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PHOTO: Buckeye poster lists Michigan's majors

Posted on: February 20, 2012 7:04 pm
Edited on: February 20, 2012 7:05 pm

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

We've already learned that Urban Meyer has reclaimed the "Team Up North" euphemism for his Buckeyes' hated rivals at Michigan, possibly in response to Brady Hoke's "Ohio" euphemism for the school and team its alumni will be quick to tell you is the Ohio State University. But it turns out Meyer is interested in getting in his jabs at the Wolverines in more ways than just avoiding the name.

This is a sign that appeared in the front of OSU's Woody Hayes Athletic Center last week:

Yes, that's a list of majors for Ohio State's football players on the left, and those for the "Team Up North" on the right, with the (alleged) number of Wolverines in General Studies (and Engineering, Biology, and Business at the bottom) having been highlighted. 

We are not going to wade into the merits of Meyer's argument, one we have zero doubt is already being waged by both Ohio State and Michigan fans in various corners of the Internet as we speak. More important from our perspective is that this is an argument Meyer wants to wage, too--that he is willing to tell visitors to the WHAC (which notably include both recruits and their parents) that the "Team Up North" isn't challenging its players academically. (Incidentally, Meyer wouldn't be the first coach to make this exact argument; former Wolverine great Jim Harbaugh did the same during his tenure at Stanford.) 

It's one thing to talk about a rival as the biggest game of the year, call them by a different name, or even talk a little smack about a winning streak. But to essentially call out another school's academic handling of its players in semi-public fashion is something else. We're neither condemning nor condoning the poster; as we said, we'll leave to that to the partisans on either side.

What we can say is that whether it's Meyer, Hoke, new Michigan signee Ondre Pipkins or anyone else on either side of the rivalry, the heat between the Wolverines and Buckeyes is rapidly approaching that of the Hayes-Schembecler glory years ... and as fans of spicy college football, that much, at least, we can endorse wholeheartedly.

Photo by Kevin Noon. HT: Eleven Warriors.

It's been a busy couple of days around Columbus and Ann Arbor; Gordon Gee and his magic mouth are at it again, the Wolverines just scored the biggest single recruiting weekend in the country this year, and Meyer's Gainesville home is for sale.    

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Since: Sep 6, 2006
Posted on: February 21, 2012 1:03 am

PHOTO: Buckeye poster lists Michigan's majors

Oh my Lord, the hate on this board for Ohio State! You know, every so often one of my friends who went to a smaller school would ask me, "what is it like to go to a big state school?" and I always answered, "whatever you make of it." If anyone wants to go into Big State U - in any state - and take the path of least resistance, then the place is big enough to find many paths of least resistance. But if you want to challenge yourself at a public ivy like OSU -or- Michigan. you pretty much can. If you really stretch yourself, the best thing about going to school at these places is you really can't hit your head.

Getting back to the original picture, the real telling figures aren't the big ones at the top for General Studies (which isn't even really a major), or Communication, or various types of management. The real difference to me is the number of players in Business, Engineering, or Biology - because these are fields which are possible to fail out of despite good efforts. I know because I took a class from both Engineering and Biology at Ohio State, and most of my close college buddies were either Engineers or Business majors so I saw the level of work they were doing. But letting kids into those fields is risky for the sports team too because a player could be ruled academically ineligible and have to sit out. Some schools even go so far as to actively steer kids towards less difficult majors, and almost every school at least keeps a list of which majors are, ahem, "athlete friendly" for those scholarship players who have difficulty in their classes. So, the point Ohio State coaches are trying to make is not "OSU's academics are better than Michigan's" which is unprovable either way. The point is rather "if you want to major in something difficult and have a shot for a good career outside of football, we aren't going to stop you." And that's a credit to the coaches, schools, and yes, players at Ohio State who go above and beyond to challenge themselves in the classroom.

Not to say that Michigan would steer kids away from serious majors, but, well, it might be hard to prove that just looking at those numbers.

Since: Sep 4, 2009
Posted on: February 20, 2012 11:49 pm

PHOTO: Buckeye poster lists Michigan's majors

Well since you have chosen to speak for everyone else on planet earth , I will say this .
I have been to 16 countries and 46 states . I have lived in Alabama, Florida ,Texas,Oregon,Kansas and Washington due to work . I choose to live in Ohio because I love four seasons . I love the great public schools . The people are very friendly and there is a great sense of comunity in Columbus where I live .Now I can respect you being happy and proud of where your from . Don't you think its kind of sad that you feel like you need to put down others who are happy about where they live . I am 100% sure I have been to the state you live in .I am 100% sure I could list several reasons why people wouldn't want to live where you are . But that would be just plain disrespectful and pointless now wouldn't it . 

Since: Jul 29, 2009
Posted on: February 20, 2012 11:20 pm

PHOTO: Buckeye poster lists Michigan's majors

I hate both of these schools, but anyone with any knowledge would concede Michigan is a much higher respected academic institution than Ohio State. On a lighter note; why does the Urban Legend resort to junior-high tactics in his attempt to discredit the Wolverines and why does Brady Hoke embarrass himself with his similar antics? Don't you good folks realize that there is absolutely no difference between Michigan and Ohio to the rest of the nation? Rust Belt is Rust Belt! We don't care about your juvenile dislikes for each other and see no reason to join in this petty feud. Outside of an arbitrary border, please explain the big cultural difference between Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. They are all places that anyone with any guts or money will attempt to escape from on the next train headed west.

Since: May 21, 2011
Posted on: February 20, 2012 11:14 pm

PHOTO: Buckeye poster lists Michigan's majors

Is this the way osu is going to fight this battle?  You are going to try and say that Michigan doesnt challenge their students when 24% of their kids are Communication or Family resource management majors?  Are they really bragging about having 7% of their kids in Sports & Leisure studies?  Is That is a real major????  What do you do with that degree?  Tell kids how to play Chutes and Ladders or Candyland maybe?  

I get it, recruiting is a ruthless business, but this is a dangerous card to be playing.  Talking about education here?  I know both these schools are good academic schools, but i just dont know if this is the right play to make.  Should Hoke come out and show a sign about how many kids were arrested under Meyer's control while at Florida?  Go to "Ohio", you will get to play with some of the countries finest minor criminals in the making?  How bout saying that osu only graduates 62% of their football players while Michigan graduates 71%.  Or that osu was graduated just over 50% before 2010?

I am just impress that Hoke landed 8 kids in one weekend and now has 10 kids with 4 stars in this class.  Congrats to Hoke and his staff, that was one heck of a haul this weekend.

Go Blue

Since: Jan 7, 2007
Posted on: February 20, 2012 9:51 pm

PHOTO: Buckeye poster lists Michigan's majors

Said player also proved how trustworthy and what great character he is/was.  Not saying some of it isnt true but all of it? . . . MAYBE, maybe not.  And what hasnt worked for the 2013 class? . . . 75% of OSU's class is better than U of M's top rated prospect.

beer is great
Since: Mar 18, 2011
Posted on: February 20, 2012 8:45 pm
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Since: Jan 13, 2007
Posted on: February 20, 2012 8:26 pm

PHOTO: Buckeye poster lists Michigan's majors



Since: Jun 5, 2011
Posted on: February 20, 2012 7:50 pm

They forgot something

They forgot to explain that Michigan's athletes actually have to show up to class and study to get their degrees.  Remember Maurice Clarett?  Remember how he told everyone that he was illiterate and that Ohio State had "tutors" who actually did all of his course work for him?  IIRC, he had to learn to read and write in prison.  

If you want to see how great the "education" is at Ohio State, read some of Clarett's blog.  While it is impressive that he went from being illiterate to being able to write, and is a nice story that he used his time in prison to better himself, it is also an indictment of Ohio State's "educational system" that he was admitted in the first place and allowed to obtain passing grades when he couldn't read and write.  
It seems to me that whatever Meyer is trying to do hasn't worked for the 2013 class so far.  It sorta looks like he is trying to take attention away from the fact that Michigan not only beat their sixth-rated basketball team this Sunday, but got eight committments from four star football recruits this weekend.   

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