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Posted on: January 7, 2012 4:45 pm
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Posted by Tom Fornelli

SMU WON. Which wasn't surprising considering the circumstances Pitt was playing under, only having four full-time coaches left on the staff. SMU jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter and essentially put it in cruise control from there on. SMU's offense had 315 yards of offense on the day, with J.J. McDermott throwing for 240 yards and a touchdown and Darius Johnson on the receiving end of 7 passes for 121 yards and a score.

Though it wasn't just SMU's offense getting the job done, as the Mustangs defense held Pitt to only 210 yards of total offense and sacked Tino Sunseri 7 times.

WHY SMU WON. The Mustangs just came out of the gate much stronger in this contest, and after building a 21-0 lead in the first quarter they just made sure not to make any mistakes and hold the lead. The defense had a very strong day and the offense did more than enough. Combine that with a Pitt team that seemed to be lacking in motivation, and there wasn't much suspense in this contest.

WHEN SMU WON. When Rishaad Wimbley scored his first of 2 touchdowns on the day late in the first quarter following a Pitt turnover to make the score 21-0, it was rather evident that the Panthers weren't going to provide much resistance in this one.

WHAT SMU WON. SMU finishes its season at 8-5 and picks up a nice win over a school from the conference that it will be joining in 2013. It wasn't a great season for SMU, but its hard to be too upset with an 8-win season as it's not like the expectations were sky-high for the Mustangs this year.

WHAT PITT LOST. It's head coach, a lot of assistants and any desire to play football in 2011. The Panthers finish the year with a losing record at 6-7 but I think most people involved with the program are just happy to finally be able to close the book on the season and move ahead with Paul Chryst in the future. Whether that future is in the Big East or ACC.

THAT WAS CRAZY. Not really crazy, but it was funny to watch this game just for the fact that Pitt was a team that had been abandoned by its head coach for the Arizona State job (Todd Graham) but only because SMU's coach (June Jones) was all set to take the Arizona State job before things fell apart at the last minute.

BOWL GRADE: F. This game was not entertaining. Maybe it's the placement of the game, but it's hard to get up for a bowl game between Pitt and SMU after you've been watching BCS games and the Cotton Bowl and have the title game looming around the corner. Combine that with a total lack of drama and having to see a few too many replays of SMU running back Jared Williams' devastating leg injury (he broke his left femur in the fourth quarter) and there wasn't much about this one you want to remember.

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The game stunk.  Obviously I am biased, but I wouldnt have surprised if someone said they just dressed a local highschool team so Pitt players and the new staff could get to work forgetting this season.  A lot of tough breaks all year for a pretty talented team.  Its to bad for the players to have had to endure this past year, but it looks like things are heading back in the right direction.

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It is great way to kick off the off season for SMU we are only getting stronger.GO PONIES!!!!!!

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ill bet it was extremely entertaining for an smu fan. im glad smu is on the road back. there is no way they should have gotten the death penalty, bacause of a disgruntled play. probably he was not playing because he was a bad player he proved he was a bad person. not only does a coach have to recruit good, he has to win, graduate players. now he also has to watch out for those vengeful, spoiled payers that are not good enough toplay. those coachs have been around football long enough to know who is the best player to play.  

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The writer must be a Pitt fan to give the game an F grade. It was hugely entertaining for this SMU alum. While not flashy, SMU took care of business in all 4 quarters. An A for the Mustangs, especially their defense.

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