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Late Round FFL Bargains WR, TE, D,

Posted on: August 30, 2010 8:31 pm
Since I deleted this by accident here it is again.  Doh..;.

As noted before these are based on 10 yards = 1 point and a TD equals 6 points.  My rounds are 10 team drafts but you can still do the math to work out a 12 team.

Hakeem Nicks, currently averaging a ridiculous 75th and he’s one of the top 15-20 WR’s in the league.  Since he’s going 48 -106 grab him 7th  or later. But don’t let him go by in the 8th.

Percy Harvin, currently averaging 70th but has slipped into the 100’s.  As the #1 WR for at least 6 weeks and maybe more depending on Rice’s recovery, he’s a definite #1 WRuntil Rice returns If you can grab him in the 7th or later he's a no brainer.

Malcom Floyd, currently averaging 90th .  The guy is #1 for 3 weeks and it looks like Jackson may sit out the season or be traded.  With Jackson playing Floyd is still good for 600 yards, without Jackson he’s going to get 1,000 and 6-8+ TD’s.  He is a 6’5” beast after all.  With him going between 62-136 I would say any opportunity to grab him in the 9th or later is a pick well spent.

Derrick Mason – 101, between 65-141 Derrick Mason is in for a big year, the beneficiary of Boldin and a pass happy offense.  Plus he is very consistent. 

Lee Evans -  Try to explain why he’s averaging 126, going between 87-164.  The guys good for 6TD’s and 800 yards, does that make him a 11th or 12th round pick? Apparently so in this world but If he’s there in the 11th I’d hop on him.

Eddie Royal – Avg 96 On paper a real flyer but he can catch and he can score.  I don’t think Jabbar Gaffney is going to be the go to guy in Denver this year and they desperately need a WR that can haul in the TD passes and obviously get yards.  Going anywhere between 92-182 gives a lot of room but I’m loving this guy in the 12th round or later.  Depending on who else is there I might let him go to the 13th.


With a 10 or 12 team league and the need for only 1 TE it’s hard to call a real sleeper but I think you can wait here to stock up on other positions and still grab a quality TE.  But let’s look deep.

Tony G is the 7th picked TE and he’s averaging the 60th spot and then it drops to 91 with Cooley.  So we’ll start there and look at who a 10th rounder or later would be.

Shiancoe- avg 101, 61-152.  Favre will continue to depend on Shiancoe and AP’s fumbling just gives more reason for Favre to want to throw the ball inside the 5.  Without the tall target of Sidney Rice for a while Shiancoe should clean up.

Owen Daniel avg 100 seems too easy, Id take him after Shiancoe but no reason he won’t be as successful as last year, especially with Schaub potentially even getting better.

Heath Miller avg 132.  Going between 75-169 makes him an easy target in the 13th or 14th rounds right before your kicker and D or if you’ve already got one of those pick up the most undervalued, ignored TE in FFL below

Fred Davis might as well be Pluto, yeah I know it’s not even considered a planet anymore so you get my point.  Cooley is back and he’s a stud and will rightfully get a ton of attention but in case you missed it Fred Davis is a stud.  He’ll be sitting there as your wrapping up your draft.  McNabb loves the TE’s, especially big targets and Fred will be in the 2 TE set trying to help the Skins suspect line.  I’m betting he’ll emerge this year and when your looking at TE’S next year he’ll be in the top 10.


Just for folks who actually want to wait until the end of the draft instead of reaching I’ll throw a few in.

San Diego.  135. Between 82-176.  Take em 15th> .  Merriman back, Sproles always a return threat.

Patriots – 142.  Between 92-188. 15th no explosive ST but have potential to be a better D

Redskins – 155  between 99-214.  Depending on how the roster works out they may have some special teams ability but as much as I hate them I gotta say they could have a sick D.  Players seem excited about the 3-4 they’ve got the talent I just wonder how tired they will be if the offense is bad.  McNabb already may be out the first game..

 Kickers Don’t even think I need to go here but if you’re struggling late then here’s your guy.

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