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Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

Posted on: December 4, 2011 10:04 pm
Edited on: December 5, 2011 1:04 pm

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On Sunday night the final BCS standings were released. Despite Oklahoma State's impressive victory against Oklahoma to capture their first Big 12 Championship in program history, the Cowboys were left on the outside looking in of the BCS National Championship Game.  Now it's Game of the Century II in New Orleans to decide the top team in college football.  Love it or hate it, that is the way the numbers added up.

You can check out a rundown of the Top 10 below, with some thoughts from our College Football Bloggers. For a full breakdown of the Top 25 teams in the BCS formula, you can check out the comprehensive standings.

1. LSU:How dominant was the season just put together by Les Miles's Tigers? This might be the first time in the BCS era that a team has clinched a share of the national title before they even play the national title game. Considering that the best BCS championship opponent Alabama can do vs. the Tigers head-to-head is a 1-1 record (with a home loss, no less), and that LSU has a wider collection of quality wins and the SEC title in their back pocket, we'd suggest that AP voters consider awarding their No. 1 ranking to LSU regardless of what happens Jan. 9. Of course, the way they've played thus far this season -- and how well they're likely to play in home-away-from-home New Orleans -- the Tigers may not need the charity. - Jerry Hinnen

2. Alabama: Lost in the controversy over whether the Crimson Tide should have slotted into the national title game over Oklahoma State is that now that they have, their selection caps an incredible four-year run for Nick Saban's program: three BCS bowls, two perfect regular seasons, two SEC West titles, a 47-4 overall record, and now a pair of BCS championship appearances. Of course, that also heightens the stakes even further for the Tide as they head to New Orleans; a second loss to LSU will only drive home the point that for all of those accomplishments, Saban would still be sitting on a single SEC title and lone national title to Miles's two. - JH

3. Oklahoma State: .009 points. That's all that separated Oklahoma State from a trip to New Orleans to face LSU for the national title. Or, in football terms, about 12 inches on a Quinn Sharp field goal attempt in Ames, Iowa. Still, as disappointing as it may be for Oklahoma State to miss out on a title chance, there's still plenty to be thrilled about this season. The Cowboys not only won their first Big 12 title, but they also did it by throttling Oklahoma to finish the season. Plus, the Fiesta Bowl against Stanford isn't exactly a terrible consolation prize, so while the sting will last a bit, it's going to wear off eventually. Tom Fornelli 

4. Stanford:The Cardinal have back-to-back trips to a BCS bowl game thanks to finishing in the top four and snagging a trip to the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma State. It gives Andrew Luck a marquee chance to end his college career on a high note against a defense that has been a turnover-forcing machine. They lost out on a Pac-12 title game but the consolation prize of a trip to the desert and a shot at ending up in the top three would be part of a historic run for a school known more for their alumni off the field than on it. - Bryan Fischer

5. Oregon:The Pac-12 champions are making their way to Pasadena after winning the league's first ever championship game against an overmatched UCLA team. The Ducks come in on a mission: win their first BCS bowl under Chip Kelly and the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1917. Should be an interesting clash of styles as the fast-paced offense takes on a Wisconsin team known for efficiently moving down the field. - BF

6. Arkansas:On the one hand, who knows how high the Hogs could have flown this season if they hadn't been in the SEC West? Swap them out with Oklahoma State and maybe it's the Razorbacks who are bucking for second and the Cowboys licking their wounds from a pair of blowout losses and a third-place divisional finish. Then again, there's the little fact that the Hogs never beat a team better than South Carolina, defeated just two teams with winning records, and struggled more badly with Ole Miss than any other team in the conference. Maybe the Razorbacks were unfortunate they didn't do better than 10 wins and the Cotton Bowl. Maybe they're lucky they've gotten that far. - BF

7. Boise State: Another one-loss season for the Broncos ends in a series of "What If's" as the missed field goal against TCU has cost Boise State a spot in a BCS bowl. Unfortunately, the trends are beginning to mount for Chris Petersen's squad. While Boise State is proud to celebrate their sixth Top 10 finish in the last eight final BCS standings, this is fourth time the Broncos have finished in the Top 10 and NOT been invited to a BCS game. Instead it will be another trip to Las Vegas for the Maaco Bowl against Arizona State, their first showdown with the Sun Devils since 1996. - Chip Patterson

8. Kansas State:There's plenty to be happy about here, and also reason for Kansas State fans to be upset. You can easily argue that Kansas State deserves to be playing in a BCS game this season more than either Michigan or Virginia Tech due to the Wildcats finishing ahead of both schools in the BCS rankings. Unfortunately that's just not the way the BCS works. Either way, I think it's safe to say that if you had told Kansas State fans before the season began that the team would go 10-2 in the regular season and finish the year in the Cotton Bowl against Arkansas they'd have all jumped at the chance. - TF

9. South Carolina: One of these things is not like the other. Of the top 10 teams in the BCS standings, the other nine all earned either a conference title or serious consideration for a BCS at-large bid. And then there's the Gamecocks, well shut out thanks to ranking a distant fourth in the SEC pecking order. No one will claim this was a vintage year for the SEC, with claims the league was "top heavy" entirely accurate. But with four of the top nine teams in the final BCS standings, it's fair to say that top was heavy indeed. - JH

10. Wisconsin:The Badgers are the only team from the Big Ten to finish the regular season ranked in the top ten, though they aren't the only Big Ten team that will be playing in a BCS bowl game this year. Wisconsin is headed to the Rose Bowl after a thrilling victory against Michigan State in the inaugural Big Ten Championship Game, and going to the Rose Bowl in consecutive seasons is nothing to be ashamed of. Still, it's got to be hard to get past the fact that the Badgers are basically two last second prayers away from being 13-0 and headed to New Orleans. - TF

Finally, the luckiest teams in all of the land: Virginia Tech and Michigan.  The Hokies and Wolverines fall at 11 and 12 in the final BCS standings, and will face each other in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 3.

11. Virginia Tech: Not that the Hokies themselves have done anything to deserve it, but the haters of the BCS's current selection process just got a new poster program. Plenty of teams with questionable credentials have been granted BCS admission before (heck, the Hokies will be playing one of them in the Sugar), but it's been a while since a team without a single win over a top-25 team and so clearly second-best in a back-of-the-BCS-pack conference got this kind of preferential treatment. That's not to say the Hokies haven't had an outstanding season--those 11 wins didn't fall into their lap. But when compared to Kansas State or Boise State, it's just another signal that however much the BCS likes to blather that "every game counts", some things still count far more than the games. - JH

12. Michigan: It's crazy how things can change, isn't it? Michigan went from being a program that was routinely letting its fan base down back to the BCS in one season under Brady Hoke. If you had told Michigan fans they'd end the season in the Sugar Bowl back in August, would they have believed you? Of course, the argument can also be made that there were other teams more deserving than the Wolverines, but this is the way things ended up. You can't chastise the Michigan fan base for being so enticing to BCS bowl games who are just as interested in selling seats as they are compelling matchups. (Though you should probably send a thank you card to Jim Delany.) - TF

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 8:00 pm

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

An LSU / Alabama rematch, with Oklahoma State, Stanford, Oregon, Arkansas and a few others, on the sidlines is like a 'bad joke' told in 'mixed company'.  You're going to regret it in the morning.  This particular morning will arrive when the TV ratings for the National Championship game are announced and the are 'lower than a snakes belly'.  Is the SEC the most powerful conference in the world??.....ever???   One year in the 70's the Big 8 finished in this order: 1. Nebraska 2. Oklahoma 3. Colorado.  I'm certain everyone outside the Big 8 had an issue with that, but those teams were pretty 'clear cut' compared with today's evnironment.   To me, college football is better than ever; more balanced, better schemes, better coaches, better players.  The only thing that's boken today is the ranking system and the method of deciding who goes to the big dance and who dosen't.  That issue 'is in parts scattered all over the ground' and now one seems to have a took kit to fix it.  There is only one answer; a Div I Playoff with a minimum of 8 teams and ideally 16 teams.  When will this happen????  When ESPN decides it will.  The boys with the money are working us like 'puppiteers' and every team and school in the Nation are dangling at the end of their strings.  So....who cares?  The BCS in my mind stands for Bull , Crap!!  And that my friend, is the 'end of the story'. 

Since: Jul 9, 2010
Posted on: December 5, 2011 2:20 pm

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

Guys with all due respect to all of you, the SEC and ACC is laughing all the way to the BANK$$$$ with the dollars each conference gets from placing all their teams in Bowl Games this year.  Let's face it, when you set back and look at the won and loss record of some of the other teams outside of the SEC and ACC, they should not be there either; but they are there only by the way the BCS is set up for AQ Conferences. Another words, how can you knock Michigan and Va. Tech being in the Sugar Bowl, when WVU (8-4) being in the Orange Bowl only because of the Big East AQ.  This is just the way the system is set up, and there are problems just about every year in the BCS National Championship Series. I'm not knocking WVU, the SEC or ACC; it just boils down to how the present system is set.
There will always be people up-set every year on bowl selections, regardless of the system that is in place. In most major bowl games, fans support is very important when selecting teams.

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 11:41 am

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

The Way It Ought To Be:
#1 LSU vs #4 Stanford - Sugar Bowl - Jan 2 - 6 PM
# 2 Alabama vs #3 Okie State - Fiesta Bowl - Jan 2 - 2:30 PM
(Winners play Jan 9 for NC)

#5 Oregon vs #6 Arkansas - Rose Bowl - Jan 7 - 6 PM
#7 Boise State vs #8 Kansas State - Orange Bowl - Jan 7 - 2:30 PM

Everybody else split between bowls - bowls pick who they want . . .

Top 8 teams are in a BCS game - Every debate about "WHO" should be playing in the NC game would be mute!!! Okie State would be silenced, (and they do have a legitimate complaint), because they would have an opportunity! Would they lose to Bama? Probably - but at least they would have an opportunity. I do believe that LSU and Bama are the 2 best teams - but all the subjective arguments could not be made and everyone would be excited to see how it would work out. 

Since: Dec 5, 2011
Posted on: December 5, 2011 3:02 am

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

All this consternation over Virginia Tech's and to a lesser extent Michigan's selection for the Sugar Bowl made to take a look at the two programs, Kansas State and Boise State, that are apparently so much more deserving.

Kansas State's nonconference schedule was not overwhelming(remember Eastern Kentucky and Kent State).  KSU beat Miami. I watched that game. They were incredibly lucky to win that game...on the very last play of the game. Arguably, the better team didn't win. Oh yeah, Miami's 6-6 and in the ACC.  And oh yeah, Virginia Tech beat Miami too. Kansas State lost by a million points at home to Oklahoma. Kansas State's two best wins--Baylor and Texas.  Virginia Tech's two best wins--Georgia Tech and Virginia. Baylor/Texas = Georgia Tech/Virginia. I've watched all four teams play this season...there's no difference between these teams.

My point, Kansas State is not any more deserving than Virginia Tech.  The two had very similar seasons and in the end, the Sugar Bowl picked the more prominent program. If KSU doesn't think it's fair, well they can go ahead and add 20,000 seats to their stadium and improve their academics so they can go join the Big 10.  Until then, cry me a river cause life's not fair. 

As far as Boise State, yes, they beat Georgia.  But they lost to the ONLY other good team(TCU) they played in a 12-game schedule. And let's be honest, Georgia showed this past weekend that they and probably the rest of the SEC East are 32 points worse than LSU. People, the SEC East is not that good. So that means Boise State has exactly ONE good win all year. Does this make them so much more deserving of a BCS bid? Don't get me wrong, I've watched Boise play this year. They're probably a better team than Kansas State, Va Tech, and Michigan. But we're talking 3 or 5 points better NOT 30 points better.  So again in the end, BSU lost out to a more prominent program. If they don't think it's fair, well they can go ahead and add 40,000 seats to their stadium and improve their academics so they can go join the PAC-12.  Again until then, cry me a river cause life's not fair. 

Yeah, I know, I need to get a life but this stuff really bugs me sometimes. 

Since: Dec 5, 2011
Posted on: December 5, 2011 1:26 am

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

Great Comment! You are right on. Thank you Sugar Bowl Comittee for showing us how screwed up the BCS system is. You couldn't have done a better job at passing up a much more deserving Boise State and Kansas State team for a Michigan team who may have a bigger fan base and a Virigina Tech team who just got spanked for the 2nd time by the same team the night before. I guess everygame really doesn't matter. Boise can't loose 1 game but its ok for everyone else to loose 2 or 3. Great job BCS. 1 game I won't be watching.......

Since: Aug 29, 2008
Posted on: December 5, 2011 12:28 am

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

BCS pure garbage . . . no garbage smells better.

Since: Sep 20, 2009
Posted on: December 5, 2011 12:25 am

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

The BCS is a bad system that clearly does harm to college football. Let me ask you this, if Alabama beats LSU who is the national chamption?  LSU beat them in Tuscaloosa and if they lose in a neutral site they will be tied win 1-1 record vs each other.  Why would Alabama then deserve to be crowned as the best....they are not, at best they are tied with LSU.  Simply put, Alabama had their chance against LSU at home and they lost....this is college football, this isn't the NFL.  Other than Alabama fans, college football fans have been screwed.   As far as leaving out Boise or TCU and replacing either of them with VTech (once again a disgraceful performance in a big game) and Michigan (why not Michigan State?) further demeans the system.  Neither VTech or Michigan should have been chosen. There is no defense of this system that is rational...what is clear is that there is an odor about the BCS and it makes one wince when one gets a whiff of it. 

Since: Sep 11, 2011
Posted on: December 5, 2011 12:24 am

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions




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Posted on: December 5, 2011 12:14 am

Final BCS Standings Top 10 Reactions

2. Alabama: Lost in the controversy over whether the Crimson Tide should have slotted into the national title game over Oklahoma State is that now that they have, their selection caps an incredible four-year run for Nick Saban's program: three BCS bowls, two perfect regular seasons, two SEC West titles, a 47-4 overall record, and now a pair of BCS championship appearances.
The SEC title game is part of the regular season.

Since: Nov 26, 2007
Posted on: December 4, 2011 11:14 pm

CFB Standings Top 10 Reactions-AHEM FINAL AP

At number 5 we have USC-ahead of PAC 12 Champs Oregon!!!!  Coach of the Year?  Hoke was good, but Lane K was GREAT!  No bowl to play for and all the Trojan did was go 10-2 with away wins against ND and Oregon(holder of an unbeaten conference streak over three years!), took Stanford to triple OT. 

In addition,  If you can explain how the Sugar Bowl gets away with selecting Va Tech, a team that loses TWICE to Clemson and plays No one OOC, then I'll stop laughing!

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