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Report: UCLA eyes Kevin Sumlin and Al Golden

Posted on: December 4, 2011 3:08 pm
Edited on: December 4, 2011 3:09 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

Having already been spurned by Boise State's Chris Petersen, UCLA has moved on in its search for a new head coach to replace Rick Neuheisel, and according to the Los Angeles Times, UCLA is now focusing on Houston's Kevin Sumlin and Miami's Al Golden.

Sumlin, of course, has been linked to just about every job opening there is lately. Still, it seems UCLA's biggest competition for his services would be Texas A&M, and the Aggies are reportedly ready to make an offer to Sumlin. Whether or not UCLA is prepared to make a better offer may be the ultimate factor in where he ends up next season.

With the new television money in the Pac-12, UCLA may be in a better position to match Texas A&M's offer than in the past. All you need to do is look at the deal Washington State gave to Mike Leach to realize that Pac-12 schools have a lot more money to play with.

As for Al Golden, he's a name that hadn't surfaced until now, and though UCLA may be interested I'm not nearly as sure that Golden is interested in leaving Miami. He's made it pretty clear in recent weeks that Miami is where he wants to be.

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 5:35 pm

Report: UCLA eyes Kevin Sumlin and Al Golden

We'll see what you have to say when UNC hires Fedora away for the Golden Eagles. Cry

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 4:42 pm

Report: UCLA eyes Kevin Sumlin and Al Golden

UCLA is dreaming if they really think that Al Golden is going to leave Miami.  As far as Sumilin is concerned, A&M has a big advantage over UCLA.  If UCLA were smart, they would go after Mike Billotti.  UCLa is going to have to find someone that cna recruit with Lane Kiffin and USC, and produce some type of offense that will bring the fans back into the stadium.  UCLA should be moiving quicker than they are.  At this rate, they will wait around until all of the name head coaches are gone.  Guerrero can ill afford another bad hire. 

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 4:42 pm

Report: UCLA eyes Kevin Sumlin and Al Golden

Amazing how you can have one good season (with a not so strong schedule) and be a candidate for the A&M job.  Let's see Sumlin do this a couple of years before getting too high on him...

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Posted on: December 4, 2011 4:04 pm

Report: UCLA eyes Kevin Sumlin and Al Golden

They do realize that Sumlin has only won at UH because of his QB(the question mark key fell off my laptop, but that was a question) they do realize that Case Kennan wont be going to Westwood.(question mark) They must also realize that Golden is a rotten game day coach and has never actually accomplished anything other than taking Temple to the eagle bank bowl. They do realize that, right(insert 5 question marks here)

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