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Pick like a champion with 1-4

Posted on: August 30, 2010 11:05 pm
Having one of the first 4 picks makes things so easy off the jump but it is a long wait to get pick so you had better make it right.  You know you're taking a RB with the first pick right? Conventional wisdom is taking a RB, no way you should take a QB right?  Right!

Easy CJ, AP, MJD, or Ray.

The hard part comes when you wrap around for 2 crucial picks at 20 and 21.  First decision is do you want to take a QB here or not.  If you don't you've got to wait til your 6th pick and take Flacco.  That opens up taking a1. RB (grant) and WR(Fitzgerald,) or 2. going safe with QB(Schaub) and WR (Fitzgerald)

picks 4,5 (40,41) - route 1 gives you two WR picks (Steve Smith Car, Hines Ward, Wes Welker) route 2 shore up RB Forte, WR Smith, Ward, Welker)

picks 67 (60,61) - route 1 TE Gonzales, QB Flacco or route 2 TE Gonzales,

After 7 picks option 1 yields (Flacco, AP, Grant, Fitzgerald, Ward, Welker, Gonzales)
                  option 2 (Schaub, AP, Forte, Fitzgerald, Welker, Ward, Gonzales)

I personally like the safe route of option 2.  From here you can still take spend the next 7 rounds drafting picking cherries.  At the 80th pick and beyond I would expect that you've still potentially got Hakeem Nicks, CJ Spiller, Malcom Floyd, Matt Ryan, Favre, Rothliberger, Ricky Williams, Maclin, LT, Thomas Jones, Celek. Lee Evans, Donald Brown.  and the handcuffs for your top RB pick either Javon Ringer or Toby Gerhardt.

Although I always advocate taking a D late this team is so strong and so deep after 7 rounds I could justify using the 8th pick to go ahead a and take a top D.  With the Jets on top of this team and and a stable of RB's on the bench this team could be really tough to beat...

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