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Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

Posted on: November 1, 2011 1:51 pm
Edited on: November 1, 2011 1:55 pm
Posted by Chip Patterson

On Tuesday, the Big East held their annual meeting of the school Presidents in Philadelphia. As expected, commissioner John Marinatto used the gathering as an opportunity to get the official votes from league members regarding the specific plan for conference expansion. After the meeting, Marinatto provided a veiled update on the league's plan and timetable regarding expansion and the exit process for West Virginia.

“Our Presidents voted unanimously to extend invitations to specific institutions, including both football-only and all-sport members to join the Big East Conference," Marinatto explained in his official statement.  "I will be speaking to representatives of those schools shortly and look forward to announcing with them their acceptance into the Big East. The addition of these members will extend our reach, bring us to exciting new markets, strengthen our status within the BCS, and lay the foundation for possible further expansion, all while maintaining the high quality and standards our Conference is known for.

“In light of the lawsuit filed by West Virginia yesterday, the Presidents also discussed and confirmed our continuing commitment to enforce the Conference’s 27-month notification period for schools choosing to leave. The Conference believes these claims to be wholly without merit and will explore all its legal options to protect its interests and to ensure that West Virginia lives up to its obligations.”

There are not too many surprises in this update, including the clarification that both football-only and all-sports invitations will be extended. Navy, Air Force, and Boise State are expected to be among the football-only invitations, while Conference USA schools UCF, Houston, and SMU have been awaiting official invitations to join in all sports since the 12-team football expansion plans began taking shape.

The real development in the statement is the league's plan to hold West Virginia to the 27-month withdrawal period.'s Brett McMurphy detailed West Virginia's lawsuit against the Big East hoping for an exit in time to compete in the Big 12 for the 2012-2013 academic year. In the Big 12's teleconference, West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck explained that "our team is working with their team" to make it happen. Marinatto's statement on Tuesday suggests that this may be a more difficult process than the Mountaineers originally imagined.

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Since: Aug 10, 2010
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:59 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

Er, Pac-12, that is.

Since: Aug 10, 2010
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:59 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

Can't wait to see the Big East team that leaves for the Pac-10.

Since: Aug 9, 2010
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:51 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

I don't believe the reported 21m that Boise Statecould lose will put them in a position to approve a move to a marginal conference, which after 2013 will lose their AQ with or without Boise St.  Not to mention finding a home for their other sports.  (WAC and Big Sky have said no to anyone who doesn't include football).  

Reported by ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski:
If . . .  "Boise played in a BCS bowl game this season. According to MWC bylaws, it would forfeit its 2011 conference-related distribution revenue and would pay either a $5 million exit fee or double the forfeited revenue -- whichever is higher.
That means Boise wouldn't collect on its share of the MWC revenue (ballpark, $7 million) and would have to pay double the distribution money ($14 million) since it's a higher figure than the $5 million standard exit fee.
In other words, Boise would stand to lose a total of $21 million."  

UCF has always wanted in and the market that it provides.  
I personally don't think they should join but, Houston and SMU may see this as simply two years to move their program's exposure forward, believing that they can always move depending on how the college football landscape changes.  I don't believe they privately see this as a long term commitment.
Air Force and Navy; It's hard to imagine how this benefits Air Force.  Travel costs aren't really an issue since it's on the tax payer's dime.  But the wear on the athletes is another thing.  USAF has created better regional rivalries and consistently has played a stronger schedule than the other academies.  Navy without Army doesn't make sense.  It has happen before but it was awkward then to.

What's Next?

Replies back to the Marinatto might take longer than he would like.  Once 'Cuse and Pitt, join WVU in telling the Big East to pound sand and/or BSU (and a couple others) turns the BE down, they will reach out to; Temple and East Carolina.  
Temple belongs, and should be playing Big East basketball.  
East Carolina has been begging the BE for a spot and it's hard to imagine them not accepting.  
If another team is needed, Memphis has internal BE support, in spite of their football team.  

And finally, let's not forget that Louisville, UConn and Rutgers still want out.  It depends on the ACC.  If ACC invitations were to be rumored before the invited teams give their answer, you'd have to think that USF and Cincinnati would be better off rejoining Conference USA.  Just sayin'.        


Since: Sep 2, 2009
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:44 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations


Obviously you don't understand that Mizzou can't leave till Big 12 is

Guaranteed 10 Teams. Anything less and ESPN can void TV Contract.

So the are waiting till West Virginia is confirmed coming. Make Sense


Since: Apr 25, 2008
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:34 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

It's time for the Big XII to add Louisville and Cincinnati to get back to XII.  Will someone please tell Mizzou that everyone has moved on and are not paying attention to them any longer.  Just announce your move and be gone!!!!

Since: Sep 19, 2008
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:27 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

If I recall the only thing BC, VT, and Miami had to do was play a couple of Big East schools and pay some money when they left.  PITT, SYRACUSE, and WVU should just leave.   What is the worst thing that could happen, schedule UConn or Rutgers.

Since: Nov 1, 2011
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:18 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

They should change the name of the conference to the Big Joke.

UCF has not accomplished anything worthwhile - no wins over ranked opponents, only 4 wins over BCS teams in their entire 30+ year history. Their basketball is even worse, they can't even compete in CUSA, now they want to compete with some of the best bball teams in the country? 

Does anyone remember what Houston was like before Casey Keenum?  That's the only thing standing between Houston and irrelevance.  SMU hasn't been relevant since the 80s, when they cheated their way into the spotlight.  These teams are already afterthoughts in Texas, and will be even more so. Nobody in Texas cares about the Big East. Nobody.

Air Force and Navy are limited by the nature of their institutions.  They simply cannot recruit the same way that other schools can. 

Boise State - do we even really need to go here.  Nothing screams Big East like WESTERN IDAHO.  Boise State has built its reputation on beating up on pathetic WAC and Mountain West teams, and occasionally beating a BCS team.  They are the most "successful" out of the group, but what happens once Kellen Moore leaves, they start playing tougher competition, and become just another average team?  Can you say buyer's remorse?  There's a reason why the Big 12 never seriously considered these guys.

Since: Aug 21, 2007
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:17 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

I agree that the BE should have fired the BE Commissioner 9-10 months ago. I hope half those teams invited turns him down.

Since: Apr 5, 2011
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:13 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

Air Force, Boise State, SMU, and Houston in the Big EAST???  Makes no sense geographicly.

Since: Aug 27, 2010
Posted on: November 1, 2011 2:07 pm

Big East Presidents approve, extend invitations

This fat lard and Trangese destroyed the Big East. Navy, AF, Boise? Please. This is a desperate move to say the least. PITT & Cuse should join the lawsuit with WVU because this guy was so incompetant to let the Conference go belly up.

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