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Orlando trade "blockbusters" aftermath

Posted on: December 19, 2010 12:37 pm
As we all know thee Orlando Magic made some big trades after losing 5 of their last 6 games. A change was needed. I knew it myself. I wanted a trade to happen before the deadline. I've been very vocal about it. Well Otis Smith did make some trades. 2 big trades! 1 with the Phoenix Suns another with the Washington Wizards.

The first trade was reported that Vince Carter, Peitrus, Gortat, 1st round pick along with $3,000 to the Phoenix Suns. In return the Orlando Magic received Turk, Jason Richardson, and Earl Clark. When first hearing about the trade their wasn't anything about Gortat involvement til later. Unfortunately he was involved in this trade. To me the biggest loss in the trade is Gortat. Great bench player for the Magic. He would step up when Howard was in foul trouble or when he needed rest. I was most upset with his involvement in the deal which leads me to believe Phoenix won in this deal. Carter has had a pretty good season. At least at home anyway. On the road not so much. Peitrus is a great defender. He will be missed coming off the bench for the Orlando Magic. He can hit the 3 as well. Carter with a big contract which could lead him to get dropped by the Suns at the end of the season for some cap relief. Gortat is a center that Phoenix could have been looking for. He can finally have an oppurtunity to be a starter. I think he is better than Lopez. Just an opinion of course. May be biased...............

Anyways the Magic receive a troubled Turkoglu, Jason Richardson, and Earl Clark. Turkoglu has been lost ever since his great performance in the playoffs the year Magic made it to the Finals in 2009. He went to Toronto to be with his friend Bosh and get an extra two million instead of taking a chance to be on a championship team. He was no where near his performance in Orlando. He eventually was benched and later traded to PHX. Now back with Orlando where he has won awards like most improved player and so on. I figure he can get back into his old play in Orlando. Hopefully I'm right for Orlandos sake. Earl Clark was just a throw in. Not really a factor at all. As for Jason Richardson who is having a great season thus far in PHX. He certainly can score. Hopefully he will bring that to Orlando. I've been saying for quite a while now Orlando needs a consistant scorer. Big loss defensively for Orlando in this trade. I think PHX got the better end of the deal.

2nd trade involved Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas and Orlando Magic Forward Rashard Lewis. I think personally this deal was won by Orlando, but you can make statements for both teams for why the opposing one. Arenas and Lewis have bad contracts. Lewis is just not having a good season. PPG for Lewis is 12.2. Not good at all. Gilbert Arenas is looking pretty good despite not playing his natural position at the 1 cuz of the addition of John Wall. Got a bit of a problem with so many point guards on one roster. I don't like the idea of Gilbert possibly sitting on the bench or playing at the 2. If Orlando plays LA who guards Kobe? I prefer Jason Richardson, but if he plays at the 3 than it isn't possible. Anyways I'll make a post at what I prefer the lineup should be. Figure this is a bit too long as it is. Anyways I think Orlando didn't get better after both of these deals. To me they have lost more than they have gained. What do you think?

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Posted on: December 19, 2010 6:39 pm

Orlando trade "blockbusters" aftermath

You want thoughts, you got 'em.


Peitrus - only slightly better at basketball than me, and I suck. He hustle's but he is probably the dumbest guy on the court night after night, makes stupid choices both with and without the ball and thinks he is more athletic than he is. Getting rid of him for dirt is a win for the Magic. Worst player in the NBA that actually plays.

Carter - Only redeeming value is large soon to expire contract. Plays like a 22 year old baller, but does not have any of the athleticism he needs to do that anymore. Need to change his game to match his ability and hasn't. Also, his defense sucks, no loss on that side of the ball. Getting rid of Carter for anyone who can actually create thier own shot is a win, because that was the role he was supposed to fill and he can't.

Lewis - Always thought he was misused by the Magic and should have been playing at the 3, Perhaps the night after night banging with bigger stronger players has taken it toll and his body can't do it anymore? Clearly he is not contributing in a reliable fashion anymore. Also, his defense sucks! No loss on that side of the ball. Getting rid of Lewis and replacing him with Turk is at least even, but I bet it is a gain for the Magic because Turk has been misused since he left Orlando.

Gortat - Only reliable player lost in the deals. Good but not great. A loss because they have no true center with experience other than Howard. Time to see what Orton can do with 8-12 minutes a game. If he has any skill the Gortat move is a good one because Orton is a wasted pick in the D-league and needs to get NBA experience.

1st round pick - Who cares? Unless its in the top 5 the Magic have proven completely incompetent in the draft. Not a loss.


Arenas - Get 20-30 minutes a night at back-up PG and SG. Is on the court when Richardson isnt so that FINALLY the Magic ALWAYS have a guy on the floor who can take the ball and score on his own... I repeat FINALLY! This is what the Magic have been missing, not anything else.

Richardson - Is capable of playing the role that Carter was supposed to, a guy who can score on his own.

Turk - Solid player who knows the system and how to play with Nelson and Howard... Big up for all three.

In my opinion the Magic lost Gortat, a moron and two players who are way past thier prime and have become dead weight. They have gained a SMART player who knows basketball in Turk and two guys who can legitimately score which is what this team has been missing. Howard just is not a legit offensive threat to run the post up kick out for 3 offense. Howard never will be that player. He is a reactionary player who can clean up the boards and get his points on easy dunks and putbacks.

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