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LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

Posted on: January 25, 2012 1:12 pm

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

As historically dominant as Alabama's defense was in 2011, the consensus among LSU fans -- or anyone who watched the BCS national title game, really -- has been that the Crimson Tide got plenty of help in New Orleans from a Tiger offensive braintrust that didn't do their own team any favors. But as now ex-Tiger tight end DeAngelo Peterson has made clear with his comments at the Senior Bowl, it's not just the fans that feel that way.

"The game plan we were working on before the game, I don't think we used it," he told reporters after Senior Bowl practices Tuesday. "I don't think we used it ... I felt we were going to run all the plays we'd been practicing, but they really were calling none of it. I just think the playmakers on offense, they didn't really have a chance to make any plays. That's the big thing that bothers me. We didn't have the opportunity."

Peterson added that he wasn't alone in being frustrated.

"The play-calling bothered the whole offense," he said. "They were doing stuff that we never did all year. The game plan was to spread the ball out, get the ball to me, get the ball to Rueben (Randle), let Russell (Shepard) run the ball every now and then, give the ball to our running backs. In that game, Russell played like two plays, Rueben had like one ball, I had one ball ... I feel like if they had went to the game plan and given the playmakers the ball, they would have done something with the ball."

Peterson felt free to speak his mind during the season as well. But he isn't the first departed LSU senior to publicly question the offensive coaching during the Tigers' BCS meltdown. Quarterback Jarrett Lee said at his own all-star game appearance he "could have been given ... an opportunity to come in and get something going, you know, give them, Alabama, something else to worry about." In the game's immediate aftermath, guard Will Blackwell described the choice between Lee and starter Jordan Jefferson as a "pick-your-poison kind of deal" before saying the coaches "picked the wrong one."

The good news for Les Miles is that to-date, the Tigers still on LSU's roster haven't expressed such doubts in the media, sparing Miles the awkwardness of potential suspensions or other punishments. (Shepard might be viewed as the exception after temporarily declaring for the Draft on Twitter, but now that he's safely back in the fold, that teapot-tempest already appears over.) The bad news is that even if they haven't expressed those doubts publicly, the agreement between the LSU seniors suggests that silence doesn't mean those doubts aren't there. It doesn't help Miles that the seniors have a point: weapons like Randle and Shepard should have gotten the ball more often, Lee should have seen at least a series or two, the play-calling was completely unimaginative.

It's bad enough to lose a national title game that ruins what could have been one of the all-time great seasons in college football. But if the Tigers continue to struggle offensively in 2012 -- with Steve Kragthorpe and Greg Studrawa retained to run the offense for a second year -- and those quiet doubts are allowed to fester, the fallout from that fateful night in the Superdome could make that terrible defeat that much more terrible.

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Since: Aug 18, 2010
Posted on: January 25, 2012 5:56 pm

LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

Of course Bama fans should enjoy their victory as they crushed us and the team definitely deserved the victory.  I have never hinted otherwise.  I hated the fact that there was a rematch, for several reasons.  First off, there should never be a rematch in a NC game as there are just too many other teams to consider.  That opinion is based on the fact that the powers to be in the NCAA have always told us how every game mattered and the regular season was a playoff.  They lied, so now there is one less reason for them to deny us a playoff.  Secondly, it was unfair to whoever won the first game to have to beat their opponent twice to achieve the same goal as the other team that only had to win once.  I said before the first game that whoever lost should be out of the NC chase, and most figured that would be LSU as we were on the road, myself included.  Actually, so did most Bama fans on this site, but I cannot blame them for changing their minds on that issue.  It is not like they put themselves in the NC game, the voters did.  My point has always been that they did not deserve to be there, but once there, they deserved the victory.  I hope that makes sense. 

Since: Dec 3, 2006
Posted on: January 25, 2012 5:34 pm

LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

So may of you bama fans are true clowns.  I find it quite funny how defensive so many of you are.  All you can do is tell us how you had the better loss.  That was never a factor until this year, when the politics of college football took over and they had to figure out a way to get Bama in, so the media and Bama fans started talking about who had the better loss.  That never came up before, as in 2006 when UF, who lost to an average Ole Miss team got in over UM, who had only a 3 point loss to the #1 ranked team in the country.  Same situation, but different result.  Why, because the media wanted Bama in so they changed the rules.  LSU beat Bama at Bama, but that win meant nothing when for years and years the powers to be in college football told us every game counted and was a playoff.  Do I acknowledge bama as the better team, absolutely, but that game was already played and they told us it would mean something.  They lied.  This could turn out for the best because now, the best argument they had against a playoff is gone forever.  We should not have had a rematch for the NC game, and that is why it was the lowest rated in years.  I said before the LSU-Bama game that there should not be a rematch, no matter the circumstances.  I, obviously, was overruled.  I can live with the loss.  It is funny that so many Bama fans cannot live with the win.  I know guilt is a tough thing to deal with, but you will recover. 
Really, the UM and UF situation was very similar.  The team that lost later in the season was left out.  In College Football,  it has always mattered when you lost, not to who.  This "we had the better loss" is something that posters have been throwing around to have something to hang onto.  The truth is, OSU lost there second to last game.  They dropped below Bama because of the timing of the loss, both teams beat a ranked rival in the season finales and OSU didn't leapfrog Bama.  More often then not when two teams both blowout ranked opponents there will be no leapfrogging.

As for Bama fans living with the win, I'm trying my best to savor every moment of it.  2 in 3 years is special, and anything could happen and it be 20 years before we get back into a NCG. So, try not to lump all of us into the same category, just as I don't lump the LSU fans or OSU fans together.

As to the article, it seems strange they would practice one set of plays and run different ones during the game. I think Bama studied up on the option, and emphazied defensing it, and it really showed.  If you look at Nov 5th, then the game vs GSU, the option was something the Bama defense was weak at stopping.  So, LSU trying to run the option doesn't seem like a bad thought, but JJ did look lost running it and kept making the wrong decision. 

Since: Aug 18, 2010
Posted on: January 25, 2012 5:31 pm

LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

If anyone is a clown here it is you.  You actually have the audacity to say that a team that beat you down and embarrassed your team had "no business being there"?  Doesn't sound like you're living with the loss, ace.  Any reasonable person who saw the first game saw that Alabama thoroughly outplayed the Bayou Bengals the entire game; they just had some breakdowns (some admittedly caused by LSU's fine defense) and were greatly aided by a phantom interception call.  You had to know y'all were lucky to eke out a win in Tuscaloosa -- that's why you didn't want the rematch.  Go back and watch the NC game.  It wasn't even close.  Alabama's defense was in the backfield before your RBs got the ball.  Your O line was a sieve and first year started McCarron picked your secondary apart.  Did you notice how they went right after Honey Weasel?  Did you notice that the one time he fielded a kick he was crushed (by Kirkpatrick no less -- you know, the one he took that Bush league cheap shot on in the first game)?   LSU thought they could run the option like they did the first game and win; Alabama's defense was too fast and too dominant.

As long as we're talking quality losses here -- whose loss do you think is better?  Alabama's by 3 in OT to LSU?  Or LSU's by 21 in the NC game where they cross the fifty yard line once?   Not really close, is it?

Say that Alabama had no business being there again.  That's a riot.  You know, something that a clown would say.   21 - ZEREAUX   Laissez les bons TIDE rouler
Thanks for proving my point.  I clearly stated that Bama was the better team.  Bama crushed us on that day.  I said the rematch should not happen before the first game was played, not after the fact.  Only Bama fans are talking about quality losses, as that is your thing.  Have you always supported Boise in the NC game when they were undefeated and other major schools a one loss?  Doubtful, then Bama fans were always questioning the quality of Boise schedule and saying they only played one or two games all year; which is exactly what Bama did this year with their crappy schedule.  Lost to LSU and beat Arkansas, end of story.  No doubt Bama was the best team in college football this year, but they used the eyeball test to get there.  College football says that every game is important, but that is a lie.  If there is not anything in any of my posts that you can dispute, then let it go.  Your regular season was nothing to write home about.  You only beat Arkansas.  You were Boise with a loss as far as your body of work goes.  But, you were the best team in college football for this past season.  That does not mean you should have been in the NC game based on all previous precedents related to this. 

Since: Mar 15, 2011
Posted on: January 25, 2012 5:29 pm

New OC

lsu needs to dump their incompetent offensive coordinators and bring in some new talent who know how to score in big games against good teams. 

Since: Jan 25, 2012
Posted on: January 25, 2012 5:16 pm

LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

In Coach Mile's press conference last week, he admitted that he called all of the offensive plays in that game.  He has an OC and other coaches that specalize in calling plays and managing offenses.  He should let them do their job and not completely take over and micro manage something that he knows nothing about.  Two years ago we were dead last in offense with JJ as qb and Miles calling the plays.  Last year we were 4th from last in offence with the same two, with the exception of the 3-4 times a game that he would put Jarret Lee in the game to score and then he would quickly take him out to put JJ back in.  That is a definate pattern and Miles keeps hoping for a deferent result.  Thank God that JJ is gone and I hope that Coach Miles learns from his mistakes.  Geaux Tigers

Since: Feb 23, 2007
Posted on: January 25, 2012 5:00 pm

LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

Who's tired of hearing about LSU's play calling or if Lee should of been put in to relieve Jefferson......I am!  I don't think if they changed the play calling and/or QB's, that Alabama would of not still kicked LSU's a*s!  Don't harp on the past and move on.....LSU will be fine!    

Since: Aug 7, 2011
Posted on: January 25, 2012 4:57 pm

LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

Something was going on behind the scenes. Lsu didnt show up for the game for whatever reason. We will never know the truth probably, but something was not right about that game.

Since: Oct 31, 2006
Posted on: January 25, 2012 4:42 pm
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Since: Oct 9, 2006
Posted on: January 25, 2012 4:38 pm

LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

Shouldn't you be killing trees or teabagging other dudes you fagot?

Since: Jun 22, 2009
Posted on: January 25, 2012 4:09 pm

LSU TE Peterson questions BCS play-calling

Note to NFL scouts - here is an honest young man who, when disgruntled, may engage the media in throwing the offense coaches under the bus.

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