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The Poll Attacks: Week 13

Posted on: November 28, 2011 4:49 pm
Posted by Bryan Fischer

The latest college football polls are out and now it's time to rip them to shreds. Senior college basketball writer Gary Parrish has been calling out voters in the major hoops polls for thinking a little bit too far outside of the box when it comes to their AP ballots every week.

With the football season starting, I thought I'd steal take the baton on the idea from my colleague and keep all of the writers across the country who vote honest. I've come to know a good number of these people through time and twitter but relationships do not matter, bad votes do.

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Rodney Dangerfield "No respect" team(s) of the week: Everyone not in the SEC

Yeah, I said it again. Especially this week. Also note that the Pac-12 has three teams in the top 10, just as many as the SEC. Wisconsin at 15th in the AP poll also is a "no respect" team.

Overrated: Florida State

  Beating a mediocre-at-best Florida team seems to have the same effect that beating a good Florida team did. The Seminoles started the season highly ranked but have struggled most of the season in, it should be noted, a weak ACC. Also keep in mind that they just lost at home to Virginia, a team that was throttled by Virginia Tech. Maybe if they win a bowl game they can be ranked in the top 25 (coaches have them 24th, AP 25th) but not now.

California Craziness

A trio of voters from California (CSN Bay Area/'s Ray Ratto, San Jose Mercury News' Jon Wilner, LA Daily News' Scott Wolf) are an interesting voting block. Some would call them progressive, others would call them extreme and just about everybody else will call them crazy given their fluctuations in their ballots each week. All three are consistently in Pollspeak's group of "extreme voters" so we'll highlight the most baffling decision(s) out of each.

  Going to miss putting Wolf in this spot once the final poll comes out. He has Arkansas 3rd and Georgia 7th on top of having Clemson ranked higher than anybody at 15 and Wisconsin lower than anybody at 21. The Badgers are just one spot ahead of Georgia Tech, which shouldn't be ranked on anybody's ballot. TCU is also three spots ahead of Baylor for an odd reason.

What were you thinking? Craig James, ESPN

  I understand why the hashtag #FireCraigJames is so popular on Twitter when looking at his AP ballot: Arkansas 3rd, Kansas State 8th (ahead of Oregon), Stanford 10th, Penn State 18th (higher than anybody), Missouri 21st, Texas 22nd, Notre Dame 23rd and BOISE STATE 24TH. 


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Posted on: November 30, 2011 2:05 am

The Poll Attacks: Week 13

The most baffling thing about this week's poll to me is how an idle Oklahoma State managed to pass a Stanford team that beat a ranked opponent.

Thanks to Pollspeak, I figured it out: there were only four voters who switched the order of those two teams to put Oklahoma State ahead on their own ballots, but three of them did so in extreme fashion, swinging 16 votes the Cowboys' way among them: Matt Markey and Mark Anderson each raised the Cowboys from #8 to #3, and Keith Sargeant raised them from #9 to #3 after their bye week.

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Posted on: November 29, 2011 1:00 pm

The Poll Attacks: Week 13

What college football needs is a playoff. Then the best teamS in the country can compete for the championship, like every other sport. Imagine a 16-team tournament that has auto-bids for the 11 conference champs, and 5 at-large slots for the best remaining teams in the BCS rankings. The seeds would be determined by the BCS rankings. Higher seeds at home until the final four. 

Here is what it would look like heading into championship week: 

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