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2012 SEC football schedule released

Posted on: December 28, 2011 10:14 am
Edited on: December 28, 2011 10:34 am
Posted by Chip Patterson

The most desired Christmas present was delivered a few days late for many die-hard SEC football fans.  On Wednesday, the league finally released the conference schedule for 2012.  This is the first official look at how a 14-team SEC with Missouri (SEC East) and Texas A&M (SEC West) shakes out for each school. 

One early takeaway from the schedule on first glance is how it favors the reigning SEC East champion Georgia Bulldogs. Mark Richt's squad was able to bounce back from their 0-2 start and roll off 10 straight victories to earn a bid to the SEC title game. In that run through the conference schedule, the Bulldogs avoided a matchup with LSU, Alabama, or Arkansas. In 2012 Georgia will once again dodge all three opponents, drawing Ole Miss and Auburn as their cross-division foes.

Check out each team's slate below, and drop us your comments on what stands out heading into the 2012 SEC season on Facebook, Twitter (@EyeOnCFB), or in the comments section below.

Sept. 15: at Arkansas
Sept. 29: OLE MISS
Oct. 13: at Missouri
Oct. 20: at Tennessee
Nov. 3: at LSU
Nov. 10: TEXAS A&M
Nov. 24: AUBURN

Sept. 15: ALABAMA
Sept. 29: vs. Texas A&M
Oct. 6: at Auburn
Oct. 27: OLE MISS
Nov. 10: at South Carolina
Nov. 17: at Mississippi State
Nov. 24: LSU

Sept. 8: at Mississippi State
Sept. 22: LSU
Oct. 13: at Ole Miss
Oct. 20: at Vanderbilt
Oct. 27: TEXAS A&M
Nov. 10: GEORGIA
Nov. 24: at Alabama

Sept. 8: at Texas A&M
Sept. 15: at Tennessee
Sept. 22: KENTUCKY
Oct. 6: LSU
Oct. 13: at Vanderbilt
Oct. 27: vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)

Sept. 8: at Missouri
Oct. 6: at South Carolina
Oct. 20: at Kentucky
Oct. 27: vs. Florida (Jacksonville)
Nov. 3: OLE MISS
Nov. 10: at Auburn

Sept. 22: at Florida
Oct. 13: at Arkansas
Oct. 20: GEORGIA
Oct. 27: at Missouri
Nov. 24: at Tennessee

Sept. 22: at Auburn
Oct. 6: at Florida
Oct. 20: at Texas A&M
Nov. 17: OLE MISS
Nov. 24: at Arkansas

Sept. 29: at Alabama
Oct. 6: TEXAS A&M
Oct. 13: AUBURN
Oct. 27: at Arkansas
Nov. 3: at Georgia
Nov. 17: at LSU

Sept. 8: AUBURN
Oct. 6: at Kentucky
Oct. 27: at Alabama
Nov. 3: TEXAS A&M
Nov. 10: at LSU
Nov. 24: at Ole Miss

Sept. 8: GEORGIA
Sept. 22: at South Carolina
Oct. 13: ALABAMA
Nov. 3: at Florida
Nov. 10: at Tennessee
Nov. 24: at Texas A&M

Aug. 30: at Vanderbilt
Sept. 22: MISSOURI
Sept. 29: at Kentucky
Oct. 13: at LSU
Oct. 20: at Florida

Sept. 15: FLORIDA
Sept. 29: at Georgia
Oct. 13: at Mississippi State
Oct. 20: ALABAMA
Oct. 27: at South Carolina
Nov. 17: at Vanderbilt

Sept. 8: FLORIDA
Sept. 29: vs. Arkansas
Oct. 6: at Ole Miss
Oct. 20: LSU
Oct. 27: at Auburn
Nov. 3: at Mississippi State
Nov. 10: at Alabama

Sept. 22: at Georgia
Oct. 6: at Missouri
Oct. 13: FLORIDA
Oct. 20: AUBURN
Nov. 3: at Kentucky
Nov. 10: at Ole Miss

Any games you are already looking forward to? What team has an early advantage thanks to the 2012 schedule? Let us know your thoughts over at the Eye On College Football Facebook page.

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Since: Dec 12, 2006
Posted on: December 28, 2011 6:43 pm
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Since: Nov 3, 2006
Posted on: December 28, 2011 6:39 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

"The year we had to suffer through the most boring of games between Ohio State and Miami which placed two teams who breased through on weak schedules." Let's see, last minute drive to tie game. Thrilling overtime decided on 4th and goal. Yeah, i call that boring too, douche! Are you kidding me? BTW, Georgia's OOC schedule that year included heavy hitters Northwestern STATE, and New Mexico State, HAHAHA. OSU wouldn't have beaten either one of them! (sarcasm, for you SEC homers). I suppose your version of an exciting games\ was the 9-6 Bama-LSU snooze fest. Two good teams that played horribly that night (yes, the two best in the nation at that time). Who in their right mind wants to see a rematch of that? Give another conference champ a shot. College football has been around longer than the last 10 years boys. It's all cyclical. Other conferences will adapt.

Since: Oct 29, 2009
Posted on: December 28, 2011 6:27 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

The SEC probably should move to a 9 game schedule like the Big 12. That way Auburn could move to the East and Alabama could designate Tennessee and Auburn as East rivals and put Missouri in the West where they belong. The one problem is that SEC teams could drop their one difficult non-conference game and have a non-conference schedule lie OK State (Arizona, Tulsa, ad La-Lafayette).

Since: Dec 4, 2006
Posted on: December 28, 2011 6:13 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

LSU will roll through this schedule again!  I'm disappointed that the best team they're playing OOC is Washington... Guess the Duckies didn't want a rematch!? 

Since: Nov 20, 2011
Posted on: December 28, 2011 5:35 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

Sergio, I agree! I was glad to see the pac 12 and big 10 announce that they would begin playing each other in 2017. Hope I live that long to see it. Being out here in Wyoming and a big college football fan, particularly of the west and midwest teams this allignment gives me some great games to watch including the SEC games I have enjoyed since CBS and ESPN started showing them out here.

Whoever quoted me as a Georgia fan get over it. I am out here in Wyoming and just call it like I see it. Georgia was the best team but as we all know the best teams many times do not win the game. I don't care about your bragging rights. You can brag all you want about Georgia or South Carolina. It really doesn't matter to me who you pull for. I am just jealous that way out here I have to just enjoy being a fan since we have no big time schools to pull for. Just be proud you live in a part of the country where you can have these discussions. Because I don't unless you guys let me come in here and talk. I don't mean to offend anybody, I just call it as I see it from an unbiased fan. Maybe my unbiased opinion may be helpful to some to show how others around the country percieve your program. I just did a search back to 1976 which is the year I finished college. Georgia is the winningest football program in the SEC since 1976 including games forfieted for NCAA penalties. For that reason Georgia is percieved around the country to be a national power where South Carolina is a newcomer over the past couple of years. Alabama is second and Tennessee is third while others fall quite a ways back having good years then a few bad. Winning consistently through the years is why people around the country percieve Georgia, Alanama and Tennessee as top schools year in and out with Florida and LSU breaking into that class over the past few years. I realize Tennessee is down now and as many coaches learn every year it is what have you done lately!

Since: Dec 9, 2010
Posted on: December 28, 2011 4:59 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

And I don't want to hear South Caroline bragging about beating Georgia in the craziest game I have ever seen with Georgia dominating the game and then giving up four gimme touchdowns to find a way to lose. Georgia was by far and away the better team that day

Winning the game allows you to have bragging rights.  You're team was obviously not the better team that day.  Quit whining, Georgia had a very good year . . . . a better year than SC.  But, you lost to them that day . . . . that's how bragging rights work.    

Since: Dec 4, 2010
Posted on: December 28, 2011 4:20 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

It's the ROTATION thing that has got to be addressed fellas. There are now 14 SEC footballs teams.  Put them all in one division. Play 12 games IN conference...use last season's final standings to BYE only one team ie  1st dnp last, 2nd dnp next last etc.  Why recruit all these 5 star athletes to play
at UGA, for example, and NOT play the BEST every season?  Do you really love to see UGA, Bama and LSU play the Furmans, SE Las and MTSUs?  Same for the BIG 10...  PS Kudos for Bama playing Michigan next September at Jerry Jones Stadium.

Since: Nov 20, 2011
Posted on: December 28, 2011 3:32 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

For you South Carolina guys on here I also include the Georgia-South Carolina games to that mix of tough SEC games. I have got to see that game out here the past few years since it has been the first big SEC game nationally televised each year. That game is extremely intense and could have gone either way for several years now. If South Carolina had played Auburn with the same intensity they played Georgia they would have won the game. I mark the SC-Georgia game on my calendar now every year since SC has improved so much. Out of conference or outside of rivalries they do not play the same.

For you guys calling me a homer I am not a gerogia fan and could care less about Georgia. But I do follow and know college football like any other fan. Particularly now since I can get SEC games. My comments about Georgia and their BS championship chances have everything to do about my disagreement with the system and not Georgia. Georgia had three teams during the 2000's that could possibly have won a BS championship had they got a chance to play for it. However the higher profile media darling schools hyped by the networks win the voting. Voting should have nothing to do with a championship. That is why we will never have a true national champion until a playoff is created. In 2007 in particular the two best teams in football at bowl time were Georgia and Southern Cal. They would have been an easy two touchdown favorite over any other team you could have matched them with except each other. And the Rose bowl could have matched them however the powers that be did not want a game in the Rose Bowl to be bigger than the mythical BS championship. The year we had to suffer through the most boring of games between Ohio State and Miami which placed two teams who breased through on weak schedules. Georgia would have totally crushed either one of those schools but lost a heartbreaker to Florida and didn't get enough votes over Ohio Stae to get in the game. I can give many more examples but since this is the SEC and the discussion was Georgia those are the ones I used. As much as I like Alabama and think they will win the rematch I think Okie State should be in the game. The biggest argument all these years is the regular season is the playoffs, BS, Alabama lost. The two champions should play in the game. The biggest argument in 2007 was that although Georgia obviously was the best team at bowl time they could not go to the bs game because they tied for their division and didn't play for the conference championship. Alabama didn't even tie for their division although they probably have the best team. They make up their own rules year by year and that is no way to pick a champion.

Since: Dec 28, 2011
Posted on: December 28, 2011 3:22 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

2012 schedule compared to 2012 preplaned cross-divisional matchups:

A:  Mississippi - no
H:  Auburn - no

A:  Alabama - no
H:  Mississippi - yes

A:  Arkansas - yes
H:  LSU - no

South Carolina
A:  LSU - yes
H:  Mississippi State - no

A:  Mississippi State - yes
H:  Arkansas - no

A:  Auburn - somewhat yes (supposed to host Auburn in 2013)
H:  Alabama - no
A:  Vanderbilt - no
H:  Georgia - no

A:  Tennessee - no
H:  Kentucky - yes

A:  Florida - no
H:  Vanderbilt - no

A:  Kentucky - no
H:  South Carolina - yes

A:  Georgia - yes
H:  Florida - no

Mississippi State
A:  South Carolina - no
H:  Tennessee - yes

Since: Nov 20, 2011
Posted on: December 28, 2011 3:00 pm

2012 SEC football schedule released

I just wanted to add to you guys that keep complaining that Georgia has a patsy schedule. Go to the campuses of Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, Auburn and South Carolina for instance and tell them about how they are just patsies on Georgia's schedule. Get real! I think you would have trouble getting off campus with your hide intact. If you run any SEC schedule the way Georgia did with 10 consecutive victories last year that is an amazing accomplishment. The others didn't and that is why they did not play in the championship game as Georgia did. And I don't want to hear South Caroline bragging about beating Georgia in the craziest game I have ever seen with Georgia dominating the game and then giving up four gimme touchdowns to find a way to lose. Georgia was by far and away the better team that day

I am not a Georgia fan so I could care less and live out in Wyoming however get the SEC on CBS and ESPN here now. Since I can now see the games I understand why the conference has one so many titles. After watching the midwestern, and pac 12 schools for years the overall size, speed, quickness and athleticism top to bottom in the SEC is very obvious. There are no pushovers in the SEC. The only difference is the bottom ones maybe need the ball to bounce the right way or another 5 star or two and they move to the top. The conferences I have watched for years out here typically have a couple good teams and a bunch that could not possibly be competitive in the SEC. You can not compare Georgia coming out here and playing Colorado or Alabama playing Utah. Not the same intensity of Georgia and Alabama playing each other or another SEC foe. Those were off games for sec schools and they just can not generate the same excitement as they can get up for conference rivalries. I saw Georgia-Colorado and Alabama-Utah. Two completely different teams than either playing Auburn for instance.

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