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Keys to the Game: Michigan at Iowa

Posted on: November 1, 2011 4:07 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

MICHIGAN WILL WIN IF: It takes away the deep pass. The most efficient passer in the Big Ten, obviously, is Wisconsin's Russell Wilson; Wilson actually leads the nation with a ridiculous 196.95 rating. Second? That would be Iowa's James Vandenberg. Seriously. Vandenberg's got 17 touchdown passes and only four picks on the year, and his efficiency numbers are buoyed by 10 of those touchdowns coming from over 20 yards out. Last week, Minnesota bottled up the Iowa passing offense and taking away those deep passes (often at great expense to the rushing defense, which ceded over 250 yards to Marcus Coker), but at the end of the day Iowa only had 21 points and a loss to show for its efforts.

IOWA WILL WIN IF: It leaves the bad defense on the road. Iowa has historically been known for a stout defense, especially under DC Norm Parker since he and Kirk Ferentz arrived in Iowa City in 1999. This year, though, Iowa has struggled mightily -- especially in road games. Away from Kinnick, Iowa is 0-3, with losses to Iowa State, Penn State, and Minnesota -- and the defense has faltered late in all three games. Moreover, none of those three teams have a quarterback who even approximates the skill that Denard Robinson brings to the table, and Iowa's going to have a nightmare of a time forcing Robinson out of his comfort zone, which is "breaking long runs and incinerating all who oppose him." Certainly, Iowa doesn't have the defensive athleticism to keep up with Robinson. It must, however, bring the defensive scheming and intensity to at least limit Robinson's damage. 

X-FACTOR: The Kinnick Stadium crowd. The Hawkeye corner of the Internet is a dark and lonely place right now after Iowa left Floyd of Rosedale in Minneapolis for the second year in a row. If that lack of enthusiasm bleeds through to gameday and Robinson finds a muted crowd to greet him -- or shuts the fans up himself with an early long touchdown or two -- the likelihood of Michigan's offense sputtering and making mistakes lessens greatly. If, however, the fans have a short memory and try to disrupt the Michigan offense, Iowa may stand a good chance of keeping pace with the Wolverines -- especially if the Hawkeye offense does its part early too.

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Posted on: November 3, 2011 6:12 pm

Keys to the Game: Michigan at Iowa

beat anyody and is not a very ood teaIowa has not beat anybody and is not a very good team. However, they will keep it close at home for at least 3 quarters.mdy and is not that good.

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Posted on: November 2, 2011 3:18 am

Keys to the Game: Michigan at Iowa

The Hawkeye corner of the internet?  Black Heart Gold Pants has the funniest football podcast of the year on their site right now.  It seems that a local radio personality who acts as a shill for the program called the guy who runs the blog someone who engages in inappropriate self-gratification in his mother's basement.  So, the blogger got a couple of friends together and absolutely nailed homer sports radio shills.  
They give the backstory and do a great 12 minutes of "radio" disguised as an "audition tape."  If you are a football fan and listen to sports talk radio anywhere in the country, go to their blog and pull up the podcast.  You will laugh as long as you aren't one of the hosts he is lampooning. 

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Posted on: November 1, 2011 6:27 pm

Keys to the Game: Michigan at Iowa

This is a pretty rosey outlook even for a Hawk homer. I don't care how effcient Vandenberg is, its not like he is leading some offensive juggernaut. If I was Michigan I'd be much more concerned about Coker and the running game than Vandenberg and Mcnutt. Yeah the Gophers limited the deep pass "at the expense to the rushing defense" but Iowa would have won that game if the 3.7 million dollar man Captain Kirk and Co. could freaking see the most obvious of onsides kicks coming (I'm sure Kirk was thinking "it worked for them last year why would they try it again?". The whole reason the onside was needed is because of the 250 yards rushing. If the Gophers didn't keep the ball they weren't going to get it back in a position to win the game. Also "Mr. Effciency" Vandenberg didn't look so effcient in the two tries he had at the end of the game to generate some offense and win it. If I remeber correctly they picked up two first downs against that staunch Minnesota secondary.

Your defensive point is hilarious as well because if there is one thing Captain Kirk and Norm Parker are known for its "defensive scheming" that is able to limit mobile quarterbacks. Oh wait even when the Squawks have talent on defense (and they don't this year) they have struggled horrifically against quarterbacks that are slightly more mobile than a tin can. As for the fans they have a whining reputation nationally and its most definitely because they are delusional and DO NOT have short memories.

Anything can happen in CFB but this a perfect game for Michigan as its offense takes advantage of Iowa's weakest part of a weak defense. The reason Iowa is 0-3 on the road is because they haven't played any decent teams at home (no Hawk fans Pitt does not count) and Michigan will change that on Saturday.

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