference officials and called one unidentified person from the locker room after the game and told him that he had been "lied to" by the officials.

According to Kiffin, side judge Brad Glenn told him that USC would be granted a timeout if replays showed that Robert Woods' knee had come down with a second remaining on the clock, giving USC a chance to kick a 50-yard field goal. Instead referee Michael Batian announced that time had expired after looking at replays.

“The ruling on the field was that we were going to overtime,” Batlan said after the game. “Any coach can ask for a timeout, but he doesn’t get one until an official grants or signifies it. I was not a part of any conversation or meeting with regards to a requested timeout.”

Personally, if I were Kiffin and I had a timeout left, I'd be more upset with Woods for not just going down with plenty of time left to call that timeout instead of making a mad dash for the sideline.

Of course, that wasn't Kiffin's only beef with the officiating on Saturday night. He also brought up a call in the second overtime. Facing a second-and-5 there was a holding call against Stanford that took place at the line of scrimmage. Though for some reason the officials marked the 10 yards off from where Tyler Gaffney's 8-yard run ended rather than from where the penalty took place. So instead of having a second-and-15 at the 30-yard line, Stanford had a second-and-7 at the 22.

The Cardinal scored three plays later to tie the game up and force the third, decisive overtime.

That call I didn't understand either.
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Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

Yes, the  3 OT thriller was a defining moment for Andrew Luck and  Stanford, but what I learned from watching that game was Lane Kiffin is still the whiny little punk he has always been. Stop crying about the refs, and tell your Daddy to tighten up that Tampa Cover 2 defense a bit.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 2:33 pm

Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

Terrible officiating the whole game by these officials.  Missed calls aplenty.  Sure seemed like the refs had an agenda to make sure Stanford won though.  I like what Musburger said at the end of the game. So Stanford wins by eight and covers the seven point spread. USC had nothing to play for really while Stanford climbing that BCS ladder. 

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 2:30 pm

Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

If Kiffin's words carried any weight, this would perhaps merit an investigation. Fortunately for all of us, he is so insignificant that his words mean about as much as those spewing from the lips of Nancy Pelosi these days. Shut up Lame and see who will be the next fool to hire you.

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Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

Whining is a USC minor...

He's griping about not getting a timeout in the half second after a player's knee is down?? c'mon.  He's also whining about a placement after a holding call; isn't holding a spot foul?  Maybe he should hit the book.. Oh yeah, it's SC.. 

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Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

The third overtime should never have happened.  USC hung with Stanford all game but neither could stop the other.  USC should have went for a two point conversion after the first overtime.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 2:10 pm

Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

Lame Kitten. 'Nuff said.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 2:03 pm

Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

I don't think the issue is whether Kiffin was correct or not, I believe it is more of an issue of how he is handling it afterwards. Kiffin is certainly not the first coach in the history of sports that got "wronged" by an official. However, as the saying goes, character is revealed based on how a person reacts to getting "wronged." I agree, Kiffin should have been granted the timeout as he clearly saw what was happening and the fact the receivers knee was down with 1 second remaining on the clock in Stanford territory and certainly a field goal attempt of 50 yards would have been possible to win the game, no doubt, I get it. However, if Kiffin would have handled this with a little maturity and contact Pac 12 officials without involving the media and act like he just got his lollipop stolen from his lunch pail, he might have even gotten an apology from the Pac 12. However, with this public display of cry baby, it forces the Pac 12 to take a stand and defend their ref's as they will now never admit that Kiffin should have been granted the time out. It does appear that the ref's were playing a little bit of favoritism, however, nobody is ever going to admit anything now that Kiffin is crying through the media with his complaints rather than handling it like an adult. However, based on how Kiffin has handled things in his past, this should not surprise anyone. I am not a USC fan, but, I would like to see Kiffin learn from these types of reactions and hoepfully when presented with an adverse situation in the future, he handles it with a little more maturity.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 1:53 pm

Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

I have no dog in this hunt, so I have no bias about who got screwed or didn't get screwed.  But I will say this about calling timeouts with officials.  Before the ball is snapped on a play, if a coach knows he will want a timeout as soon as the next play is dead, he (or even a player on the field) can grab a ref and tell them "we want a TO as soon as the play is dead" and almost universally the ref will agree to the request and call the TO immediately.  This allows the coach to save the several seconds it usually takes to get a ref to acknowledge a request for a TO after a play ends.  If Kiffin is saying this is what he did, a ref agreed, and then didn't live up to his agreement, that's pretty low life on the part of the ref.  With that said, there's not jack that can be done about it after the fact, so why bother bringing it up to the media?  Stop Stanford from driving the length of the field on that last regulation TD, Lane, and you don't have to worry about any supposed bad calls or lying refs.

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Posted on: October 31, 2011 1:52 pm

Lane Kiffin still upset with officials

I hate how these OT'S run up the score and pat player's stats. the only score that should count in OT, are the points earned in the deciding OT. For instance this final score here should of been Stanford 42, USC 34 in OT.

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