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Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

Posted on: December 4, 2011 1:40 am
Edited on: December 4, 2011 1:40 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist has asked for and been granted his release from the school and will begin talks with other schools about a transfer according to the Chicago Tribune.

This does not come as much of a shock to anybody who has been paying attention to Notre Dame this season. After beginning the season as the team's starter after a competition with Tommy Rees during the spring and fall, Crist lasted only one half before being benched for Rees in Notre Dame's season-opening loss to South Florida.

Yet, even when the Notre Dame offense struggled with turnovers the next few weeks under Rees, Crist only saw playing time after Rees suffered an injury and had to come out. Crist was even surpassed by Andrew Hendrix, who came in as a change of pace quarterback over the last month of the season.

Crist met with head coach Brian Kelly to discuss his situation on Friday.

Since Crist has only one year of eligibility left he will not be required to sit out a year before playing at another school. Exactly what school that will be is not known, though Wisconsin, Utah and San Diego State have all been mentioned as possibilities while rumors swirled Crist would transfer over the last few weeks.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 1:07 pm

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

You know why? It's because he was the most overhyped QB they had. He's not bright. He wilts under pressure. He's not a leader. He belongs in the MAC conference or for some second tier team in Conference USA or on any Sun Belt team.

He wasn't overhyped because coming out of High School he was a top recruit and was going into a system that he was a GREAT fit for. He has great size, a very good arm and is pretty mobile. So you can't say he was over hyped.

Obviously he is bright. He graduated from Notre Dame.

The wilt's under pressure arguement is old and holds no water. Every talks about the deer in headlights look that he always had. Kid looked like that on the sidelines this year. He seriously had ONE bad game as a starter. Had one game with multiple INt's in his career. All this and he got benched after 30 minutes for a guy who ,even before the move was made, was a turnover machine and won inspite of his performance.

As far as being a leader we can't really address that because we don't know how he was on the field but I will say that he looked no less like a leader than Rees did.

I'm a big ND fan and the first time I saw him as QB. I immediately knew Notre Dame was doomed with him.
Seriously, you know we were doomed after that 64 dart to Goodman against WSU in mop up time that was a thing of beauty??
What about when he beat Purdue in his first game as a starter? Or maybe it was when they played Michigan and outscored them 21-7 when he was in the game?? Or was it the 370 yards and 4 TD's he put up against MSU

This guy was given the task of taking a team with no running game a bad defense and told to win. All while learning a new system that he is not fit for.

Given the circumstances he did pretty damn good.

Kelly didn't treat him poorly. He benched him and kept him there. Kelly didn't jerk his chain. When Rees failed, Brian didn't go back to him. He went to Hendrix
Didn't treat him poorly????????????????????????? Not two weeks before the season Kelly said, and I Quote "Dayne's our starter and he is going to be the starter for 13 weeks."  Then 30 minutes into the first game he benches him???? He had 5 passes dropped by receivers and the enitre team was playing poorly. It was a poor move by Kelly.

As far as Rees goes, when he failed Kelly let him start for 11 games. Rees was more of a failure in the USF games than Crist was but Kelly continued to fawn over how good Tommy was. There was a clear bias against Crist by Kelly and it cost this team this year.

It is clear that Hendirx or Golston are the future because they were recrutied by Kelly for his system but this year Crist was the best guy for the job and Kelly crapped on him.

Bottom Line

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 12:43 pm

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

I can name 8 MAC QB's who are in the NFL right now, most of whom are doing well and when I try and come up with ND qb's in the NFL all I can come up with is that stoog in Denver who couldnt start in CLEVELAND.

An entire conference versus one school should probably have more quarterbacks in the NFL.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 12:32 pm

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame


The truth hurts doesn't it? I don't need any help. I have never taken drugs in order to get an advantage in sport or life. I have hired the people most qualified for a job, not because of some mis-guided idealism. I have neve kept an employee who was accused not once but twice of rape. I have never been part of an organization that has a double standard regarding its members.

Forget your bias for once and look at the facts. Not hyperbole, the facts. Not opinion, the facts. In your heart you know I'm right.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 12:22 pm

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

Parttymer you shame yourself and by connection your ancestors. You shame us all in truth. All seriousness please get some help. These are sports teams and athletes and are far too trivial in the grand scheme of things to get that worked up about. I understand the use of hyperbole for humor but your anger is too blatant not to be real. Again, please get some help.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 12:05 pm

As Lindsy Nelson would say...

"And now, we to move ahead in the same series of plays."

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 12:05 pm

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

Johnnymc24..steeler apologist

And here's another thing about the Steelers and their Super Bowls. The first one Rapelisberger got when he was a rookie was bogus. We all know (look at the tape) the didn't score...the ball never crossed the goal line. So there was a gift from the league to the gambling empire Rooneys.

Second, the picture of Santonio Holmes' catch on the cover of Sports Illustrated shows without a doubt that one foot was on top of the it was impossible for him to have both feet down. Another gift to the "diversity" hire and the stupidest QB in the league.

The Steelers are a joke. Shut up.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 12:00 pm

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

So instead of recruiting QB's, Wiscy just has them transfer from other schools that don't want them any more. Wonder how many Rose Bowl losses it'll take before that mentality changes.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 11:56 am

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

All of this from a Steelers fan whose tean has been irrelevant to any one who likes football without cheating. From your cheating players from the 70's dying from the steroid abuse that was rampant, to the head coach who got the job because of the color of his skin, and to the Irish bootlegger Rooney's who are a joke who keep a rapist on their team. And we bitch about Penn State. Oh, Pennsylvania. I get it.

Shut up. The Steelers are the joke.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 11:47 am

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

Are we sure that is a ND quarterback and not Peyton Hillis in disguise?

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 11:42 am

Dayne Crist is leaving Notre Dame

I heard at one point Brian Kelly was so mad a Dayne he tried to force him to film practice from a scissor lift.  

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