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Off-season NBA/Conference Finals predictions

Posted on: December 21, 2011 8:11 pm
The basic big 3 predictions we all ask ourselves before the season begins.

Eastern Conference Finals: Knicks vs Heat- Why the Heat? Do I really need to explain? Why the Knicks? I like the acquisition of Tyson Chandler. Chandler turned the Mavs around last season to lead them to the Finals with his defensive prlay and I feel he can do the same with the Knicks. Boston misses its depth, def will miss Green, and of course the big 3 is injury prone. If Orlando made a move like get Nash.....I'd be more confident in them, but it is doubtful Otis will make a big move. Wouldn't be surprised if the Bulls get here depending on the seeding. Whoever is the 1 seed at the end of the season will be playing the winner of the #2 and #3 seed.

Western Conference Finals: Thunder vs Clippers-The injury concerns of Butler and CP3 scare me a bit with making this pick. That is why the West is so difficult to figure. Grizzlies no longer have Battier, LA injury concerns with Bynum, and Mavs no longer have Chandler, Stevenson, Butler, JJ and so on, but they did added some nice pieces. None however can replace the defense Chandler brought in the paint. You can look at teams like Portland, but Camby was arrested and no more Roy. Spurs have always been injury prone ball team, but they had some luck last year with no serious injuries til Manu got hurt before the playoffs. In any case, if a trade is made at the deadline.....that may decide the opponent for the Thunder.

Would you like me to be unbiased? LOL!

NBA Finals Biased pick: Thunder vs Knicks=Thunder NBA Champions.
NBA Finals Unbiased pick: Heat vs Thunder=Thunder NBA champions.

Either way, NBA will see dollar signs with either matchup. I picked the Lakers to 3peat last year, but it didn't happen. Later stated, we were gonna see a star player matchup between Lebron and Durant. Either way, we will be seeing that. I like the Thunder in either matchup. Thunder can hit jumpers so they wouldn't have to deal with Chandler in the paint. James Harden, Westbrook, Durant, Cook, and so on can hit there jumpers. Harden came up big last year for the Thunder when they needed him in the playoffs. Will Perk show up? Ibaka could have a breakout season as well. He is young gun a lot of folks like. Thunder would beat the Knicks if they played in a the Finals because their defense stinks especially with Chandler not playing much of a factor because the core can hit their jumpers.

I figure Lebron would guard Durant while Wade takes on Westbrook defensively. Either way, whether Lebron guards Durant which I figure he will. I think the Thunder will have the advantage when the Heat have a point guard on the floor. Battier should be able to take on Durant as well. Battiers defense is what he is. That is why the Heat wanted him. The Heat will have to put a point guard out there at some which will give the advantage to the Thunder. Again, I like the Thunder in either matchup, but I think the better series would be with the opponent being the Heat.
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