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Orange Bowl to cost Clemson around 180K

Posted on: December 26, 2011 11:19 am
Edited on: December 26, 2011 11:20 am
Posted by Tom Fornelli

One of the main critiques of the current bowl system is how schools, more often than not, lose money by going to a bowl game. This year is no different, as Clemson is finding out that its first trip to a BCS bowl game is going to leave the school in the red.

According to The Post and Courier, with ticket sales where they are currently, Clemson is going to lose about $180,000 thanks to their trip to the Orange Bowl.

As of last week, Clemson had only been able to sell about half of the 17,500 tickets it had to buy from the Orange Bowl for the low, low price of around half a million dollars. Clemson will get a $1.75 million bowl allowance from the ACC, but all in all the trip is going to cost the school $1.91 million. This includes the price of the unsold tickets along with meals, lodging and travel costs for the football team, band, cheerleaders and support staff.

Though there are other benefits according to Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips.

"There is a perception problem; it's not a windfall," said Phillips. "You just want to be able to break even. Sometimes you don't even break even. But there are significant benefits. You get some extra practice time. And anytime you can get on national television, it continues exposure for your program, which is very significant value."

Yes, and that exposure for the program helps in things like recruiting, which helps bring even better players to Clemson. Players that will help Clemson consistently win and get to bowl games and lose more money.

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Posted on: December 26, 2011 11:58 am

Orange Bowl to cost Clemson around 180K

I thought the fans of Clemson would be better than this.  Evidently not.  But, as far as losing money on bowl games, that is such a crock that I am surprised that this even gets written.  Clemson will get plenty of money from the other ACC teams and their bowl matchups, just like those teams will make money off of Clemson's BCS spot.  Not "breaking even" on this game means little when you get money from 8 or 9 other games without any expense attached to them.  If schools were not making money on bowl games, you can bet there would be a playoff by now.  Schools are making plenty of money.  Please stop with the nonsense. 

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Posted on: December 26, 2011 11:58 am
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