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Denard Robinson's accuracy issues remain

Posted on: February 20, 2012 12:59 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

For as exciting a player as Denard Robinson can be, he's taken quite a bit of flak over the last few years for his accuracy throwing the ball. To be more specific, his lack of accuracy.

In 2011 he only completed 55% of his passes, and while he threw for 20 touchdowns, he also threw 15 interceptions.

Though maybe Denard would be more accurate if instead of 6-foot receivers as targets, he had 14-foot tall receivers. If that were the case, he could just throw that ball up anywhere and odds are his 14-foot receiver would come down with the ball, not the 5-foot-9 defensive back in coverage.

Or maybe he's still throw as many incompletions.

Yeah, I don't think anybody was expecting Denard to actually to put the football through the hoop from full court, but the coming up short or just missing wide right is a bit disconcerting, no?

As for the dunks and layups, well, I have no room to talk there. Though if you lower that rim to 8-feet, I can do some special things.

Hat tip: Kegs N' Eggs 

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