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Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

Posted on: November 25, 2011 2:05 am
Edited on: November 25, 2011 11:57 am
Posted by Bryan Fischer

COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- It said it all.

Texas' band spelled out 'Thanks aTm" and played Thanks for the Memories as the Kyle Field crowd politely applauded. It was in many ways the warmest moment the two schools had in months, if not years.

For Longhorns and Aggies alike, the memory of the 118th and final scheduled time the two schools play will last.

It will hurt for some and be the source of bragging rights for others.

Texas' come back victory on Thanksgiving night was anything but a line in the record books that reads "Texas 27, Texas A&M 25."

The pain - the anguish - that typically lingers from every game will last a bit longer for the maroon side after Thursday. The pride - the jubilation - will last even longer for the burnt orange side.

"Sports can be really cruel," head coach Mack Brown said. "It was a great college football game. I don't think you can call either team a team that loses. We're the ones that had more points on the board."

The poignant thank you from the band at halftime might have been the final 'good' memory for Aggies as members of the Big 12 conference, witnessing yet another second half collapse in a season full of them.

"it seems like it's the same comment," coach Mike Sherman said. "This is a devastating loss for out team.

"I take nothing away from Texas, they played well, but it's a game we should have won and didn't."

Same old story for the Aggies, who once again said "Gag'em" after a first half full of "Gig'ems."

The third quarter was A&M's achilies heel, as Texas capitalized on turnovers to swing a 7-16 deficit into a 24-16 lead.  Despite a double-digit lead for the 11th time this season, the Aggies squandered it with two Ryan Tannehill interceptions - one returned for a touchdown - and mistake after mistake.

The team fell to 6-6 on the season thanks to flipping the switch to 'off' during halfitime, A&M outscored 86-0 in the third quarter alone in each loss.

"Well I think if you look at the games, we definitely have turned the ball over too many times," Sherman said. "We have to make the plays we have to make."

The Aggies didn't, the Horns did, the story of the series that Texas now leads 76-37-5. Tannehill's pick-six made it a two-point game. A punt on the next drive resulted in a 81-yard Quandre Diggs return and an eventual field goal to take the lead. Yet another interception put the Longhorns in business deep in A&M territory before senior Cody Johnson punched it in for a one-yard touchdown.

All it took was 13 plays and 27 offensive yards to completely snatch momentum away in a game that the Aggies didn't need to win as much as they couldn't lose.

"It was an emotional night," quarterback Case McCoy said. "We didn't play well at all the first half but our defense got us back in it. I'm proud of how hard we fought."

Case was the latest McCoy to torment Texas A&M. After what looked to be a game winning drive following Jeff Fuller's 16 yard catch and run to muscle into the end zone, McCoy took over an offense that had struggled all night. But he made the play of the game on a 25-yard scramble right up the middle to set up Justin Tucker's game-winning 40-yard field goal.

"What a great feeling to end this rivalry and celebrate Thanksgiving," McCoy said, minutes after sharing an emotional hug with offensive coordinator Major Applewhite, who was 3-1 against A&M himself.

The Aggies end their football tenure in the Big 12 with a loss, closing the book on an era in which they won just one conference title. The first line of the fight song late in the game was perhaps the saddest, most painful of all the Lone Star Showdowns because it meant far more than 'we'll see you in 365.'

"Goodbye Texas University…" the Kyle Field crowd sang in unison, swaying in different directions for the final time in 2011. The third-longest rivalry in major college football was, suddenly, over.

"It's Texas but...," A&M running back Ben Malena, the lone bright spot on the night with 93 all-purpose yards, "We're going to the SEC, we have bigger and better things to worry about."

"It's one of the great traditions we have in college athletics," athletic director Bill Byrne remarked. "But it's just part of the change".

"It takes two to sign a contract. We've expressed sincere interest in every sport to continue the relationship. So far we've had no takers. The question doesn't need to be asked of me, it needs to be asked of (Texas AD DeLoss) Dodds."

The Longhorns seem to want no part of it. As soon as Tucker's field goal went through the uprights, they ran straight to the 'Lone Star Showdown' logo and jumped with joy. Players started an "S-E-C" chant. The Longhorn Network's twitter account provided the final salt in the wounds however.

"Goodbye and Good Luck."

As the Longhorns left Kyle Field for what could be the last time in decades, they did so with as satisfying a win as ever. The only team Texas A&M has lost to from the state in two years: the University of Texas.

Thanks for the memories indeed.


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Posted on: November 26, 2011 6:53 pm

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

This is just another game in the books.  The Aggies don't need to play Texas to be reliant or have a great season.  The losers are the teams staying in the Big 12 conference.  This conference is headed down with the addition of West Virginia the powerhouse and TCU.  Texas can only flourish in such a crappy conference.  They will continue to play the weakest schedule, especially since they are owned by ESPN. 

The Aggies got the better end, by casting their lost with a winner, the SEC and leaving the loser Big 12 behind.  Texas showed how poor sports and brats they are.  This article is so lopped sided.  If I had not watched the game I would have thought that A&M did not even show up.  The Big 12 officiating crew took their final shot at screwing the Aggies and has happened all season.

Texas is afraid to compete in the SEC and have made their bed.  The SEC owns Texas and they all know it.  CBS sports knows it took, that why they broadcast the SEC and not the Big 12.

Try and run the Aggies down, but at least they have the guts to forge new traditions and are not afraid to make an improvement/upgrade.

So long to the Big 12, may they keep downward trajectory.  When they have only 9 teams next year their Fox contract will be void, don't cash your checks just yet.  No Big 12 schools will be in the title game this year and this is a trend that will continue.

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Posted on: November 26, 2011 11:20 am

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

As an outside observer to this UT/A&M rivalry for many years one thing that never ceases to amaze me is how A&M won't own up to a loss.  They will either whine about how they were cheated, they will claim that they didn't really lose but were "outscored," or they will hurl insults at UT.  They are poor losers.  Their whole identity is wrapped up in hating Texas and in obsessive traditions.  They wave white towels, they whoop, they honor dead mascots.  They value things that have no value.  They need to grow up.  Maybe this move to the SEC will allow them to forge a more positive self identity. 

Since: Mar 7, 2007
Posted on: November 26, 2011 10:21 am

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

With all the 4 and 5 star recruits the Longhorn have had in the Brown era they have been just an average good team. Take away Vince and Colt and you don't have a whole lot to brag about. in the last 5 years Texas has had 69 4 or 5 star recruits and their record in their last 23 games is 12 and 11. Mac Brown is lucky to have had Vince and Colt because he can recruit but can't coach. Just look at the mess he made with Applewhite and Simms. It is a lot easier to get a kid to the bright lights of Austin than it is to College Station, also the Aggies don't offer majors intended for athletes like Texas and the Aggies like the Longhorns don't live on partial qualifiers or JC transfers.  


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Posted on: November 26, 2011 8:14 am

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss


You gous don't get it. The SEC wil never invite a team like TEXAS or OKLAHOMA that plays big boy football to be in their conference, they want the A&M's and Mizzou"s so that Alabama, LSU, etc. have some more patsies to beat up on. These teams were never successful in the Big 12, and won't be in the SEC

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Posted on: November 26, 2011 3:32 am

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

ex fide fortis wrote:   "...A&M (the Moses Rose of College football)..."

I'm always glad when I see a Texan who is well-read regarding the 'Battle of the Alamo'! 

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Posted on: November 26, 2011 2:42 am

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

please shrink, slink, and stink your way to the SEC!SEC!SEC!.  Knocking on other schools attendance seems shocking....just check out for the latest meltdown you chodes are spewing forth.....filling a stadium full of lunatics is not is just goat fu&*ing crazy!  The Aggies get a recruiting upgrade for the partial qualifiers of the SEC....

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Posted on: November 25, 2011 5:01 pm

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

Bayor and Texas Tech would be wise to accept the Aggies invitation to play them in any sport, because ever who replaces the Aggies on those schedules will fill a lot seats in their venues. There have been High School games that have put more fans in Floyd Casey Stadium than the Bears. I think that the idea of playing in the SEC will help the Aggies recruit.  

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Posted on: November 25, 2011 3:24 pm

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

""It takes two to sign a contract. We've expressed sincere interest in every sport to continue the relationship. So far we've had no takers. The question doesn't need to be asked of me, it needs to be asked of (Texas AD DeLoss) Dodds."

What a disingenuous point of view.  It's just happenstance that the rivalry ends when A&M leaves (and the Nebraska-Colorado rivalry ended when they split up, and the even-older-than-UTvsA&M Kansas vs Missouri rivalry ended when Missouri left), and it's really Texas that caused it to end?  Sorry, every single conference rivalry is ended by the team that left the conference.  It's that simple.  A&M made their bed they way they wanted, and now they alone are to blame when they sleep in it.

There is  a 0% chance that A&M would be able to claim they wanted to keep the rivalry if the SEC had 9 conference games like the Big 12 does.

Texas A&M has been asking to play Baylor and Tech in various sports too, and the answer is the same as with Texas - nope, sorry, series over, you left, now stop pointing fingers and own up to the consequences of your own choices.   You can't have your cake and eat it too, Byrne.

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Posted on: November 25, 2011 3:19 pm

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss


It's been confirmed that A&M will be in the West, Mizzou in the East.  Auburn is staying put.

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Posted on: November 25, 2011 3:03 pm

Texas sends A&M to SEC with stinging rivalry loss

You're right, I don't think the SEC ever offered TCU.  UT sucks.  Everyone calling for the firing of Sherman, UT should be trying to fire Brown.  What a poor excuse for a football team, both of them.
HogsSG...that was hilarious, knocking on UT like that (after all TCU IS the best team in Texas right now).  However in your quit wittedness you failed to see that the Big 12 IS getting TCU, and will continue to have Texas, Baylor, and Texas Tech.  I could say, "good luck SEC with your sloppy seconds", but that wouldn't really fit because the SEC isn't even getting that...try sloppy fourths or fifths.  I'm with LSU fans on this.  I don't see how adding Mizzou and aTm really helps what is already a strong SEC west.  However, it will put Auburn and Georgia in the same division.  It will be nice to be playing the "oldest rivalry in the south" for divisional supremecy rather than just another SEC game.

UGA 21, LSU 17...GO DAWGS 

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