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Who should NYK target? D-12 or CP3?

Posted on: December 3, 2011 7:06 pm
All the rumors about the Knicks wanting one of the two. Which one should the Knicks target? I doubt the Knicks unless a 3rd team gets involved.....will not be getting either player. In the long haul however.....if both are on the market....who should they target.

My opinion:

The Knicks were really good offensively last season, but defensively they were one of the worst. Now how could they change that? I'd say add 3-time defensive player of the year winner Dwight Howard. The change of their defense would change dramatically from the deal. Dwight Howard is without question, the best defensive player in the NBA. Has been for the last 3 years. 3 Defensive player of the year awards 3 straight years to show for it. That one guy would change the team defensively and help them win a championship. Plus, Billups may return for a shot at a championship. Let me please add on to this fact: Look at the point guard position today. They have a ton of good point guards out there. Dwight Howard is without question the best center in the NBA. It would be much easier to get a point guard in the league than to find a center that is very thin now days.

CP3 joining would mean you would dump Billups. A vet on this team that has won an NBA championship. Chris Paul in my opinion, is the best point guard in the game. He can score, play D, and so on. Either player joining the team would be beneficial. CP3 would be good in that transition offense that Dantoni runs in New York. You can't really go wrong here, but I think the team would definately be better if Howard was there. Who knows? They may be able to get Steve Nash to sign cheap. With all the weapons the Knicks have....I think the Knicks could be unstoppable offensively. I say get Dwight if you can and go after a pg via FA. Probably Nash!!
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